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1. Pandora Disney Collection -The Little Mermaid: This iconic necklace features The Little Mermaid and is perfect for any Disney fan. It comes with a sterling silver chain and a beautiful sterling silver pendant. The pendant features a stunning design with a detailed depiction of Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder. 2. Pandora Disney Collection Cinderella: This beautiful necklace is perfect for any princess. It features a sterling silver pendant with a detailed depiction of Cinderella and her castl

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4 of the World’s Rarest Fabrics and Why They’re Worth the Cost

If you are like most shoppers, your clothing choices in terms of fabric are mostly centered on cotton, polyester, hemp, bamboo, and their various blends. These common fabrics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the world of materials used by fashion designers and clothing brands. Rare fabrics are used by top design labels dedicated to high fashion, and they tend to cost more because of their exclusive nature. Let's take a

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What is Muslin? Is it a good fabric? Why should I include in my collection? 

If any of above question relates to you, then this is a must to read blog post for you. Being one of sustainable clothing manufacturer, we hugely recommend Muslin Fabric to our clients but quite often they're in double mind whether they should go with it or not. However, usually we make a sample or send a fabric swatch but that is not possible always. As a kidswear / newborn clothing line owner you might be thinking a fa

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Are you aware of the global fabric dealer population? Is there a report that has this information? I don't believe it is conceivable, since fabric vendors close their doors daily and new ones open. As a result of the size of this industry, SUNTECH intends to supply professional machinery, such as textile winding machines, that will enable an increasing number of fabric dealers to increase their work efficiency.


Fabric dealers are mostly in the retail industry, which means they mu

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Humans have always needed to transport and protect goods, so packaging, also known as packaging, has always existed in Italy. In Roman times, the best box packaging was terracotta jars, which were used to transport oil, wheat, wine, precious metals and other products throughout the Mediterranean. Nature itself has found ingenious ways to protect the most vulnerable things, such as eggshells, walnuts or shells.


The history of packaging has developed with the history of mankind. For centuries, it

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The traditional Pakistani suit is a must-have for a woman. It is a versatile garment that serves many purposes. It can be worn for a business meeting or a simple business gathering. Its cheap price tag makes it a perfect choice for any budget. They are also available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Beautiful embroidery and prints add to their appeal. The best part about wearing one of these suits is that it is a classic, timeless, and stylish ensemble.

In Pakistan, men typically we

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In reality, as we all know, we Italians are highly capable of complicated our lives. Our competence in emergency management is above average, but when we have to prevent, we still have numerous limitations We are all in a state of shock, disbelief, apprehension, and rage as of August 2018.


It is exactly because of the assumption I put up that our nation needs to pay a very high price in human life. The failure to take responsibility for events that have been thought to have minimal influence on

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Alike all other fabrics, Denim too has its own language and grammar. If you're planning to launch your own denim collection, this is very important that you know some of basics so that whenever you start your conversation with private label denim jeans manufacturer, you can have effective communication.  


The weight of knitted fabric (hosiery or also known as t-shirt fabric) is measured in gsm and weight of denim is measured in ounce. Ounce is usually abbreviated as ‘oz’ in writing. This unit (o

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