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Discover German Kabirski exceptionally crafted and unique collections now.

Frame_1_fc6fe3ba-355a-4e49-9024-8adeed454d76.png?v=1650998601&profile=RESIZE_400xCinthya is wearing the Bertilde earrings, Alana Amethyst Ring and Ivalyn chrome diopside earrings.

Ivalyn Chrome Diopside Earrings

Alana Amethyst Ring




About German

All of German’s work is inspired by his materials and what they whisper to him, the harmonies and conflicts he uncovers as he sits with a particular piece.

For German, the cockroach symbolizes both life and death. He met with a very special cockroach at a very crit

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Sarees are the pride of India; whether you wear them with or without embellishments, it makes no difference. Women are no longer wearing lavishly embroidered sarees for important events; instead, they are opting for lightweight, simple, or shimmering sarees.

Chiffon is the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to gorgeous sarees with added comfort. This fabric has long been a favourite among everybody. It originated in France, but it has gained popularity in most nations, including Indi

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Saree Online

Saree is one of the most worn attires from India and it is loved by one and all. It’s forever versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Our heart is also filled with love for it! Want to create an Indian look with traditional charm? Worry not! Because brings you a world of exquisite sarees online from all corners of India.


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Buy Saree Online For Special Occasion

If you are looking to buy sarees that you can adorn on different occasions, Then you should visit that offers the latest sarees with prices for weddings, festivals, casuals, and all kinds of celebrations. Each saree varies according to unique styles, works, and detailing.


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Just about everyone wants to look attractive and feel confident about their appearance. But does your appearance matter when you spend most of your time inside? The truth is that even when you spend a lot of time inside, how you look will play a role in how you feel about yourself, and how you think about yourself will reflect your outward look and appearance.

Increase Your Knowledge

Not everyone is blessed with extraordinary good looks, but anyone can become more knowledgeable. Research has shown

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4 Ways to Dress Your Hair up for Summer


With a change of seasons just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about new and creative ways to arrange your hair for those warm summer days. You may be planning for various casual and formal events like holiday gatherings and special celebrations like graduations and weddings as well as outdoor picnics and camping trips. Here are some fun things to do with your hair for different looks and styles.

Try an Up-do

An elegant wedding up-do or half-do, with the top arranged in a knot, braid

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Saree is timeless beauty because its fashion never goes away. When you wear it, you will always look beautiful in it. At the same time, whatever trend of fashion is going on, the sari fits into it. You can experiment with elegance with this full nine yards of clothes. You can like different types of modern saree wear styles and wear them in the same manner. Even wearing a simple sari you can look different by wearing it in a stylized manner. At the same time, there are some styles in which weari

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People will notice almost immediately your outfit, which should reflect your personal style and the aesthetic that you want to display to the world around you. You can also show off your personality through the style that you choose to stick to, and it is a great way to express who you are as a person. Your personal, fashion style can be shown through your accessories, the way you do your hair, and even the clothing choices you make. Read below to learn five easy ways that you can easily show of

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The designer this season pays more attention to more diversified expressions. Taking clothing as the media, it is combined with graffiti, Pop Art, internet symbol, Renaissance painting and popular culture. Girls' wardrobes are developed to be more relaxing and comfortable. H-line dress, leather sandals with brand logo and functional pleated dress, designer simplifies the clothes and shows their essence.


Designer updates the popular uniform style. Playful logo label and girly ruffle are integrated

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Swimming is the best water sport of the season in hot summer. Parents can take advantage of this golden period to take their baby out to play in the water, which is of great benefit to the child's physical and mental development. Water has a magical effect. It can relieve the sultry heat in the hot summer, so the baby's emotions, and get rid of the torture of the heat and so on. Then, children need to choose a suitable swimsuit when going out to swim. Let us choose the most suitable wholesale ki

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With the development of the fashion field, the combination of fashion elements and wholesale children's clothing bursts out new vitality. At present, it is not the privilege of adults to pursue fashionable clothing, and children can also wear new fashions. How to choose fashionable and comfortable children's clothing, this article will give you a satisfactory answer.

kiskissing wholesale buttoned knitted sweater cardigan top for baby toddler girls boys

For babies who are not born, baby onesies are the most suitable choice. The design styles of baby onesies suits are diverse, simple

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Children's clothing matching also pays attention to certain skills. Moms and dads have had this experience. If a child is dressed well, it will increase his popularity in the crowd. On the contrary, if the child is not well dressed, he will lose a lot of love.

kiskissing wholesale 3 pieces kid boy formal polka dots outfit shirt vest pants

Color matching skills for children's clothing: What should be paid attention to is the color of the clothes. Children have primitive sensitivity and unique preferences for colors. Therefore, you must first judge from the child's body and sk

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Every fashion enthusiast understands the importance of being in comfort while selecting any fashionable outfit. Along with the comfort they also opt for the style statement that the outfit is embodying on them. The sunny summer is at the verge of the season cycle to bid adieu to the chilling winter.

The fashion trends change with the season cycles as one can’t wear a woolen sweater in Summer. Fashion culture is cyclic and keeps on changing and evolving with fresh ideas and designs. The fashion tr

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When choosing baby clothes, parents usually tend to choose various jumpsuits for their babies. It has many benefits. It can not only shape the cute image of the child, but also take care of the child’s abdomen without appearing. The phenomenon of colds. Traditional trousers are straps or elastic bands. This kind of trousers has the risk of strangling the baby and affecting its bone development. For example, the baby’s internal organs are concentrated in the belly, and the rubber band on the wais

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Fabulous Hi-Low Skirts can Boost Your Confidence

Hi-low skirts are the new swag of recent years that not only looks the classiest clothing to date but also can boost your confidence if you rock it on the right occasions. Don’t worry about how to throw on it or how to match it with the right outfits or accessories, as I will tell you some tips here. These fabulous and matching wholesale womens skirts that make up some excellent hi-low styles will take your breath away in first glance. No need to wait any longer, just take a look and find the st

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