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Most of us know how to dress up for an occasion, don’t we? Who hasn’t done hours of researching celebrities and royal families to keep in touch with the latest trendy formal wear? But with casual wear, it’s a totally different story. Casual wear depends on the climate, the place, the local culture, and of course, your budget. Keeping all this in mind, styling your casual wardrobe can be a bit of a headache. Don’t worry, Dash and Dot’s got you!


Here’s your guide to building a wardrobe that’s both

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Dresses Match Hot Summers Better

There are always girls who pursue minimalism and coldness. The color of their clothes is often very monotonous, but the hot summer is better with colorful items! For the first try, choosing a dress is the most suitable. There is no need to consider the matching. This is why there must be two or three wholesale dresses in the closet of lazy people like me. With full printing elements, the dress itself does not need too much tailoring and decorative design, so as not to overwhelm the guests and gr

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If you are like most women, you rely on wholesale denim as a staple in your wardrobe. You may have come up with a few different ways to put on your favorite jeans and denim, from casual weekend outfits to work outfits that you can wear on date nights or when you go out with friends. However, sometimes, all of us need a kick in the pants to create new styles with our denim standbys.5-3-768x1024.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

It just takes some fashion effort to look stunning in denim attire, but once you learn to do that, you will definite

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Boys Clothing Matching and Sharing

When parents choose clothes for their children, apart from keeping warm and quality, they should also pay attention to the matching of clothes. Whether you are in school, sports, or daily leisure, choosing different collocations can show the different styles of young boys and create fashionable trendy children. Let me introduce you to different styles of wholesale boys clothing collocations!

kiskissing wholesale kid boy color blocking hooded coat

  • Wholesale Casual Boys Clothing

    kiskissing wholesale 5 pack kid zip up hooded jacket

    In the spring and autumn season, a warm casual jacket is essential. The tigh
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There are so many celebrations to participate in during this festive season. Of course, you desire to look stylish and elegant for each of them. With a countless list of activities, each of which requires a different dress code, picking your Christmas party wholesale womens clothing has never been so exciting. This is the time of the year for you to dress up, go out, and have a good time while celebrating. No matter the event requires a casual, formal, business, or festive dress code, we have go

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Winter is already halfway through, and the weather is getting colder. Enduring the cold is worth it for the undeniably wonderful fashion trends that come with winter. Pull out your beloved boots from the back of your wardrobe that have been sitting there for the past six months. And the opt for a perfect long coat that is undoubtedly a must-have for winter. Winter is the best time to try a layered style. It calls for wearing endless amounts of wholesale women’s apparel that you can learn to mix

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Dressing up for a date should be an interesting thing! You do not have to stress out over what to wear. Most ladies have favorite outfits that they like to wear on first dates, but it gets harder to choose what to wear once you have been dating the same person for a period of time. Here are some interesting wholesale casual clothing that can help you put together date-worthy looks.

  1. Casual Cocktail Dresses for Dating

    womens casual clothing shestar wholesale sexy layered hem party bandage tube dress

    Cocktail dresses are out of fashion among younger women, but that’s precisely why

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Fabulous Hi-Low Skirts can Boost Your Confidence

Hi-low skirts are the new swag of recent years that not only looks the classiest clothing to date but also can boost your confidence if you rock it on the right occasions. Don’t worry about how to throw on it or how to match it with the right outfits or accessories, as I will tell you some tips here. These fabulous and matching wholesale womens skirts that make up some excellent hi-low styles will take your breath away in first glance. No need to wait any longer, just take a look and find the st

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We all know that professional women have a hard time to choose an outfit for themselves. If you are one of them and feel a little worried about your wholesale office wear, then you have come to the right place. Workplace outfits have changed a lot in the past two decades. So much so that people have forgotten its essence and the importance of dressing for work. If dressing up for work is a struggle for you, then keep reading as we have provide you with some tips.

How to Dress up for Work

shestar wholesale v-neck button front patchwork women shirt

Now, we p

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It is wise to understand that there are many styles of yoga pants, so finding the one that suits you is crucial. Comfort is the key when choosing wholesale womens pants as well as personal style preferences. Skin fit, crops or full length are all ideal options when it comes to yoga pants. If you are wearing them for sporting purposes or working out in the gym, then skin fit ones would be more suitable for you. If you practice yoga regularly, then maybe flared yoga pants or loose-fitting crops ma

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This season is time to be jolly and break out your holiday dresses! I love this time of the year best as no matter where you go, you can always dress up yourself! Wholesale party dresses are a staple in your wardrobe between November and January. And you never know when you will need one. I always prefer to have multiple options rather than under-dressed, so I like to keep a few dresses in my closet at this time of the year to be prepared for the last parties and invitation. Today I will introdu

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Grab your attire now!

Need to find best woolen pullover for women? Shop online from Prestarrs at best prices. We have amazing pullovers made with pure wool. Classic colors and breathtaking designs. Whatever you need, you’ll find here. Just click and add the pullover you want to purchase. We have trendy mid length pullovers, double pocket loose coats, high length sheepskin coat, fur collar coats, lamb velvet coats, net yarn crew neck sweater, polar fleece padded sweater, square collar woolen coat, black thick coat, ba

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With the increasing popularity of high-waist pants, shorts, leggings, and other bottoms, it seems that most tops are now designed with a crop style. Most modern women and girls are accustomed to rocking crop tops with high-waist denim shorts during the summer, but the trend of crop styles will not stop because of the cold weather. Wholesale womens sweaters are designed as crop styles have become more and more common and trendy.

Sweaters are supposed to keep you warm in the cold weather, but the c

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Off-the-shoulder Tops Make You Gorgeous in Seconds

To say that off-the-shoulder tops are only a current fashion trend is a big understatement. Their undeniable presence in clubs, grand parties and streets, has turned this style into a wardrobe essential. Whether you wear it with jeans and flats casually or dress it up with a midi dress and heels, wholesale womens tops are popping up on any occasion and at any time. Their versatile features combined with that stunning neckline makes them a winning weapon that you only need to try. Whether you are

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When it comes to dressing up a perfectly curvy figure, some fashion bloggers have the inspiration to create trendy, form-flattering garment.

These fashion lovers have different figures and styles, but what they have in common is that they are keen to dressing their bodies confidently in figure-conscious outfits and stunning accessories.

Browse through these outfits with wholesale plus size jeans, put together from some of our favorite curvy fashionistas, and take away their secrets for how to crea

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Is there anything more fantastic than the perfect wholesale black dresses? Black is not necessarily boring, and there are a variety of ways to express yourself when wearing this most fashionable shade. Black dresses are always on trend, easy to wear, and they are officially back in vogue, so why not give it a try? Today we will show you how to wear a black dress to elevate your style.

The Perfect Black Dresses You Should Wear

1.Classic Black Dress

shestar wholesale sheered sleeve spliced jersey bodycon dressA classic black dress is a must-have for every woma

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Determining what type of belts to invest in can be a difficult task, especially since there are many types of wholesale womens belts available in the market. There are so many types of attractive belts, from which you can choose what will be suitable for you.
For any woman, belts are one of the most necessary and important accessories. The right collection of waist belts can provide you a complete and updated finishing to your wardrobe. The right belt can make a casual, just randomly thrown toget

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Unique Women Casual Clothing

Casual clothing is a category that has been slowly accepted and loved by people in recent years. Nowadays people attach great importance to the quality of life. Not only are they required to be dressed appropriately in all formal social occasions, but also in many casual gatherings, travel, sports and other occasions, they are also required to be well dressed and comfortable. And I think one of the reasons why casual clothing is popular with people is that it allows them to be fully relaxed. Now

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The humble cardigan is one of the most versatile item of costume in your closet. From spring to winter, it can transform your dress no matter where you are going. As one of the most timeless layers, you can wear it in so many ways. Fashionista and models all love this knitwear, so here’s how you can wear your wholesale women’s cardigans like a street style star.

Different Styles of Cardigans

  1. Long Cardigans

    shestar wholesale pocket stripe colorblock knitting cardigan

    Long cardigan is very suitable for wearing between the seasons, is the perfect blend of comfo

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If you are going on a date, you may be excited about the occasion but anxious about what to wear. Every woman has been through this problem at one point or another when the pressure to leave a good impression is sky-high. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to what you should wear, there are some tips to creating a popular wholesale women’s apparel to suit your dating type. Whether you are headed out for a candlelight dinner, to the movies, or just for a simply coffee, we have got st

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