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Blazers have been a staple in fashion for decades, but they have recently made a comeback as one of the hottest trends on the runway. A blazer is a type of jacket that is typically tailored, fitted, and has lapels. Blazers can be made from various materials such as wool, cotton, or velvet and come in different colors and patterns. The modern blazer combines the classic style with a contemporary twist, adding versatility to any wardrobe.

Fashion trends come and go quickly; however, incorporating t

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Enhance Your Style With Womens Spring Blazers

Blazers are extremely popular because of their outstanding formal appearance. You may consider that these blazers can be taken up only in winters as they are winter wear but you are wrong, there are some spring wholesale blazers that will make your formal look immensely stylish. Not just for office wear but these spring blazers for women can be threw on for almost any occasion, whether it is a party or a formal event, they can bring an extraordinary look. A spring blazer for women is absolutely

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It is said that women around the age of 30 are awkward and busy between career and family. They also dress up themselves between the young girl and the gentle mature styles. As the age continues to grow, the perception of things is also changing quietly. For example, dressing is an important issue that cannot be avoided. However, different styles of wholesale womens dresses are still suitable for them, as they also need more freshness to refresh themselves. Let’s look at some stylish and chic dr

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Classic Coats for Women Are Essential Items in Winter

Every classy woman should have the goal of establishing a timeless wardrobe with high-quality items that can be used in the next few years, which of course includes classic wholesale womens coats to complete the whole look.

I think that every elegant woman should invest in these 8 classic coats in winter. Although you can indeed get away without owning some of them, I can guarantee that times will pop up in your life where you will want to have them yourself. And you will realize that they can co

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Winter is here and we all know that sometimes it is difficult to look fabulous beneath all those sweaters and shawls to keep you warm. But believe me, one can look stylish and elegant, even in the cold winter if they dress rightly. If you want to look classy and be effortless about it, wholesale blazers are a perfect choice. Even at work, parties or casual events, you only need to match your outfits with a blazer to look fabulously and shine among all. No matter what clothes you wear, a simple,

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Blazer vs Suit Jacket

Classic suit jacket, sports jacket, blazer, dress jacket... The names given to men's jackets are many, but it is not always clear what the difference is between one and the other. Learn what are the differences between a blazer and a suit jacket.

Talking to our customers, for example, we have discovered that many of them are convinced that the jacket and the blazer are the same garments and that the only difference is the use made of them: they call the jacket what they wear as a suit, while they

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Well, we completely agree that the best wholesale womens fashion show is definitely on the street. It has always been and will always be. There are more eye-catching on the street to impress than there are on the runway. With that said, every woman should own a well-planned classic wardrobe that consists of some staple items that work either alone or together, season after the season. Of course, every woman is different, but there are standard wardrobe items that can make any woman easily have a

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Although we all love trends, no wardrobe is complete without the essential wholesale womens clothing. They’re the items that you turn to in order to create almost every costume. From the simple blouse to the elegant maxi dress, they are the pieces that every woman’s closet requires. Therefore, if you want to up your style game well, you need to know what they are. Here are 10 items we think every woman should own in her closet all year round.

  1. Quality Denim Jeans

    shestar-wholesale-womens-skinny-ripped-jeans.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xObviously,the first essential items

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Nowadays, fashion in the world is not meant for just celebrities and models. Each of us can also update our closet in every season. As we all know, fashion changes with each season of every year. We have picked some of the latest and most fashionable wholesale women’s outerwear to help you master the newest trend.

No. 1: Street Style Hooded Denim Long Windbreaker

shestar wholesale street style hooded denim long windbreakerHooded denim long windbreaker is very popular with many women and girls in autumn and winter. Most women will show their denim style whe

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Do the wholesale blazers for women represent the formality of the workplace? Of course not, now only new talents who have just entered their careers may pair white shirts with stylish blazers. Nowadays, the blazers for women have long been integrated into women's daily wear. Coats of various colors, styles and thicknesses are enough for everyone to match suit jackets throughout the year.Many fashionistas have been popular in wearing various styles of blazers on some occasions.Combining fashion w

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Essential Wholesale Womens Fashion for Your Wardrobe

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to building up the “essentials” section of your wardrobe, the wholesale womens fashion below should serve as an excellent primer.

Stylish trench coats, little black dresses, and denim jeans will always have a place in our wardrobe, but now more than ever, we’re looking to a new kind of timeless items ahead are those you can mix and match for years to come. Whether your newest home project is cleaning out your wardrobe and starting from scratch, or yo

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Double breasted jackets? Yes, check it out

I would like to start this journey by talking about the one that season after season (and never dethroned), I could say with total certainty that the double breasted jacket my "favourite garment".

Of military origin, specifically in the navy, the birth of this iconic jacket is located in 1837 in England, when Blazer (hence the name), the captain of the frigate HMS, decided to make it to receive Queen Victoria of England. The original was navy blue with gold metal buttons. This design is still in

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For The Complete Man

If you want the adroit appearance, blazers are the perfect choice for the occasion. Blazers are a must for your wardrobe. They give you a versatile look. They are a style staple that every man should own. They are meant to fill the void between the business suit and a casual dress. From casual to formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to any outfit. They are the best way to add a whole new range of outfit. They can be paired with the jeans or with the different colored trousers and will giv

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At whatever point individuals consider purchasing the warm attire for summer, the idea of men’s denim jacket or ladies’ blazer comes into the psyche. Despite the fact that sweaters could be a critical a piece of the winter wear, individuals would like to have jacket’s in their closet on the grounds that these have a comfort of utilization and are these days being made accessible in expansive numbers. 

Fashioner dresses are, no doubt brought into the business sector by different design fashioners

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Leather jackets or blazers have dependably had the capacity to put forth certain style expressions. They could either demolish your picture or construct it. 

Leather blazers have dependably been in design and their constant entertainments and progressions or even recoveries from the past patterns, have made it workable for both men and ladies to take after style patterns, as well as feel both polished and agreeable in their leather blazers. 

Blazers are currently accessible for all age bunches. De

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Three Best Pick Leather Apparel This Season

Leather jackets are among smart apparel in unisex product which gives both feminine and masculine appearance in proper sense. They are very stylish and fancy throughout all the season. Over the last few years to make leather jackets more trendy and spectacular in appeal the manufacturer had started making colorful jackets. Let’s see the best three leather jackets, which are universally accepted.


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Wondering where I've been? 
No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I was in NYC for my friend Alexis Wilson's book signing for 'Not So Black and White' at The James Hotel. Truly a grand event attended by actress Tamara Tunie and Blair Underwood among many other stars from Broadway and the arts. I had a blast!
My photo diary from my travels.
Great fun, great friends, great food!
Ensemble 1 - 
Gap leather blazer - Ebay. Similar here
KiK Vantage 'Skulls'
Old Navy 'Rock Star Super Skinnys 
Vintage b
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Hats & Flowers.

I've been on a blazer kick for the past few months. I should also mention that I'm having a floral moment too. So when I first saw this blazer, I had to have it. 
I've worn it under my oxblood leather blazer, under a drapey sweater and of course alone. Can't wait to take this into Spring!
Jacket - Mink Pink. Ladybird Boutique
Hat & t-shirt - Banana Republic
Leggings - Target
Ankle boots - Dolce Vita 'Whatt'
Eel skin clutch - vintage, Etsy
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I recently ventured up North to the Windy City. 1st time and I loved it. The trip was primarily so the other half could go to a Bears game but I made the best of it with some stellar shopping- Lincoln Park, Gold Coast and of course Magnificent Mile. And the food? Oh yes! One eatery I HIGHLY recommend is The Purple Pig. Flavors just explode in your mouth. I may make a trip back just for their food.....and some shopping :-)
Windmills on the way....
 ...and a little reading.
  Panini and beef tips. Y
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