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4 of the World’s Rarest Fabrics and Why They’re Worth the Cost

If you are like most shoppers, your clothing choices in terms of fabric are mostly centered on cotton, polyester, hemp, bamboo, and their various blends. These common fabrics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the world of materials used by fashion designers and clothing brands. Rare fabrics are used by top design labels dedicated to high fashion, and they tend to cost more because of their exclusive nature. Let's take a

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Empire Waist Dresses Can Ramp up Your Look

In a rapidly changing world, fashion has become an indispensable part of our lives, there is always something new to look out for, from trendy crop tops to denim styles and how to pair different wholesale dresses. If you are also one of those people who love something classy, magnificent, yet very flattering on your body, then you will find that the place you visit today is quite valuable.

shestar wholesale v-neck sequins stitching gradient evening dress

There are a variety of empire waist dresses that complement your kind of shape. Whether your figure is pear,

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The Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes

Many hobby tailors start making clothes for their offspring. There are several reasons for this: the small selection in shops, individual gifts for friends and families with children and the small size of the clothes are just a few. Why you want to design clothes for babies is entirely up to you. To make it easier for you to get started, we have listed the best fabrics for baby clothing and all the information here.

The choice of fabrics can be overwhelming - where do I start? Check out this blog

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How to Use Womens Clothing to Dress up a Classy Look

It’s time for you to change up your personal style. You can add a little of sophistication and class to your everyday attire. Maybe you have changed a new job and need some new styles of classy wholesale womens clothing, perhaps you have moved to a new city, or maybe you just need to make changes to represent yourself. Do you want to know how to make the transition and how to dress up a classy look? I will take you step by step to understand the ins and outs of designing your own style with a mo

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When winter arrives, down jackets are indispensable in our children’s wardrobes. Wearing wholesale childrens down jackets can not only keep warm, but also give a sense of fashion. But do mothers know how to choose a down jacket for children? Let’s take a look.

  1. View the Fabrics of Children’s Down Jackets

    shestar wholesale kid unisex solid color hooded coatThe velvet content actually refers to the percentage of velvet filled in the down jacket, but it is not as high as possible. For children’s clothes, it should be better and safer. Mothers should de

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Wholesale Toddler Clothing

As we all know, toddler’s clothing gets dirty easily, due to they are learning to walk and need to change many sets of clothes at the end of the day. In this case, wholesale toddler clothing becomes necessary, which will give you a lot of conveniences. This time I will share the wholesale toddler clothing.


  1. Choose the Soft Clothing Fabrics


    Toddlers are in a developmental stage and are not very good at expressing, so the fabrics of the clothing are very important. Most of the clothes are made of cot

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How to Pick the Perfect Pajamas for Women

Do you know why most people put on comfortable wholesale pajamas as soon as they return home, instead of wearing their clothes when they go out? Today, we will talk about why we always prefer to wear pajamas when we stay at home and how can we pick the perfect pajamas that suit us.

Why Pajamas Are Essential in Our Daily Life


For some people, pajamas are not necessary at all as you can obviously make one from your old outfits, but that’s not completely right. Have you ever dreamt of purchasing the

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When and how you can walk with children on the road? Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users and this is doubly true of children. When a car hits a pedestrian at a speed of 30 km / h, an average of every 20 pedestrians dies; The encounter of a pedestrian with a car driving 60 km / h means almost certain death for him.


However, if a car collides with a child at any speed, it can always end tragically, at a speed of 30 km / h is already critical to the child. This is precisely why care must

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Pedestrians pay attention to what color you wear!

The time has come again when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Yesterday we moved our watch back an hour, but that means it's getting darker. This is particularly a threat to pedestrians. Also, when taken alongside the road in dark clothes. After all, up to three-quarters of pedestrians who die on the road are knocked down by drivers during reduced visibility. Therefore, reflective elements are more important than ever at this time. They make you visible on the road and can save yo

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Children loudly attract attention

A large poster with the inscription "Can you see me?" was held by the students of Ketzberg Primary School on Friday morning at the roadside. Dressed in bright yellow reflective vests, they pointed out to the car drivers who drove by their school to get off the accelerator. Supported by policeman and traffic educator Uli Schmidt on the megaphone called the about 50 children therefore loud "slower" and "down from the gas".


The primary school took part in the action "See me" with the students of th

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Major Catwalk trends for Fall Winter 2019-20

Trend-stop gives readers of Fashion-united an early taste of the most important clothing, accessory and shoe influences for Fall Winter 2019-20 woman's fashion.


The Trend-stop team offers readers of Fashion-united an exclusive look at three essential catwalk themes that influence woman's fashion for Fall Winter 2019-20. High-quality luxury finishes and thoughtful details are the characteristics of the season, whereby earlier casual styles are exalted and refined. Performance elements are an impo

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Santini provides a visible Trek-Segafredo

Visibility is very important for cyclists, Santini pays special attention to it. With the Trek-Segafredo clothing team, they emphasize the importance of visibility.


The Italian brand has designed a fluorescent training outfit for Trek's riders and according to the clothing sponsor, visibility increases by 300%. The safety of the cyclist is not only important for Santini but also for Trek-Segafredo this has always been an important focus. The fluorescent material shines through ultraviolet rays a

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The pedestrians arrived

The number of pedestrian accidents has risen. They do not wear reflective vests.


In recent weeks, police have reported several traffic accidents involving pedestrians. In Klatovy, such an accident even made men a life. Many pedestrians still do not realize that they are obliged to use different reflective materials in low visibility when they are in places where there is no illumination. Especially outside the village.


"If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or

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Are you up for attending a beach wedding? Well, great! You can find a wide assortment of dresses which make them the perfect choice for attending those weddings. You can opt for suits for attending beach weddings in India. Long gone are the days when the trends for men's fashion used to be limited. Here is a list of beach wedding dresses in India.

Open buttoned -up shirts

 If you are planning to attend beach wedding during the summer season, you need to find the right clothes so that you do not en

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Pear shaped bodies are defined by wider and more pronounced lower body including waist, hips and some part of thighs too. The upper body is generally less pronounced and proportionately slimmer than the lower body. This combination makes it difficult to choose the ideal clothes to wear on parties as the clothes with such proportions are hard to find. The dresses with wide waist have a wide upper part too that will not look nice on your less pronounced upper body while the dresses with slim upper

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Banarasi Silk is produced primarily in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and is one of the finest forms of silk in the country. It was brought to India but the Mughals and since then has been adopted to suit the style sensibilities of India as a whole. The intricacy of the weave, the luxurious aesthetics and the heaviness of the saree are only few of the many reasons why this saree is so popular throughout the globe.
Teal Green and Dark Blue Art Banarasi Silk SareeOne of the characteristic features of Banarasi silk sarees is the heavy usage of Persian

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Kanjivaram silk is one of the most widely known silk sarees in India and is native to the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. Also known as Kanchipuram, it is almost synonymous with the gamut of South Indian sarees because of its unmatched popularity. What distinguishes this type of saree from all the other types is the sheen of the fabric and its high durability. Its durability is enhanced by its richness and fine finish.
Light Aqua and Neon Green Art Kanchipuram Silk SareeInterestingly, the indigenous weaving community whose mainstay is the pro

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The half and half saree is one of the most exciting innovations in ethnic fashion. It is essentially a designer invention which combines two contrasting sarees in one single garment. Half and half saree designs focus on blending the two fabrics in a harmonious and balanced fashion. At the same time, the whole point of the new half saree design is to create an interesting visual contrast that lights up the over-all look and flatters the wearer. This funky style is highly in demand for special occ

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The Natural Look with Faux Fabrics

Known to most people as ‘artificial’, faux is actually a French word for the same. This can refer to fabrics as well as all other materials like metals or stones and more. The concept of using faux materials came about in a big way in the late 20th century and since then has become a very big deal in the fashion industry. The whole premise of faux is that it imitates the look of its authentic counterpart but is much cheaper to produce.
Beige Faux Georgette Anarkali Churidar KameezEmerging initially in the early 1900s as a way to curb the c

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Traditional Tant Saress

Originating in West Bengal, Tant sarees are one of the most traditional sarees in the country. It is made from cotton fibers and is light weighted and has a slight translucent quality about it. The manufacturing of Tant sarees is spread across the state and even permeates into the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. One of the biggest selling points of this saree is its affordability. Therefore, it is a preferred garment for daily wear among the working segment of West Bengal.
Dark Blue Cotton Tant SareeThe Tant saree was

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