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1. Born with red hair: a symbol of natural power

You don't know, although red hair has been discriminated against for a long history, there are few people who are born with red hair. Red hair is rare in any country. Essentially, this is a genetic mutation.

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I don’t know if you have noticed that in the Avengers, Black Widow’s hair has gone from red hair to white blonde, and then to the fall in the final season, ending with red hair. Essentially this means that Black Widow is born with red hair. Beca

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Creating a modern hairstyle

Are you excited about the trendy hairstyles of today? Do you like all those trendy hairstyles that you see out there every day? I can't even name them! If you like these trendy hairstyles, I might recommend you see a psychoanalyst. So what's your current hairstyle? Did you get a trendy hairstyle? What exactly is a trendy hairstyle? I don't think there is a trend at the moment. At least I can't define it. I think everything you can imagine is modern. Oh, now I understand why the guy I saw yesterd

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4 Ways to Dress Your Hair up for Summer


With a change of seasons just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about new and creative ways to arrange your hair for those warm summer days. You may be planning for various casual and formal events like holiday gatherings and special celebrations like graduations and weddings as well as outdoor picnics and camping trips. Here are some fun things to do with your hair for different looks and styles.

Try an Up-do

An elegant wedding up-do or half-do, with the top arranged in a knot, braid

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5 Classy Black Ponytail Hairstyles


Not only is this hairstyle practical, but the ponytail is also classy and chic at the same time! To give your pony a go with a bit of a difference, we’ve got together some really great options with how to’s and inspiration to try new takes on the classic weave hairstyle everyone knows very well.

Chic Black Ponytail Hairstyles

#1: Long and Sleek Black Ponytail


This is a chic and stylish variety of ponytail hairstyles for black hair. Lovely, lengthy, and totally sleek, this ponytail is ideal for day

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How Does Beauty Works Hair Extensions Work?

Beauty Works Hair extensions have been a great alternative for many years, with many people looking at them and asking how to do hair extensions work? These extensions work by adding length and volume to your natural hair. They can also add shine and body to your hair and can add a lot of colors, to whatever you want to do with your hair. You may think that they do not work, but you would be surprised at how much they do.

When thinking about how to do Beauty Works hair extensions work, you should

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From the pixie hair cuts to the short bob cut, short hairstyle is nowadays a fashionable choice. Here we come with some attractive and most versatile hairstyle for you.

  1. Back And Forth Hairstyle

8844133889?profile=originalIn this type of hair cut the hair of your back head is kept short where the front hair is relatively long. This style allows you to keep away your hair from your face. The hair of your top head adds a special texture effect which makes your very sensitive. Hair with medium texture and medium density suits

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Winter is an excellent time to improve your physical appearance so that you look your sparkling best. There are a variety of ways to do this, so you should consider these ways to change your facial or body appearance.

Visit a Dentist’s Office during the Winter

Schedule an appointment with a dentist to improve your smile in an assortment of ways. First, you can have a professional teeth-whitening procedure to remove the ugly discolorations from the dental enamel on your teeth. Next, a dentist can m

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5 Ways to Maintain Naturally Fashionable Hair

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair that looks healthy, but many individuals want to avoid using dangerous chemicals that can cause problems for the hair strands or the scalp. It can be difficult, though, to know exactly how to maintain your hair’s beauty. Fortunately, there are natural ways to improve the quality of your hair, so you can use one or all of these methods to have naturally healthy and gorgeous hair.


Nutritious, Omega-3 Foods

Consuming the proper foods is one of the most natural wa

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With the bridal hairstyles certainly, the most abundant doubts regarding marriage are these types of hair for weddings and then, we will show you step by step different hairstyles to perform in this case.8844056473?profile=original

Finding the right hairstyle among many that exist for the bride can be a total challenge, since there are many types of basic, retro, versatile, easy hairstyles, among others.

Remember that you have to try different hairstyles before the wedding day to know which one is the chosen one.


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12 hairstyles for low-cut dresses

You have a special event and would like to wear that dress with an infarct neckline that you had stored in the closet. However, if you are reading these lines, it is probably because you have doubts about what type of hairstyle can look good with a low cut garment. Currently, we can find a variety of types of necklines, so sometimes choosing the hairstyle according to the dress can be a complicated task.

Among the most pronounced necklines are the heart, the word of honor, in V and the round, amo

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There are various misconceptions and myths that come with wearing hair wigs and the usage of hair extensions for various purposes. What one needs to understand is that one needs to take care of both – one’s original hair as well as the wig hair. Maintaining both in prime condition is what prolongs the life of the hairpieces for women and also allows your natural hair to breathe.

8843842081?profile=originalWe must understand that even if it is hairpieces vs wigs, the amount of maintenance remains the same. You have to treat

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Having thinning hair can be a an extremely unpleasant experience. Often, people associate their hair with self-confidence. If your hair is thinning, it can sometimes make you feel less attractive. It’s an experience that most people would like to avoid. However, it does unfortunately happen. There are many steps you can take to prevent your hair from thinning. Mostly, the steps you can take to combat or prevent thinning hair depend on the cause of hair loss.


Adjusting Your Hairstyle

Many people s

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Stunning Smiles: How to Become More Photogenic

If you want to become more photogenic, then there are several ways to improve your appearance. You might want to have great photographs to use on a website or while applying for certain types of jobs. Alternatively, you may want to have gorgeous photographs to send to relatives and friends. Use these tips to have a more photogenic appearance. 


Have a Fantastic Hairstyle

Your hair is one of the first things that someone will notice about you, and if you have an unattractive hairstyle, then it will

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What’s “Wow” Right Now!

8858642270?profile=originalMen’s haircuts and hair styles are always being updated. Are you up to date on the current and hottest hair trends for men of all ages? If not, read on to find out what kinds of styles you should describe to your stylist and if they will look great with your unique facial features.

1.       The 90’s Cut

No, the “mushroom” head look is not what is hot, but a version of it is! Take a cue from star, Ryan Gosling; who is growing his straight strands out on top and keeping his sides super short. Instea

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Why not go for a Hairstyle Change this Winter

So we’ve had the amazing summer months and we’re in the midst of autumn. Soon the days will get shorter and the nights will get longer. More layers will have to be worn and you’ll end up purchasing some of those special gloves that lets you use your iPhone without having to take them off; who doesn’t hate freezing cold hands! One thing that you can look forward to though, is a winter change of hairstyle. There are plenty of amazing trends that are becoming more and more popular as we head toward

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Fashion shows come and go, but our team's striving for perfection has touched me deeply and inspired me to keep the faith that fashion is not about acting in accord with the prevailing standards and attitudes but creating my own standard of beauty and move on to my next step with strict confidence.

Thousand thanks to make up artist and headpiece/accessory designer Angel Wong, founder of Angel Wong Image and her team member hair stylist Tammy for getting me ready to walk the Women's Day Fashion

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Bridal hairstyle with flowers - Headbands

You will not wear a wedding veil to the wedding, but are looking for a detail for your hair to make it look special? Then one is flowers - hairband might be just the right solution for your bridal hairstyle . With this simple, but very nice accessory to give your look at the Great day a special touch.

8843124480?profile=originalIf you long hair , then we recommend a updo or one bridal hairstyle half updo with a few little flowers. Are you one of the more informal brides and your hair open carry, then a is Flowers - Headban

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Which veil fits the bridal hairstyle

When allotment the appropriate conjugal blind , the helpmate should not alone go to the marriage dress, but aswell its absorption to the conjugal hairstyle judge. Alone in this way the marriage accouterments is aswell coherent. We appearance you what blind to which conjugal hairstyle fits ...

For the perfect bridal look, many factors play together. How about the perfect makeup, the right bridal hairstyle and especially the wedding dress and matching veil for hairstyle. So you see, no detail shoul

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BEAUTY BUZZ ~ Health Hair

BEAUTY BUZZ ~ Healthy Hair
Television and magazine advertisements would lead you to believe that you'll get healthy, gorgeous hair by using their innovative products alone. While it's partly true that the quality of the products you apply to your hair, as well as the styling tools and techniques you use will have an effect on the overall health, texture, and appearance of your hair, the bottom line is that healthy hair starts from the inside. 
Like the rest of your body, your hair benefits greatly from proper nutrition an
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