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In addition to the little black dresses and little white dresses, little wholesale red dresses will be your new favorite go-to for day and night. Although timeless colors like black and white can always have its special place in our wardrobes for an easy matching combo with other fashion items, such as footwear or accessories, the color of red may be a bold fashion statement and can keep you confident. In fact, it’s also quite the versatile color when it comes to dresses, so you can take the opp

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Do you love the magnificence of diamonds? It is very common to choose a white diamond ring for dear ones. However, to make a unique choice, you may prefer black diamonds. The natural beauty of the diamond adds a spectacular look to any jewelry. Whether you buy bracelets, necklaces, or rings, you may beautify them with black, shining diamond stones.

Where would you find the best diamonds? You have reached the right place to buy high-quality diamonds. Our real diamonds have a stunning look, and you

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The engagement ring marks the beginning of the great adventure that is a wedding, where the preparations begin just when the ring is chosen. However, this choice can become quite an odyssey, in front of the search to have the perfect piece, since there is an endless possibility, given this the best way to choose, is to get the best information possible, that's why in this blog we will tell you about the most used types.

Lonely Elegant and discreet, They are composed of a ring made of precious met

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8844186297?profile=originalSummer is slowly on its way and what higher time to exchange your appearance? Start with a new hairstyle. Hair is a defining function for a lot of us and dealing

with the summer time heat can be a total bummer. "When the climate warms up, all people wants to chop their hair off and work with their natural texture," says Siobhan Quinlan, Creative Director of Art Autonomy Salon. "I tend to stray far from over-styled and weighted hairstyles because lighter hair is manner greater cushy for the summer

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Many completely new procedures have came up in relation to the developing of the die cutting box in the packing market. This is as a result of the point that present day needs are becoming complex while time is passing by.

The packing market is usually adapting to switch its techniques matching to the switching objectives of its progressively requiring customers. There are many industrially adopted methods to reinforce the particular work productivity of modern-day product packaging facilities.


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When looking for a diamond, experts tell potential buyers to consider the 4 Cs: cut, carat, color and clarity. These criteria remain true when you considering a colored diamond, also known as a fancy diamond, though the stress on each attribute is different.

In a white, colorless diamond the emphasis is on its lack of color and its clarity. With a fancy diamond, the depth of the color is more important than the clarity. The diamond can stand to have a tiny flaw as long as its color is deep and ri

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How to Select Best Cushion Cut Diamond

If you are in the market for a diamond ring, one of the most important decisions you have to make is about the shape. While all diamonds are beautiful, there are those cuts that have the edge over the rest and the cushion cut is among these. It is oldest cuts in existence having been around since the 1700s when it was called the old mine cut. The popular rounded “pillow” cut is rectangular hand has rounded sides and corners which give it the appearance of a pillow. Some of its characteristics fe

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Graphic Designing & Photoshop Editing


Clipping Path & Photo Cut Out Service

Smp clipping path is a seaward illustrations outline and picture altering house where you can get help for your organizations with long haul relationship at moderate expense. We tout of an expert group capable industry specialists who are talented enough to deal with each task professionally and perfectly.100%fulfilled quality.

8843851300?profile=originalPhoto Manipulation Service

We use new methodsand advanced technology to ensure that your photos are improved on and their general quali

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  • The article is the best guide for choosing the perfect diamond earrings for every hairstyle


The face is the main thing that a spectator’s eyes are attracted to. It is subsequently essential to guarantee that you benefit as much as possible from it and make his/her gaze subtly attracted to your face from the very first time. The way you look is affected enormously by your face as well as by your haircut and diamond earrings that you are wearing as they control the surrounding of the face. Diamon

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Glamor.. Style.. Fashion… something that changes very frequently. Gone were those days when people wear the same kind of dresses everywhere and at every age. Time has changed a lot and so does people!

From career to lifestyle, habits to fashion sense, everything involves a new definition. Leather pants, long skirts and loose tops are now the things of past days!

Whether you are going to a college or a mother of two, you can still rock and turn every head around you, in no minutes!

No matter what th

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Global Beauty Masters Competition

Global Beauty Masters is a competition and reality show that unites styling professionals from around the world, and is reported to be the most extreme hair, make-up, and nail art competition of all time! Top International stylists meet in Las Vegas to try and win the title – and in a separate competition beauty school teams compete to achieve the Student Global Beauty Masters award.

The Programme

Global%20Beauty%20Masters.jpg The programme airs multiple times with additional repeats – the expandi

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Shop for Everyday Maxi Cardigan Front Pockets and Full Length Sleeves Online - $44 - on

Maxi Cardigan

Cozy button-down everyday cardigan from Caralase. In a seriously soft knit cut long and in a flattering silhouette; finished with front pockets and full-length sleeves.

Size + Fit: Small (0-4), Medium (6-8), Large (10-12), X-Large (14-16). Model is wearing a size Small + 5'6". 

Shop for Black Everyday Maxi Cardigan Front Pockets and Full Length Sleeves Online - $44 - on

Black Maxi Cardigan

Cozy button-down everyday cardigan from Caralase. In a seriously so

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Buy Now Striped Half Sleeve Dress Online $34


Better-than-basic half sleeve dress in a comfortable stretch fabric and an allover striped print, cut over the knee.  Finished with a scoop neckline, form fitting silhouette.


Size + Fit: Small (0-4), Medium (6-8), Large (10-12), X-Large (14-16). Model is wearing a size Small + 5'7". 

Rayon, Spandex. USA.


White Half Sleeve Dress

Better-than-basic half sleeve dress in a comfortable stretch fabric and an allover striped prin

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Fabulous Varieties of Party Wear Lehenga

India has a wide variety of gorgeous ensembles that women love to wear for traditional occasions like weddings, festivals and ceremonies. However, today these traditional garments are available in huge range of designer avatars which make them a great choice for parties and all formal celebrations.

Net Lehenga

This is one of the most popular fabrics used to make party wear lehenga. It is preferred for its elegant, feminine and beautiful look. This type of fabric when detailed with dazzling se

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Help for the emerging designers, brands and fashion start ups is here!

Full production from sketch to full runs and everything in between.      

Sewport - check out the website!

We do minimums. Fast + Reliable + Affordable. 

From sketch to full runs and everything in between!

SEWPORT helps the fashion industry with production capabilities. We make sure designers and brands don’t get held back because of lack of machinery and labour to produce clothes.

SEWPORT Ltd was created to help British fashion de

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Planning for a haircut soon? That’s surely one of the best ways to give yourself a new look. But if you think you can do the haircut yourself, think again. It’s not at all that easy a task. And you will surely need the services of the professionals to complete it. So, it is almost mandatory that you will have to go to the hair salon to get your hair done in the best possible way.

But how will you choose the best salon for the purpose?

One of the easiest ways is to look for a salon that offers exce

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Welcome to Melissa's Spring Garden – “We Are Flowers.”
Held on the 29th floor of Hotel Indigo (HongKong) decorated with some unique and colorful blooms by a professional floral designer in every corner, Melissa Spring/Summer 2014 Press Presentation had been turned into a perfect little getaway where the guests could enjoy a delightful and relaxing afternoon tea, and even make their own flower arrangement while imagining themselves being a floral fairy surrounded by Melissa's flowery and beautifu

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Merry Kisses!

  Hi loyal Readers! My apologies for the delay in style posts. Honestly, its been super cold (to me) here and I've been in snow boots for weeks now. Cute for a day or two, no more.... 
Happy Holiday's and Merry Christmas to those that celebrate either/or.
Until next time!
Coat - Laundry by Shelli Segal (sold out but similar here and here)
Leggings - Mossimo Supply Co. (Target)
Two finger chain ring - H&M (Sold out. Similar here)
Necklace - Vintage
Cable knit turtleneck - Eddie
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Pixie Mama!

There's been an onslaught of women cutting their hair to a pixie, (myself included if you haven't noticed). So I thought I'd go back to the first pixie I remember seeing. Audrey! And it was so good on her. 
Also thought it would be interesting to turn back time & review the pixies through the years. Enjoy!
60's Pixie - Twiggy
 Ma-donn-a! 80's represent!
The cut the changed everything, circa 1990's Linda Evangelista.
 2000's Halle Berry
One of the few other people who actually looks better with short h
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No matter what diamond wholesale you are about to choose, diamond cost depends on 4 basic characteristics, which are now referred to as 4 C’s – color and clarity, cut and carat. All these elements determine the value of the stone. Let’s find out more about these characteristics.8843152664?profile=original

#1 Carat Weight

The word carat comes from the carob tree pod seed that grows in tropical climates. A carat is subdivided into 100 points, and when a diamond measuring is 75 points, it is ¾ carats in weight. Five carats is

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