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Are you passionate about beauty and interested in starting your own cosmetology business? Whether you're a makeup artist, hair stylist, or skincare expert, venturing into the world of cosmetology entrepreneurship can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key steps to successfully launch and grow your cosmetology business.


Define Your Niche
The first step in starting a cosmetology business is to define your niche. Consider your expertise and int

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Hello friends!

Today we're talking about achieving a natural, glowing makeup look. This type of makeup is perfect for everyday wear and can help you look fresh and radiant without appearing too made up.

I'm excited to share my top 10 tips for achieving this look. Let's get started!


Tip #1: Use A Moisturizing Foundation

Regarding foundation, it's important to choose a formula that hydrates and nourishes your skin rather than dries it out. A moisturizing foundation will give you a healthy, radiant ba

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Magnetic eyelashes are a great way to get full, thick lashes without the hassle of glues, adhesives and putting on false eyelashes. Magnetic lashes are reusable and come in different styles, so you can choose the type that works best for you. However, there is one thing that you should know before wearing them on top of your eyelash extensions: they can fall off easily!


What is Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are a new way to apply false eyelashes. They are not your average strip of falsies—they

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Latest Makeup Tips for Celebrity Looks

Looking at celebrities and their stunning make-up looks makes every fashionista crave that makeover. If you are looking to nail a glowing celebrity look for your everyday meetings or upcoming occasions, the magic lies in your hands and of course in your makeup bag as well. Here are some of the insider hacks and best makeup tips to get a celebrity makeup look at home.

Smokey Eyes


  • Begin by applying a mid-tone eyeshadow all over your lid. Opt for browns, or greys to form a subtle smokey base.
  • Now appl
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Perfect skin is in very much demand. And we all know that in this world very rear persons are there with a perfect skin tone. But don’t worry this imperfect and incompleteness can be perfect and complete with the help of makeup. Yes, you are correct I am talking about Concealer. The concealer brush is a brush through which makeup artist uses concealer to make your skin look flawless and can make you perfect and complete. 


But to know its right usage we have to know how to use this brush to do thi

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8 Simple & Easy Eyeliner Application Tips

When it comes to eye makeup, eyeliner is the most popular product that is applied by most women who know about makeup. To apply eyeliner skillfully, you need to be patience and practice.


Here are some simple Eyeliner Application Tips:

  1. You should always begin with your upper eyelid. Lightly pull the eyelid taut and draw a straight line as close to your lashes as possible. Whether you want to line your upper eyelashes or both upper and lower eyelashes, it is up to you.
  2. For a more dramatic look, you
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Beautiful skin is something which we all wish to have. Flawless skin is the first step headed for perfect makeup. Skin plays an important role in our life as it determines how we look and feel. What we eat directly reflects on our faces. So make sure you make healthy choices for your bodies and skin. Healthy flawless skin can be achieved through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy mental attitude.


If you feel beautiful from the inside, you look beautiful from the outside. So make sure

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Get Beautiful & Smooth Lips

Bold beautiful lips add to the beauty of your face. We all know soft, smooth, rosy lips can catch anyone’s attention. So we need to protect our lips from weather damage and dryness. Exfoliating lips is the essential and basic step to keep your lips smooth. Remember the base the most for creating a smooth canvas. After exfoliating, apply lip balm, chapstick, or Vaseline on your lips.


For a fresh-looking face, apply lip gloss and add some color to your beautiful lips. Make sure the shade you choos

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Lips are the first thing most people notice about us when we communicate with them. Soft, supple lips can enhance your looks. A majority of women use lip liners and lipsticks to get beautiful, fuller lips. But, no lip makeup will look great on you if you don’t have a smooth base for the same. Lip makeup will never look good on dry, flaky lips. Check out a few tips and tricks on how to get soft, supple lips:


  1. You must exfoliate your lips with a soft baby brush to remove any dead skin from the lips
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4 Best Tips to Look Bright & Fresh Naturally

We all want to look beautiful and have a gorgeous skin. A lot of women use makeup to look beautiful, while there are others who chooses various ways to enhance their natural beauty. A lot of women go to the extremes of getting done plastic surgeries to get beautiful looking face. However, when it comes to looking beautiful, natural ingredients and treatments are the safest bet. Here are few tips on how to look beautiful naturally:


  1. You should always follow a healthy well balanced diet to get beaut
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How to Use Womens Clothing to Dress up a Classy Look

It’s time for you to change up your personal style. You can add a little of sophistication and class to your everyday attire. Maybe you have changed a new job and need some new styles of classy wholesale womens clothing, perhaps you have moved to a new city, or maybe you just need to make changes to represent yourself. Do you want to know how to make the transition and how to dress up a classy look? I will take you step by step to understand the ins and outs of designing your own style with a mo

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Top 7 Tips To Follow for Bridal Makeup!

A wedding is the most important and special day in every girl’s life. Every element of the wedding would be a result of months of research and planning. Makeup is an integral part of deciding how you look on the big day.


Other than choosing the best bridal makeup artist, here are a few things to keep in mind to ace your bridal makeup!


  1. Go for a trial


Makeup trial important to decide what makeup to go with your outfit, theme, etc. It also helps in getting to know the stylist. This is when the makeu

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In addition to the little black dresses and little white dresses, little wholesale red dresses will be your new favorite go-to for day and night. Although timeless colors like black and white can always have its special place in our wardrobes for an easy matching combo with other fashion items, such as footwear or accessories, the color of red may be a bold fashion statement and can keep you confident. In fact, it’s also quite the versatile color when it comes to dresses, so you can take the opp

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Who doesn't want their skin to be naturally glowing? Who doesn't want healthy glowing skin, without applying numerous chemicals? There are always natural beauty tips you can trust blindly. In our latest edition of I Knock Fashion natural beauty tips and best hair care tips, we're sharing natural beauty tips and tricks for your skin and hair. There is no altering in the fact that sometimes we lack out of time to apply our usual regimen. In these cases, you can rely on fast natural beauty tips tha

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To look beautiful is every woman’s dream. They just want to look beautiful anyhow. So, in a beautiful process, eyelashes are also an important part. They do spend a lot on making them eye-catchy. So, you must know the difference between Mink versus Synthetic lashes.

Mink Lashes Are Natural:

Most of the women choose sheer quality mink lashes even though they are a bit expensive as well. They are known for providing natural-looking eyelashes. So, if you want to have a natural look and long-lasting e

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Before you try on any great makeup you need to take care of your canvas. The skin is the largest organ of your body. It also seems to require tons of maintenance. Many health professionals talk about how much your skin serves as a reflection of what’s going on internally. Granted, genetics play a huge role in the way your skin behaves. However, there are things you can do in order to make your skin glow. The right face mask is a perfect addition to your skincare regimen. Consider the following a

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How to find the best bridal makeup artist?

Are you ready to start choosing between a nude or red lip? Not so fast! First, you have got to find the best wedding makeup artist to transform you into a blushing bride you’ve always wanted to be. But finding a makeup artist is so easy. Many women have no idea where to start their hunt. Fortunately, we have created a list of essential tips that you use to find your perfect makeup artist who can give you the look you want.


Here are the tips on how to find your wedding makeup artist:

Where to start

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Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

Having a step by step makeup tutorial that you can use for applying your makeup every day is a great way to be more creative with your makeup. There are so many different brands, colors and types of makeup out there it can be hard to determine what type will look best on you. Plus, the price range for these products makes it difficult to choose just one or two that you really like.

You can find a tutorial online, in magazines, or even on television that will show you how to apply makeup. The beau

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