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The law strictly regulates the issue of mandatory equipment of the car. It mainly includes a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in unpleasant consequences in the form of a fine of up to PLN 500. There are also several additional items that, although not legally required, are always worth having on hand. What are we talking about?


Regardless of the situation, there should always be a fire extinguisher and warning triangle in our car, becaus

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Without a reflex, a motorist has two seconds to see you when the speed is 50 km / h.


Now it is important to put reflexes in different jacket pockets so you are always ready to light up in a dark season: That the driver has 10 seconds instead of 2 to react can be the difference between life and death.


Without reflex, you will first be discovered on a 25-30 meter hold. With reflective tape, you are visible at 140 meters distance, even if the car only has a low beam on. High beam visibility increas

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Safety measures and their compensation

As stated when workers are using a motorcycle or motorcycle within the meaning of Article 2 of the Traffic Code (Law 2696/1999), owned, owned or held by the employer for the transport or distribution of products and objects, the employer shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the vehicles are suitably adapted and maintained in order to ensure their safety and health.


Also, the employer supplies with appropriate protective equipment workers using a motorcycle or motorcycle, ownership, p

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Children loudly attract attention

A large poster with the inscription "Can you see me?" was held by the students of Ketzberg Primary School on Friday morning at the roadside. Dressed in bright yellow reflective vests, they pointed out to the car drivers who drove by their school to get off the accelerator. Supported by policeman and traffic educator Uli Schmidt on the megaphone called the about 50 children therefore loud "slower" and "down from the gas".


The primary school took part in the action "See me" with the students of th

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With the October Decree, drivers have no obligation to drive bulbs or fuses in their car, and the contents of the first-aid kit have changed. Almost no one has noticed, however, that a reflective vest is missing in the mandatory equipment. The ministry tried to simplify the decree and go through the Austrians. However, experts point out complications in interpreting the law.


The Ministry of Transport has simplified the technical equipment of the car. Decree No. 208/2018 Coll. Came into effect wi

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In the last two years, many cities in Spain are registering an increasing number of users of electric scooters and bicycles. In the same way, a growing number of people are betting on a healthier life by exercising regularly, which translates into public roads increasingly populated by cyclists, runners, and users traveling with electric scooters and e-Bikes. The problem? There are still many cars in circulation, with the danger that this entails for these new users.


The Top Visibility CT-BB007

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Overview of the safety vest requirement

Since 1 July, a safety vest must also be carried in Germany.  According to this new requirement, only one safety vest per vehicle must be available to the driver. However, it is recommended that experts ideally carry a safety vest for each occupant.


Especially private car owners affected by the new regulation. For commercial vehicles, it was already long. The basis for commercially used vehicles in the accident prevention regulation BGV D29 "Vehicles" of the employers' liability insurance associ

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Fog is expected in Tatarstan at night

It became known that at night and in the morning on Monday, fog is expected in Tatarstan as a whole and in Kazan in particular. In addition, there will be ice on the roads of the republic. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Tatarstan warns residents of the region about such weather conditions.


The ministry asks drivers to avoid sudden braking, use a high visibility reflective vest at stops and, if possible, completely refuse to travel over long distances. Pedestrians should cross the street

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The police appeal to motorcyclists

The days are getting warmer - the spring is fast approaching, and thus the fans of the two wheels are already planning closer or further routes on their two-wheelers. The police are appealing to remember the safety of themselves and others.


Spring is a long-awaited period for lovers of two-wheelers because, with the spring aura, the motorcycle season begins. It should be remembered that many factors influence the safety of the rider. Damage to the asphalt, to the sand on the road and increased t

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Yellow vests in Poland?

"In a week, some employees of the Lublin Voivodship Office will wear a yellow safety vest with the inscription" Decent work, quite alms ". And they will perform their official duties in them, gives the Wednesday "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna".


Professionals are leaving the administration for private companies that offer them much better remuneration.


We read in the journal. A good situation on the labor market increases the number of vacancies in government institutions, today there are over half a th

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Every second Saturday of the month, up to 20 children meet on environmental and sustainability issues. As plastic detectives in the supermarket, they can teach adults something else.


Frankfurt - One wears a fluffy white and black panda bear hat, the other a blue knit hat. Matt (8) and Levant (7) are experienced and really "old hands". In front of 18 other children between the ages of six and ten, they put on a small reflective vest on the playground at Plagiarizer and are also the first reflecti

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The Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, supported the actions of Carabineros in the face of the latest controversies over allegedly unjustified inspections of cyclists in the framework of the new Road Coexistence Law.


"I want to fully support the management of Carabineros." Carabineros has arguments and all those who receive a violation of any kind have the opportunity, if we have arguments in our defense, to present them to the local police judge, "the secretary of state said.


This after this W

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A great opportunity for those who enjoy sports in the family and outdoors. This Sunday, from 9 o'clock, the seventh version of the Atahualpa bicycle will be held, an activity organized by the Cycling Club in Atahualpa Route and supported by the municipality of Atahualpa through its Colored.


On the Facebook page of Atahualpa Cycling Road, attendees will find a form where they can register, and those who are registered can participate in several raffles that will be done once the circuit is over.


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The reflective vest, handcuffs and uniform of a Lin Caleb policeman were recovered by the security forces of our city during a raid yesterday in a house in Ares Arroyos.


According to the official information, the house search was carried out in a house on Aventine Nottingham in 1500, in the context of a case involving "motor vehicle theft", where garments were seized that would serve to identify the perpetrator of the crime. motivated the procedure instructed by the UFI Nª16, in charge of the pr

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Reflective jackets can save lives for drivers

Maybe you were passing through Kremlin behind Ostrava, and you noticed the police patrols that stopped some of the vehicles. The men of the law focused on visibility. This time not pedestrians, but drivers or their co-drivers. The reflective vest does not fit into the mandatory equipment of the vehicle, but the driver must have it if it gets into trouble.


In autumn and winter, the number of pedestrian traffic accidents increases regularly. The reason is, of course, reduced visibility, much earli

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Nobody comes in, no one comes out. 350 policemen on the war foot tonight at Feluy. The governor of the province Tommy had promised the great means. Fifty yellow vests who wear reflective materials have still made the trip to show their support in a peaceful way.


Fifty yellow vests made the trip Thursday night at Feluy. They had to stop in front of the container yard, not far from a first roundabout blocked by the police. According to our information, these have left the place and it seems that t

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"I am learning safety"

First-year students participated in the conference as part of the real-time “I Learn to Safety” education program at the Provincial Police Headquarters.


On Friday, October 26, the first class began on the topic of "Safety on the way to school." This is the first of five planned safety education fields. Police Marcie and Prevention Joanna discussed the principles of road safety with children. The meeting discussed road safety specifications. The two-handed student reminded the parents of the seat

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Tips for a safe way to school

The summer holidays are almost over. Next Monday, the schools in Schleswig-Holstein will reopen their gates and the first-year enrollment ceremonies take place.


The municipalities, the schools, the traffic guard and the police are also available this year to help parents:


Tips for a safe way to school:


Inform yourself at your school about the "school way plan", the recommends safe ways to school. Choose this safe way even if this requires a detour. If possible, accompany the way to school with y

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A visibility kit for a safer road together

On the occasion of the transition to winter time, France Bleu Loire Ocean, AGEA, organize a prevention campaign for pedestrians and cyclists.


The transition to winter time is synonymous with a significant increase in the number of road accident victims, particularly among the most vulnerable, pedestrians and cyclists. Indeed, the night falling an hour earlier, pedestrians and cyclists are less visible because of this lack of brightness.


A visibility kit for a safer road together!


AGEA and France

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Vests help avoid motorcycle crime

In a survey, on more than a thousand cases, 70 percent of the people of Mar del Plata considered that the use of the reflective vest can suppress the crimes.


An opinion poll held that the use of reflective vest which made of reflective fabric on motorcyclists can help in issues of insecurity.


The use of vests with a patent helps to avoid motorcycle crimes, according to a survey carried out by the Vial de la, the chamber that brings together the companies that produce road software.


The same was

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