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Selecting one bob wig is fun in summer, the bob wigs can add more glam to your styles, and create a changeable style fashion, also, the bob wigs ensure a cool and breathable feel for your summer wear. 

The bob wig means the hairstyle is trimmed short around the head. Depending on the length difference and styles, the bob wigs can be called different names, such as blunt bob, or side part bob. 

Hair length:

Selecting your best bob wigs requires considering the hair length at first, this is determine

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After earning a human hair wig of pretty textures and, a softness touch, how can you maintain the looks of human hair wigs? How can you maintain the shape of your hair? Here are the details. 


First of all, brush 

Attention the brush to different textures is essential, for example, the curly wigs avoid brushing the curls or brush the curly wigs with less frequency, to avoid the loss of curls. 

Straight human hair wigs require regular brushing to ensure straight, softness, and fewer knots of hair. 


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When talking about human hair textures, various human hair textures can be selected freely. For girls and women, the best human hair wigs and hairstyles are suitable. Here are some human hair wigs recommended to black wearers depending on the feels you desire to get. 

The feels of mature charm: 

Useful for achieving the “rich aunt vibes”, these wigs are suitable for creating the rich auntie hairstyle. Can be worn for important and formal occasions, these wigs are glamorous to improve the temperame

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Wig length influence to your style

Different lengths of wigs lead to different influences, some are cute some are cool, some are elegant and some are girly. Besides the wave influence of the feels and looks, the wig length also influences.


The hot length of wigs

*Bob length

The bob wigs are less limited for all ages, and styles, as the bob length can fit well on different occasions. Bob wigs can add textures and waves to frame your face shape if you are square face shape.

Different styles of bob wigs can be achieved, such as blunt bo

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Within lace wigs, the difference between lace frontal wigs and lace closure wigs is lace size and materials. Lace frontal wigs are applied the 13×4 or 13×6 lace size, instead of lace closure wigs apply 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6. 

Select the lace wigs between lace frontal or lace closure wigs, some factors should be considered, such as style selection, budget, and desired effect. 


What are the differences between lace frontal wigs and lace closure wigs?

For someone who prefers lace frontal wigs, here are t

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Various human hair wigs in the hair market, from textures to colors, and types. If you desire to select the right human hair wigs of fashionable, glamorous, and suitable for you, the trending human hair wigs can be considered at first.


The fashionable human hair wig types:

Include wear and go wigs, M-cap glueless wigs, human hair wigs, hd lace frontal wigs.

Wear and go wigs: Come with 6×4 inch lace to leave the convenient choice for wearers through glueless installation. Wear and go wigs reduce t

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It is common to see that women wear a human hair wig daily, especially for someone who has hair loss. The reasons are various for the women wear wigs, whatever the reason is, wigs are useful to achieve some benefits.


First of all, refresh your styles

The wigs can be selected for different lengths, textures, and colors. This leads to versatile styles that can be made as per your preference without damaging your natural hair.

Second, improve the appearance

There is a saying that goes” hairstyles deter

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Washing human hair wigs properly is essential to prolong the lifespan and best appearance of wigs, and gentle washing leads to the smoothness and luster of human hair wigs. How often should human hair wigs be cleaned?


How to select the right shampoo?

Select the right shampoo that is special design for human hair wigs, attention to some chemicals in shampoo can shorten the lifespan of wigs. Select high quality human hair wigs to maintain the hair quality of wigs.

How often should human hair wigs be

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What are highlight wigs?

Highlight wigs by blending two or three colors together to achieve a gentle, casual, or glamorous feel for wearers. Different color combinations create different styles to help the girls achieve the different colored wigs.


The benefits of highlight wigs


First, pretty appearance

Highlight wigs can showcase your eye color, highlight your skin tone, and modify your face shape, which looks smaller. Through the textures of hairstyle, they look voluminous.

The right highlight col

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To make your wig match your styles, here are some processes need to follow for creating charming feelings and pretty looking. The wigs that match your style can add volume and refresh you.

First, face shape

Understanding your face shape is key important to find the wig that complements your features. The facial shape like round, oblong, oval, square, heart, and diamond. Find the wigs that hide the shortage, such as selecting a shorter hair and wave texture for an oblong facial shape, such as deep

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Besides straightening your curly lace front wigs, there are many different ways to style a lace front wig to earn a unique looking. If you are interested in it, look down and try these methods.

Enhance the curl:

Applying product or tools of curl define to add the curls. Scrunch the hair gently to enhance the curl and allow the wigs to air dry, then you can earn a further defined curl of your curl wigs. Or you can use your finger or comb to add the separate curls.

Half up half down: 

This is a hairst

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As we all know a hairstyle can create a younger feeling for everyone, but wigs also can. How can you choose a wig to make you look younger, more volume, and more glamorous? The option is essential. Here are some factors.

Depending on your skin tone, face shape, style, and occasion, you can choose one suitable. 

*Skin tone

Skin tone determines the colors of wigs. Matching your skin tone can enhance your natural appearance and create the feeling of being younger. For instance, if you want to look at

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Which wig is suited to wear for traveling? Here are some wigs advised.

First, the blonde wig

Blonde is a glamorous color that people are fantastic for its smoothness and shine. Choose one blonde wig to travel, and take the photos with your wig, you can find the photos are pretty. Blonde wigs are suited to wear for traveling places outdoors, not only for traveling but for highlighting and uniqueness. 

Second, bob wig

This is a convenient wig that suits to wear for climbing or swimming because of its

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Here is some wave wigs suit to wear at a wedding. Look at which one you like most.


First, body wave  wigs

This is a wig that looks natural and is made of human hair, ensuring a natural and unique looking. This wig, unlike other wave wigs exaggerated, this wig will make the overall look more special. What’s more, dress up with body wave human hair, the wig is suited to match the white wedding dress with a braid. The feelings of this wig are natural and match various hairstyles.


Second, water wave h

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When it comes to hair extensions, the girls are familiar with them. The weft extension can be used to add volume and texture to your natural hair. And as one type of hair extension, whether weft hair extension will damage your hair? Here will discuss it.


What is a weft hair extension?

A weft hair extension is a collection of hair strands. They create a weft through woven onto a fine strip of cloth. With the fabric or weft on the hair bundles, weft hair extensions can be used by clips, glue, braid

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Style a headband wig for a pretty look is easy for you if you know the styles below. The styles of headband wigs are various and unique for you. And they are all easy to style. Here are the details.

The styling first is smooth your wig.

Whether you have natural hair or wigs, smooth hair is the basic to create a hairstyle. A smooth surface can make sure the look of the hairstyle, and reduce the potential of hair loss. Use a wide tooth to brush your hair and make it flat.


Second, choose one hairstyl

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Wigs are easy to change our look of ourselves and add the charming to us. We always found the curly wig on the street with various hairstyles. How can we style a curly wig to create the feeling we want? Here are some tips.


First of all, prepare your wig

Determine the colors, textures, and styles you are desired. Then prepare the tools for the styling, and brush your hair gently. Ensure you are ready to style and that your curly wig is prepared, too.

Next, use an iron

Whether a straight iron or cur

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It is time to travel and wear a wig in various places with warm weather. When you wear a wig, the best photos, glamorous looking, and more attention you will get. Which wig is suited to wear for your travel? Here is something you need to know.

Consider wig's factors for traveling:


First, choose one lightweight.

In traveling, a long period of wearing may lead to uncomfortable feelings and sweatiness. It is better to choose one lightweight wig, which can reduce the weight of wigs and provide breathab

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Wearing a wig can be fun, but choosing is not. These are some guides that help you to make a choice. If you are interested in wigs and desire to enjoy one, this article may help.


With various types of wigs, it is difficult to select one suitably. So the first step is clear your demand.

From the usage and the feeling, you want to consider. For example, if you are ready to wear in daily or formal activity, it’s better to select one natural and easy to wear. You are prepared for a wedding, sweet ga

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A color wig can create unique and striking looks, it is really funny. But between the two, how can you select one suitably? Here are some introductions about skunk stripe wigs and highlight wigs. Maybe you can find answers.


What are skunk stripe wigs?
The skunk stripe wigs are mixed with two colors, which look similar to the markings on a skunk’s fur. With a distinctive white or light-colored stripe running down the center of the hair, and black or other dark color contrast, it will look more att

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