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How to Throw on White Dresses in a Fashion Way

The white dress is a timeless item. All through the years even today, a white dress can lead the fashion trend. Especially, our versatile wardrobe is incomplete without wholesale white dresses. But most women don’t opt for one, mainly because they think an all white dress to be the trickiest piece to throw on. If you have run out of ideas and style tips for a white dress garment, no worries, here we provide you with the best suggestions for monochromatic dress, a stylish and not boring look. Now

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5 Fashion Tips to Create a Stylish Look in a Moment

As the saying goes, “if you look good, then you feel good about yourself.” Every woman wants to dress fashionably but may not necessarily have the ability to do so. Speaking personally, I have always found that wholesale womens fashion has become a part of my life ever since I can remember.

Since I come from a quite humble background, I knew early on that I could be creative by using the items at hand, modifying them, and combining them into a fresh look. It does not mean that you always wear the

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There are more ways to accessorize your outfit than there are days of the year. It’s challenging to keep up with the latest trends and accessories. Some may consider body piercing to be a little extreme. However, many people view it as an amazing way to give their apparel an extra push.

Benefiting From Changing Views of Body Piercing

Body piercing has been around for millennia. Some sectors of modern society may see it as taboo. However, most societies are becoming more accepting of body piercing,

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How Does Beauty Works Hair Extensions Work?

Beauty Works Hair extensions have been a great alternative for many years, with many people looking at them and asking how to do hair extensions work? These extensions work by adding length and volume to your natural hair. They can also add shine and body to your hair and can add a lot of colors, to whatever you want to do with your hair. You may think that they do not work, but you would be surprised at how much they do.

When thinking about how to do Beauty Works hair extensions work, you should

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Don’t assume that an expensive designer belt is necessarily the item that can complete your look the best. That’s because the truth is that nothing can top a gorgeous and gleaming white smile. If you want to wow the planet with your fashion sense and style in general, you need to prioritize looking after your teeth, period.

Tooth Discoloration Can Be Off-Putting

If you want to look your best, you naturally do not want to have visible tooth stains and discoloration. Teeth that are brown are hardly

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8843845070?profile=originalPlastic surgery can help people in many ways. If you get breast implants, it can improve your self-esteem greatly. It can even have a positive effect on your fashion choices. Making the most out of a larger chest often involves nothing more than simply knowing how to rock an amazingly stylish outfit.

A Boob Job Can Give You a Figure That Suits More Outfits

A shapely chest can add more balance to your figure. If you want to be able to pull off all different styles of clothing, a bigger chest can be

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Gemstone bow ties are a unique twist to an age old accessory that is now perfect for both men AND women.   

My Story: I am an undergrad student, currently attending the University of Toronto, and I am double majoring in human bio and neuroscience. So where does fashion, design, art, and gemstones fit into the mix? Well, art and design came naturally from a very young age; from painting portraits of family members and friends, creating handmade cards during the h

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Spring is here and so are Spring fashions. Time to put away those bulky sweaters and heavy coats and get geared up in clothes meant for fun. No Spring outfit is complete without a few finishing touches to tie the whole thing together. The right accessories add that glam look to whatever you wear. Here are a few tips to help you decide which accessories will make your outfit pop.


A lightweight, shear scarf is an easy way to dress up a spring outfit and bring a little more color to your face

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La Mode by GV Miao's Fashion Project of the Year 2015:

1.618 Couture X Angel Wong Image@Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris,
Paris Fashion Week
 Reine mythique : l'éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette (fashion show)
Save the Date: October 4, 2015


"Fascinated by the ever-fascinating queen of France, regardless of many ugly accusations against her of many things that she never did or said, I unreservedly admire her for her innocence, her elusive quality called natural charisma, and her boldness to u

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It’s my joy to  share how to DIY bracelet, so here’s a new one for a sparkly bracelet for the holidays. It’s using a fishbone chain pattern, which I haven’t used before, and sew-on crystal jewels which are the same as the ones I used in this necklace DIY. It is super simple to make, so you can make several and give them out as Christmas/Birthday/No-Reason gifts.  You can use this fun cut-out idea or embellished boxes idea for wrapping your gifts. this crsfting  b
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A gorgeous workmate and the magic hand make-up artist/hair stylist, Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image who also plays a role as self-taught headpiece/accessory designer got my hair and make up ready and my vintage Victorian look completed with a supercute nude English floral-adorned fascinator in less than 30 minutes for the filming of the first episode of “In Style Promenade,” a monthly video magazine of The Promenade luxury mall inside the prestigious and iconic hotel Galaxy Macau that just opened

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It has been almost half a year but the sparkle of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show never ceases to shine. One of our 4 featured designers, Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image representing the category of millinery and her iconic Chinese silver crown “Phoenix Dream” appear on Runway Passport NewYork. Click on to find out what Angel has told the editor about her career and inspiration.


Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:

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For those who are not familiar with the local media in Hong Kong, 100Most is one of the hottest magazines among the young generation known for offering an alternative perspective on current events. Our HongKong team of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show composed of Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong jewelry designer Yen Yeung of NoBeing, handbag designer Betty Lau of RBRK, and headpiece/accessory designer Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image founded in 2005 and mys

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Hot holiday sale is going on NOW!

Having temporarily closed for 6 months throughout the preparation of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show, La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry/Accessories Store now makes its glorious return with a handful of dazzling goodies to light up your holiday ensemble.

It’s that time of the year again when every gorgeous lady is busy getting ready to compete for the throne of the party queen. Lacking ideas on what to wear to stand out? All of my tips for c

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Get ready to expect more marvelous eye candies on the runway of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza! Hong Kong handbag designer, Betty Lau graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and founder of RBRK which stands for the initial of 4 siblings of the Lau family, who knows better than anyone else what the busy metropolitan ladies should have in their everyday accessory corset will be showing off her multiple sized and colored leather bags of both superior quality and versatility exuding

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Fashion shows come and go, but our team's striving for perfection has touched me deeply and inspired me to keep the faith that fashion is not about acting in accord with the prevailing standards and attitudes but creating my own standard of beauty and move on to my next step with strict confidence.

Thousand thanks to make up artist and headpiece/accessory designer Angel Wong, founder of Angel Wong Image and her team member hair stylist Tammy for getting me ready to walk the Women's Day Fashion

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New Arrivals@La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry/Accessories Store: French Luxury Scarf Brand Cute Fashionista's Exclusive Scarf Collection “Oriental Series” by Lucrezia Solena

Dear valued customers,
Here’s the GREAT NEWS you’ve been waiting for!
To cater to different women’s style needs, La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry Store is now turned into an one-stop shop for exclusive fashion items in addition to jewelry to glam up a daily look. I am very excited to announce that La Mode by GV Miao Jew

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My first blog post in 2014 to review my exceptional festive experience (Part 1) with Fashion Fellowship in which a group of christians working in fashion got together in fellowship to glorify God's love and grace, as we approached the beginning of the new year NOW up on La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog:

No indulgent partying; no expensive luxury feast, all we had was a simple down-to-earth picnic themed as “The Sound of Music.” Click

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You get an amazing What A Betty rendition of Boho meets Elegance meets Glamour! Let’s face it, fashion always tends to repeat itself, but when you take the “old school” designs and stir it up with our “new school” attitude, you have exactly what you see here: A confident beautiful woman with a flair for fashion. 



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