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The Akira Jacket is a fictional garment worn by the character Shotaro Kaneda in the 1988 anime film Akira. The jacket is a red, black, and white leather motorcycle jacket with a white lightning bolt design on the back. It is a popular item of clothing among fans of the film and anime, and has been reproduced by several different companies.

The original Akira Jacket was designed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of the Akira manga and film. The jacket was inspired by the biker jackets worn by Japane

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What is a Butcher's Apron?

A butcher leather apron is primarily used to protect the butcher’s clothing from stains, and occasional abrasions from sharp machines or knives. There might be some accessory loops or pockets, though the ability to resist moisture and stains will be key to a successful Leather Butcher Apron. Thus, most of these types are surface treated to help aid in their performance. Besides the spacious pocket space, an additional flap pocket is incorporated into the chest area. Thi

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Why do Barbers wear aprons?

So the apron is to protect your clothes as much as possible and also protects when you are coloring or perming and to prevent the hair from going down your shirt. All Leather Barber Apron is made to be durable and water-resistant making them easy to clean. The durability also means your apron is going to last for many years and not just a few months. You won't need a new apron every few months.

Choosing the right Barber Apron is less about style and looks, and all about

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Why do Blacksmiths wear Aprons?

Besides the basic shirt and pants, blacksmiths had only one other main source of protection from the open flame in their forge: a leather apron. These aprons covered the front of the blacksmith and protected him from stray sparks during the metalworking process. This can work great as a Blacksmith Leather Apron or a leather woodworking apron, or even for cooks and chefs. So put your creative capabilities to the test and personalize the perfect work companion for yo

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Why use a Leather Apron?

A Leather Work Apron is a garment that generally covers the front of the body, and worn primarily for the protection of one’s body and clothing from stains, heat, and sharp objects. They are most commonly worn by welders, blacksmiths, woodworkers, cobblers, metal fabricators, barbers, and bartenders. Work Apron has become quite popular, as they provide effective protection for your clothing while working. They cover most of your clothing and are available in an assortment

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Why do Woodworkers wear Aprons?

Woodworkers wear aprons primarily to protect their clothes from the sawdust produced from cutting wood. Also, woodworking aprons have pockets on them to place useful small tools, giving the woodworkers easy access and maneuverability. A Carpenter Leather Apron associates itself with a rather fascinating history of craftsmen and artisans. Back in the times of their migration from the New World to Europe, locals of the neighborhood regarded artisans as apron men. Tha

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Do chefs wear leather aprons?

The Leather Apron is getting used by professional chefs, but also for home-cooking chefs. Therefore the aprons are perfect when you are behind the barbecue or a grill. Other than linen or cotton aprons, the leather ones protect you against heat and grease stains. Wearing a Leather Cooking Apron prevents your food from coming into contact with the dust, dirt, hair, germs, and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day. Finally, wearing an ap

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What is the use of leather apron in welding?

Leather aprons for welding are usually made of cowhide leather, have integrated pockets for tools, and can come coated with a fire proofing surface treatment to help protect against heat and flames. Leather Welding Apron heavy cowhide helps protect against sparks, spatter, slags, and some flames that are encountered during welding work.

Work aprons carry with themselves a centuries-old legacy of beneficial contribution to trade work. Practicality combin

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Get your hands on a Leather Jacket that'll stay for years!

A leather jacket is one of the few pieces of menswear that exudes attitude, tradition, and unvarnished masculinity. The leather jacket is high-testosterone clothing, but it's also a remarkably adaptable classic. It's synonymous with punks and pilots, motorbikes, and Marlon Brando. Without one, no well-curated wardrobe is complete. So, complete your wardrobe this year by making the most out of the 4th July sale 2021, and you'll love every

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A kilt is a type of knee-length non-bifurcated short dress with pleats at the back, originating in Gaelic men and boys' traditional dress in the Scottish Highlands. It is first recorded in the 16th century as the great kilt, a full-length garment whose upper half could be worn as a cloak. 


What is Leather Kilt

This is a Black Exotic Leather Pride Hybrid Kilt that is made out of the material leather. The Basics If you're not familiar with the term, a Kilt is a long skirt made for men, not women, al

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Hollywood is yet again making trends in the fashion world, and you know HOW!

No one will ever question the fact that Hollywood movies also had a strong impact on modern fashion. And that is not it; they are a staple for Hollywood actors too. Although, we have seen many people attempt to blend western wear with trendy dresses. But not many were able to accomplish the look! But, nevertheless, the Yellowstone TV series has elevated the word "cowboy fashion" by adding a diverse range of styles that a

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Wholesale Leather Clothing

How can exquisite fashionistas like us endure only one or two down wholesale women’s coats & jackets throughout the winter?
We have to arrange all kinds of fashionable coats too!
So today we have arranged a special edition of wholesale leather clothing, let's take a look!

The weather is getting colder and colder recently, almost all the girls in the office dragged out thick clothes to wear.

Down jackets and coats can indeed cover the cold of the whole winter, but the winter beauty of fashionable bea

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The royal families and their prestige are at stake most of the time (as explicitly as I could say this). The reason behind this is at least the whole world looking upon their acts, even sitting and under such pressure, making sure to look decent yet under the influence of contemporary fashion is a great deal. 

Now let's start from the start, Princess Diana Spencer who was minted the duchess of Wales in 1961 had a tremendously appealing closet which


 she unveiled with

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The 1980s are a unique decade, as you can see by looking at photographs from that period. It was impossible to pass by the styling 40 years ago! Eclectic combinations, glowing skin, safari motifs, puffs and neon shine attracted attention and energized. Today, such contrasts are not associated with kitsch, but on the contrary. Top designers return to these several decades ago and prove how stylish old trends can look! Are you wondering how men dressed in the 80s? We've got a roundup of the best s

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Classic Coats for Women Are Essential Items in Winter

Every classy woman should have the goal of establishing a timeless wardrobe with high-quality items that can be used in the next few years, which of course includes classic wholesale womens coats to complete the whole look.

I think that every elegant woman should invest in these 8 classic coats in winter. Although you can indeed get away without owning some of them, I can guarantee that times will pop up in your life where you will want to have them yourself. And you will realize that they can co

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If you are after an outfit that’s both cute and trendy, you can’t miss a skirt. These simple yet extremely stylish bottoms add a lovely feminine beauty to any look and are perfect for any occasion. As versatile as they are fantastic, wholesale womens skirts can be worn for work, outings, special events, and so much more. All you need to do is choose your ideal skirt type and style it in a popular way to achieve a gorgeous look. To help you create a perfect look with this on-trend staple, we have

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Wearing Leather Jacket With Leather Pants

The real cheap leather jackets we offer are in special designs. No other online store offers its customers such prices and reasonable prices. Our black leather jackets collection is sleek, modern and is just what any fan of leather products would want in his/her wardrobe. If you are a fan of real cheap leather jackets, the genuine leather jackets, black or blue, is your best bid.

For best combination of real cheap leather jackets you should consider investing in leather pants. Made with the same

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Determining what type of belts to invest in can be a difficult task, especially since there are many types of wholesale womens belts available in the market. There are so many types of attractive belts, from which you can choose what will be suitable for you.
For any woman, belts are one of the most necessary and important accessories. The right collection of waist belts can provide you a complete and updated finishing to your wardrobe. The right belt can make a casual, just randomly thrown toget

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Forget about dresses, shorts and skirts, it’s time to try on these awesome wholesale womens pants. Today I want to show you the latest series of pants that every woman should own in her wardrobe. You are about to see interesting ways how to wear these trendy and practical designs in your everyday life. Pants can be worn on almost any occasion, no matter if it’s casual or formal event. Of course, choosing the right size is very important so that you can feel comfy and look incredibly stylish.

  1. Stri

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