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Basically, thermal wear is the best type of clothing over others. Even during the winter season, people need to wear protective clothing right? At that time the right solution is choosing warm thermal inner-wear. The layer of inner wear is coms under protective properties so it is safe to wear in the winter season. It does not matter about the outer layer of clothing and the thermal wear is worn inside the clothing. Thermal is available for both men and women and also you can purchase this at ev

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The State Agency for Infrastructure Projects has not yet procured reflective vests for students in grades 1-4, which Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman previously publicly announced.


As Ukrinfraproekt responded to an information request from Ukrainian News, in 2019, 1.72 million students should be provided with vests.


"After the Ukrinfraproekt procedure for the purchase of reflective elements based on technical documentation provided by the program executors, vests will be transferred to the progr

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Croatia is one of the seaside destinations among Czech tourists, with almost half of them traveling to the Adriatic with their car. As far as you are concerned, note - Croatia is tightening traffic regulations this year. When is the perfect time to go on a holiday to the Adriatic and where to go?




Every year most Czechs go on holiday to the sea to Croatia. This year it is expected that the current record of about 850 thousand visitors to the Adriatic will be exceeded. Almost half of

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Lifelong Westfield in partnership with the Town of Westfield and the Westfield Police Department will present a "Walking Safety Presentation & Walk in The Park" on Friday, Oct. 25, at 10 a.m. at the Gazebo at Mindowaskin Park.


Mayor Shelley Brindle, Police Chief Chris Battiloro and representatives of Lifelong Westfield will kick-off this new safety initiative for seniors.


The Westfield Police Department will provide participants with tips on walking safely and the benefits of wearing safety vest

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A children's park located in Jung-gu, Seoul at 3 pm on the 6th. Two people in their 60's wearing fluorescent safety vests that read "Seoul Regional Police Agency School Assistant" were quietly sitting on the bench. They often looked at cell phones or stared in the air. A, who met with the reporter (anonymous at the request of the party), said, "We started because we could get about 400,000 won if we worked for full time." "If there is a student who assaults or smokes, he returns home." He said.

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To help reduce the number of fatal crashes in Michigan, the Michigan Department of Transportation north region is handing out range neon safety vests to pedestrians.


It's an idea that supports the statewide initiative, Toward Zero Deaths.


MDOT reached out to Grand Traverse Metro Fire to help with handing out the vests.


"A lot of people use the sidewalks when they are available in the summertime, but as you know with the snow... sidewalks easily get plowed over so people resort to the easiest pat

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Drivers underestimate vision problems

In particular, autumn and November are at times of poor visibility on the roads. It is still dark in the morning, frequent fogs and it is getting dark early, the pedestrians and the cars themselves are difficult to see. The greater the role of drivers' eyesight. However, the latest project of Besip showed that this is an underestimated matter.


Over 44 percent of drivers sit behind the wheel, even though they have poor visual acuity, ie they have either poor eyesight, poor glasses or bad contact

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Safety vests for school beginners pass

The most frequent reason for the accident: children do not pay attention to traffic, they suddenly cross the street and are often seen too late by the driver. To make schoolchildren more visible to other road users on their way to school, the AOK Directorate Amberg equips all first graders of the Rupert Egenberger School with reflective safety throws.


"Children are among the weakest of all road users, they are particularly vulnerable and we want to make our contribution to a safe and accident-fr

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Sparkling in the dark

Bell on it? Will the brake pack? Does the light work? The district police authority Höxter dedicated to the proper condition of bicycle and eBike on Monday, June 3, at the nationwide action day "Bicycle and Pedelec". In the whole county officials of the district service and the transport service, Höxter had special attention to the two-wheeler.


In the day, 29 bicycles and five pedelecs were inspected, five warrants were pronounced and control notes handed out. Means: A defect in the bike must be

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Experts warn: Old reflexes provide false security

"I didn't realize this. That's good you say, this I will take up with the management in the kindergarten," says Anders Graff Kleven (31).


The kindergarten teacher is on a trip in the Iladalen in Oslo with a bunch of children from the Children's House kindergarten. All children are well visible in their yellow reflective vests, and the use of reflex is a theme in the kindergarten.


"We talk to the children about reflex and how important it is to be visible in traffic," says Kleven.


Should be chang

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Leading and implementing projects is one of the ways to get and work for the public, to come up with original ideas and a creative approach, to show how interested we are in giving the best of ourselves. It is like a challenge, how much we can accomplish, how much is inconceivable. So, we in the rural weasel, we follow the innovations and seize the opportunities, we educate to offer our children the most up-to-date and modern!


From spring onwards, our institution has been busy preparing for the

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New Franklin man pedals coast to coast

Bicycling across the country has been a childhood dream for Clarence Bechter, who will be 68 years old July 25. The New Franklin man was finally able to cross that item off his bucket list this spring as he bicycled from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in 52 days.


Bechter said he has enjoyed bicycling for decades but has more time for it since retiring 10 years ago as a lumber buyer for Graves Lumber in Copley.


He said his cross country bicycle adventure, arranged through Bubba's Pampere

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What equipment is required in some countries?

The so-called mandatory equipment is a set of things that every motorist must have in his car. Usually, it is mainly related to security, to mobility, but also to its visibility. Most drivers know what to have in our cars in the Czech Republic. We learn it in driving schools, we often read about it in different articles, and so problems rarely occur. The worse it may be abroad. Here, many drivers are unclear about what they have to have in the car. If you're planning to travel across borders, ch

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Mandatory vests: solution or encumbrance

"The motorcyclists in Tucumán do not wear helmets, they exceed 40 kilometers per hour allowed, they cross lanes, they pass in red. They do not respect the law, "said Juan Masaguer, head of the Training and Emergency Training Center of Siprosa. And those characteristics given by the expert in emergent logs are supported by numbers: in the province one person dies per day in a motorcycle accident and of the 55,000 exits of the ambulances of 107, in 60% is a motorcycle involved That is why added th

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The famous ski jumper "shines an example"

Adam Malysz has been supporting all police activities for many years to improve safety. It is no different this year. The master from the Vistula himself sees a great need to improve safety among pedestrian road users.


The athlete during the action with the Cieszyn roadster always mentions how, returning from the competition, he nearly hit a man who walked along the side and was completely invisible. As a driver, he has always been paying attention to pedestrians, especially those who are poorly

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"School in sight. Kids in view", This is the motto of this year's security campaign for first graders of the ADAC Foundation, in which more than 36,000 from West Germany 760,000 - safety vests are distributed to first graders in Saxony.


Thanks to the support of the ADAC Schleswig-Holstein in the most northerly federal state, more than 22,000 safety vests - nationwide there are more than 760,000 will be distributed to the new schoolchildren in the coming days.


As a prelude, Saxony's Minister of

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Overview of the safety vest requirement

Since 1 July, a safety vest must also be carried in Germany.  According to this new requirement, only one safety vest per vehicle must be available to the driver. However, it is recommended that experts ideally carry a safety vest for each occupant.


Especially private car owners affected by the new regulation. For commercial vehicles, it was already long. The basis for commercially used vehicles in the accident prevention regulation BGV D29 "Vehicles" of the employers' liability insurance associ

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On Tuesday, the Kaluga Legislative Assembly held a meeting of the working group on improving legislation in order to prevent accidents involving children. Participants in the meeting are going to seek changes in federal legislation in order to oblige all parents to place reflective elements or reflective vests on children's outer clothing.


The relevant initiative will prepare Kaluga deputies. It is planned to consider it at the next session of the regional parliament.


"Such measures will require

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They want to make construction safer with certified safety clothes that not only reflect but also shine themselves. But the yellow jacket movement can also benefit from their innovative jackets according to Philippe Versteeg of Smart2safe.


What is innovative about a reflective jacket?

"Our safety vests not only reflect, but they also fluoresce and phosphorescence. They offer safety on three levels."


"It is a complex physics story about the phenomenon of photoluminescence, but it comes down to the

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A reflector can save a life!

The group created to inform about the situation on Stargard roads, traffic jams, accidents, police patrols. For a long time now, he has been conducting preventive activities promoting safe behavior on the road, both for drivers and pedestrians. Our editorial team took patronage over the action "Reflection action - be visible!" promoting the wearing of reflective vests by pedestrians. First, there were lectures for children and giving out reflections. Now a short but eloquent movie was made. We i

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