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5 Colored Gemstone Gifts for This Year

Are you the kind of person who browses articles to get inspiration for “what to give your loved one” for an occasion? Then this article is for you.

Throughout the year we have special occasions, be it mother’s day, father’s birthday, parent’s anniversary, or sister’s graduation day, and the only question we are stuck with are ‘what special gift should I give my loved ones to make them feel special?’

Gemstones are rare in nature and so they make a wonderful gift that will be cherished forever by th

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A new way to wholesale jewelry(2022)

When it comes to wholesaling, most people imagine the scene of merchants going to the wholesaling market alone a decade ago and bending over to pick out items one by one. By the early 2000s, the picture was again of people scrambling for supplies through online sites. But now, a new kind of wholesale is on the rise. That is wholesale price based on weight.
Why is this so popular?
Simply put, it's better for businesses. This wholesale approach not only makes the cost lower, but it also facilitates

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The Complete Guide of Fashionable Ring Size



The perfect ring size is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a ring. It is not only important for comfort but also in order to get the perfect look. You will find that many jewelers will offer a vast selection of rings, so it can be difficult to find the perfect size.

If you are having trouble finding your ring size, then this guide will help you out. We will show you how to find your perfect ring size and what tips we recommend for getting the best fit possible.

This ring

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Top 5 Sapphire Ring Ideas for September Born People

If spring is the new birth, summer is youth, then autumn is adulthood! September is the month when summer is closer to saying goodbye, and autumn is ready to step in with a lot of abundance. If you are a September born, then you are one of the luckiest babies blessed with many shades of sapphire. 

Sapphire is a September birthstone and a symbol of abundance. The invigorating hues of sapphire propose options for September babies to opt for their favorite color to wear. Out of every shade of sapphi

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Safety Playground Inspections

Safety Playgrounds are important places for children to learn how to be 안전놀이터. If your child is injured, the most important thing for you to do is remain calm. While mild injuries can be treated using first aid supplies, more serious injuries should be immediately treated by a medical professional or 911. Don't attempt to move an injured child yourself. Instead, ask another adult to watch your child until help arrives.


Inspection of playground equipment

Inspection of playground equipment is an im

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How to Maintain a Safe Playground

There are several different types of safety surfacing available to use on a 안전놀이터. Some of these surfacing materials are more shock absorbing than others. The HIC and G-max tests can be used to determine how much protection a surfacing material provides. The HIC tests are used to measure the depth of protective surfacing material. G-max measures how far the surfacing material will withstand an impact. The G-max tests can be used to determine how much a surface is likely to protect a person from

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Buy and Wear White Sapphire Ring & Feel the Glow

People who are in love generally like to express their feelings with something special. And the special thing is either a lovely dress or a piece of fine jewelry. Nothing can beat the charm of a handcrafted jewelry. Those who have money to spend make it a point to gift a stunning diamond ring to their beloved. Diamonds are costly and it can be afforded only by a few people. But there is nothing to worry about when you have white sapphire rings. This lovely stone gives you the feel of a diamond a

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Jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful way to show your love, commemorate an event, or simply make yourself feel good. Whether you're buying jewelry for yourself or someone else, it's important to know what you're getting into before you make the purchase. Here are some considerations that will help you get the best deal on Silver Jewellery Online Shopping.

Look for authenticity.

If you're going to buy silver jewelry online, it's important to make sure that the piece of jewelry is authentic. Many p

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Choose Sapphire Engagement Ring and be Unique


Sapphires are indeed alluring and it can easily make place in your hearts with its stunning hues. This lovely gemstone comes in a varied range of colors like blue, yellow, white, pink, brown and many more. You will be pleased to know that when it comes to creating engagement rings, sapphires are given a lot of preferences.


People like to buy blue sapphire engagement ring as this hue reflects the beauty of blue sky and ocean. Blue sapphire is quite tempting and it can attract people around you. An

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4 types of wedding rings



Rings are an essential part of jewelry as they are worn on many occasions. Whether for everyday use, formal events or any gorgeous parties, rings complement our looks without wearing any other jewelry.

Events like weddings are incomplete when a ring is absent. Rings are also referred to as bands because they look similar to those of a rubber band. Wedding Bands for Men are also available and worn now besides the women.

Although most of the wedding bands are of good quality, Mens wedding rings UK 

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Sapphires are astonishingly beautiful gemstones that have created a unique place in the hearts of people. It is undoubtedly one of the most desirable gems and second only to diamonds in hardness. One of the most prominent characteristics of this lovely gemstone is its color. Although the most popular sapphire used in jewelry making is the blue sapphire but others are also gaining in popularity. You will be pleased to know that loose sapphires actually come in many varieties of colors such as wh

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Necklaces come in an array of different lengths, and this can be confusing when you’re looking to buy gemstone beads necklaces. Take the time to consider your options before you make your purchase, and you’ll find it much easier to find what will work best for you! This guide to different necklace lengths should help you choose which length necklace are right for you, your clothing style, and your overall look.

Why It’s Important

Choosing a necklace length is more important than you might think. I

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Are you still in the hassle of matching your engagement ring with your wedding ring?

Find the perfect match by choosing a bridal rings set. The set features two rings in the same colour and style.


Explore our stunning designer collection of bridal sets Rings featuring dazzling diamond engagement rings and matching wedding rings.

Our Bridal rings sets fit well together when worn side by side.

AG & Sons also offer customized bridal set rings uk for the brides who want something special for their D- Da

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Over the past decades, the market has changed a lot for buyers and sellers. Buyers demand to give them something different whereas sellers try their level best to provide the best products and satisfy them with their services. While selling diamonds sellers have to be careful that they do not provide anything fake to the customers. It goes well in selling diamonds as it comes in two choices, customers can get confused when one is real and which is not. In many cases, they buy fake diamonds from

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Tips for Repairing Your Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love, dedication, and faithfulness. While these pieces of jewelry are pretty resilient, damage can occur over time or due to an accident. Knowing how to proceed when damage occurs can save you time and money.

Get Insurance Coverage

Prepare for possible issues by getting insurance coverage on the ring. Even if you bought the ring some time ago, you may still qualify for a plan now. Keep in mind that insurance might not cover every type of damage, so be sur

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Piercings help us express our individuality - many people choose to wear ear piercings because of the growing popularity and unique placement of these piercings. Daith earrings were created to give jewelry lovers a modern take on ear piercings, making them flattering for everyone. Here's everything you need to know about this popular ear piercing and how to design it.
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Viking rings are popular pieces of jewelry, but many people aren’t aware of the reasons why they would choose to wear one. In this article, we’ll be giving you seven great reasons to add a Viking ring to your collection or start your collection with one! You’ll want to read about these amazing jewelry pieces if you’re even slightly interested in Viking culture, or if you just like to wear really cool rings!


The Look

A viking ring is an accessory that goes with just about any outfit and adds a sp

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What exactly can a flex shaft motor do?

The flex shaft motor is essential. It’s almost impossible to think about making jewelry without a flex shaft,” says Travis. This “workhorse of a machine” can take the place of sandpaper, files, buffing materials, and other metalsmithing and metal finishing supplies–even polishing and lapidary machines.

560W 1/4"HP Jewelry Electric Flex Shaft Hanging Grinder 23000RPM Flex Shaft Motor Flexshaft Machine Jewelry Polishing Kit

Grinding (metal, stone, and wax): trim and remove metal from metal jewelry pieces; remove more metal faster than through subtler methods like sanding; grind away burs or nubs leftover fr

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