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Custom human hair wigs are an excellent investment for those who looking to enhance their appearance with a natural, stylish look. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs offer the advantage of looking and feeling more authentic, and they provide versatility in styling. However, to keep your custom human hair wig looking its best, it's essential to care for it properly. This guide provides tips and tricks to ensure your wig remains beautiful and lasts longer.

Understanding Your Custom Human Hair W

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Light wigs for summer

Some light wigs with beautiful hair colors are more suitable to wear for your summer, here are the recommendations.


Lightweight wigs such as full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, and headband wigs can be selected for more comfortable and lightweight wear.


For your summer wig selection, the light hair color provides a more changeable color choice, from blonde to pink, from blue to purple, and the light hair color is bright and warm for wearers.

blonde glueless wigs:

Blonde hair colors are never outdat

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Wearing a hair wig can be a fantastic way to change up your look, deal with hair loss, or save time on styling. However, one of the most biggest challenges wig wearers face is ensuring their wig stays secure throughout the day. The fear of your wig slipping or coming off can be nerve-wracking, but with the right techniques and wig products, you can achieve a secure, all-day hold. Here’s how to ensure your hair wig stays in place from morning to night.

1.  Choose the Right Wig Cap

The first step to

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In today's fast-paced world, where time is precious, finding ways to look and feel our best with minimal effort is a top priority. Enter braided wigs - the ultimate solution for achieving effortless elegance and stunning hairstyles without the time-consuming process of traditional braiding.

Seamless and Natural-Looking Results

Braided wigs offer a convenient and versatile alternative to natural hair braiding, allowing you to switch up your look with ease. Many braided wigs feature pre-plucked hair

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Various bangs can be selected, from French bangs to air bangs, side bangs to curly bangs, cutting the bangs on human hair wigs is funny. Not only can change the hairstyles of wigs, save your old wigs, also, refresh yourself, is easy to find the right style or vibes for yourself. 

French bangs: 

Frame your facial shape for different facial shapes, by cutting the layer of bangs, which are suitable to be cut on your human hair wigs. Straight across bangs, and add the broken hair to create a classic a

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As Mother's Day draws near, it's an occasion to honor the women who enrich our lives with their love and grace. This year, why not express your appreciation by giving Mom the gift of glamour and confidence? With the Mother's Day semi-annual sale offering irresistible discounts of up to 50% off on human hair extensions, it's the perfect opportunity to indulge Mom (or yourself) in a luxurious hair transformation that celebrates her beauty and individuality.

Unveiling the Splendor of Human Hair Exte

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When talking about human hair textures, various human hair textures can be selected freely. For girls and women, the best human hair wigs and hairstyles are suitable. Here are some human hair wigs recommended to black wearers depending on the feels you desire to get. 

The feels of mature charm: 

Useful for achieving the “rich aunt vibes”, these wigs are suitable for creating the rich auntie hairstyle. Can be worn for important and formal occasions, these wigs are glamorous to improve the temperame

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Beach wig style recommendation 

The vacations, seaside is coming with the weather changes, which hairstyle can be selected for your beach vacation? Here are the recommendations for your wig styles. 


First, the blonde body wave

The wave textures with glueless blonde wigs achieve convenience, pretty, uniqueness, and security. The blonde hair color is highlighted enough by the crowds, and body wave textures add elegance. Glueless installation reduces the burden on styling and wearing. 

The hairstyles are suitable select braid, half

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Wig security: Keep wigs on your head

When talking about the security of wigs, most girls consider lace front wigs at first, throng holding the idea that secure by glue provides more safety than other wigs. However, for some special groups, the glue wigs are not friendly enough than glueless wigs, especially for hair loss, sensitive skin, and pregnancy. 

Mostly wearers may trouble the security of glueless wigs, here are the tips to help the wearers ensure the security of glueless wigs.


First of all, check the wig cap size 

Not only doe

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In the realm of hairstyling, creativity knows no bounds. From elegant updos to intricate braids, there’s always something new to explore. One style that has been capturing attention and fascination is the dragon braid. Inspired by mythical creatures, this intricate braid adds a touch of whimsy and allure to any look. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of dragon braid ideas, exploring various styles and providing a comprehensive teaching guide to help you master this captivating hairstyl

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Hairstyles recommendation for black girls

Highlight wigs showcase unique looks through the ombre of colors, and provide the changes from hair color to your overall looks. We can not deny that the magic of highlight wigs showcases, especially when they create these hairstyles. 

First of all, braid

If you need to select one hairstyle to achieve on your highlight wigs, the braid can not be missed, such as bubble braid, butterfly braid, and so on. 

The colors of gradients are useful to improve your temperament, outstanding in crowds, the highl

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How does a glueless wig stay on?

Depending on the types of glueless wigs, they can be divided into headband wigs, glueless lace wigs, and U part wigs. The glueless wigs achieve quick wear when you are urgent. However, still some questions for wearers on how a glueless wig stays on, here are the details.

How does a glueless wig stay on?

First of all, glueless installation

Depending on the type of glueless wigs, the installation such as headbands, clips, and straps provides different feels. The most security glueless wig is the head

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Curlyme Popular wig recommendation

Different hair malls and types appear in the hair market, leading to various textures, and types that can be selected to follow your preference.


*M-cap wear go wigs

The magic of M-cap wear go wigs is they achieve quick and fitted wear through a 3D dome cap, allowing the wearers to get the pretty wearing experience and convenience in urgency.

M-cap wear go wigs belong to the glueless wig types, without the glue used, the wear go wigs cause less damage for black wearers.


*Beyonce wigs

Beyonce wigs ar

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How to detangle a synthetic wig?


Normal to see that synthetic wigs are easy to tangle even less styling. To detangle a synthetic wig, here are some steps that are useful to maintain smooth hair.

First, brush

Compared the human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs are easier to tangle or cause big knots. So brush methods are essential to maintain the looks of synthetic wigs.

Applying the wide-tooth shampoo instead of fine-tooth combs, as the wide tooth easier to remove the knots.


Second, spray the moisture

Spray the moisture on your wigs

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Bye bye knots wigs, as their name suggests, are difficult to find the knots on wigs. Provide realistic looks for wearing, here are the pros and cons of bye bye knots wigs for black girls.



Include showing the realistic hairline while wearing for black girls, and natural overall looks after wearing, the bye bye knots wigs are useful for creating invisible looks through mini knots. The bleached lace is more undetectable through melting in your natural skin tone.

*Without too much time

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Are expensive wigs better?

Not all expensive wigs are better for wearers, however, the price, as the main factor for selecting one wig, influences many girls to make the option on color, length, types, textures, or brands.

What is the wig price influence?

*Price determines the quality of wigs

The best evidence of this is synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs. All wig girls know that the looks, feel, and lifespan of human hair wigs are better than synthetic hair wigs.

*Price influences the overall looks of wigs

The higher the

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Lace front wigs have revolutionized the world of hair styling, offering versatility, realism, and convenience like never before. Whether you're looking to switch up your look for a special event or simply want to enhance your everyday style, lace front wigs provide endless possibilities. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and glamorous, there's a lace front wig style to suit every occasion. 

In this blog, we'll explore the top 10 lace front wigs styles that are perfect for any event, helping y

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*Bye bye knots wigs

Bye bye knots wigs are widely found by pre bleach knots wigs, which bleach the lace on the wigs, and mini the knots on the lace. The bye bye knots wigs lead to a melt effect on your head.

Not all pre bleached wigs are bye bye knots wigs, but all bye bye knots wigs experience the bleaching technique.


*Pre everything wigs

Pre everything wigs are common to see in the hair market, several types have applied the technique such as pre bleach knots, pre pluck hairline, pre cut lace, or

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How to select high density wigs?

The density of wigs determines styles and vibes after wearing, high density creates voluminous hair but is hot in summer, instead, the lower density influences the overall feel. Here we are talking about the wig density.


What is the density of wigs?

The wig's density means the hair volume, from 50%-200%, showcases different fullness of hair. The wig density means the human hair bundles are sewn in the cap, more human hair bundles have been used, and the hair density is high.



What are the types o

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Whether you are finding pre max wigs?

For wig girls, it is common to see the pre max wigs in Isee hair, which means the wigs that experience the pre cut, pre pluck hairline, and pre bleached knots wigs help the wearers embrace the convenience, comfortable, and fashion.


What are pre max wigs?

The wigs experience the pre cut lace, pre bleach knots, and pre pluck hairline.

*Pre cut lace:

Frontal lace are pre cut to a zigzag edge, which is close to the forehead. This technique requires applying the hot shear to ensure the perfect, otherwis

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