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Floral Dresses for Women Make You Full of Vitality

Floral dresses bring more vitality and color to the dull fall, and define autumn dresses the best way. We are completely in love with the trending ones hitting the fashion industry this season. Your wardrobe will be incomplete without wholesale floral dresses and we just can’t deny how they are trending huge this season. You must get to have one or two in your wardrobe to raise your unique style. Floral is one of the most beautiful patterns of dresses which can never fail to get adored by everyo

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There are many fun graphic tees available, and it is important to know how to style them. Whether you purchase an 80s graphic tees or shirts with the name of your current favorite TV show on them, you need to know how to style those tops as we move into the fall months.

Pair a Graphic Tee with a Flannel Shirt

When the weather starts to get cooler, you can get use out of your favorite graphic tee from summer by putting a flannel shirt over it. The shirt can be worn for warmth like a jacket, and it

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As like other photo editing services, clipping path or background removal service from the image is vital for publishers either online or in print media or for any kind of online eCommerce business. The following paragraph describes how important clipping path service important for online business in details.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path — also known as image clipping, deep etching, photo cut-out, closed vector path or shape — is essentially a professional digital photo cut-out. At Clippin

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What is Animation, Career & its Benefits?

The Moving images which we see on screen are converted from the still images using a technique known as Animation. Or you can say, the animation is a process in which rest things are brought in the moving form on the screen.

Nowadays, every single brand all over the world is using animation and multimedia for their brand's promotions. 

Animation After 12th

After intermediate, the very first question arises in the mind is what to do after 12th and it is the right decision of the creative minds to en

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Graphic Designing & Photoshop Editing


Clipping Path & Photo Cut Out Service

Smp clipping path is a seaward illustrations outline and picture altering house where you can get help for your organizations with long haul relationship at moderate expense. We tout of an expert group capable industry specialists who are talented enough to deal with each task professionally and perfectly.100%fulfilled quality.

8843851300?profile=originalPhoto Manipulation Service

We use new methodsand advanced technology to ensure that your photos are improved on and their general quali

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5 Trending Kurti Styles Below 1000

Indian ethnic wears give a very graceful and stylish look to every girl and there exist no girl who doesn’t want to look beautiful. To achieve a perfect look, they don’t even care about spending a whole lot of money. But, why to waste so much money when you can achieve an awesome style by purchasing kurtis below 1000?


If you want to look fabulous then, you should definitely invest in this beautiful digital printed kurtis online. At a nominal price of only 995 Rs, you can achieve a perfect look fo

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Hackneyed Expressions is a new t shirt company using an old typewriter font married with two word "hackneyed expressions" to  express personal viewpoints. A combination of politics, humor, self expression, student loan debt, spies, crime, the law and technology give you the ability to say something about your personal worldview.

The shirts are available in 100% ring spun organic cotton, made in the USA. Both fitted and non fitted styles are available for men and women in a variety of colors. The

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Banana Republic Trina Turk Collection

Trina Turk, a fashion designer known for bold prints and stand-out pieces, has designed an exclusive collection for Banana Republic, which is making its official debut in select stores across the United States today (Thursday, June 7th at 5pm). Customers who visit the stores will enjoy complimentary refreshments while shopping the striking collection that captures the essence of "California Chic". 
Just in time for summer, the Banana Republic Trina Turk Colle
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Add Some Color To Your Canvas

Add Some Color To Your Canvas

The easiest way to add some punch to your summer wardrobe is to spice it up with bright colors and bold prints. Lilly Pulitzer is known for designing preppy apparel and accessories in fun colors, playful patterns, and feminine silhouettes that can take you from the country club to a beachside resort. Here are a few of my favorite dresses from the Lilly Pulitzer line that are sure to put a swing in your step this summer.
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Fresh and Fun Fashion Trend

Fresh & Fun

A fresh and fun fashion trend that's popping up this season is the combination of black and white colors, offered in a range of striking designs and graphic patterns. From modern tropical floral prints to contemporary sleek silhouettes featuring simple piping in contrasting tones, the always chic black and white color combo has never looked better.

{Bailey 44 Taxi Way Dress in Black and White $169}
Delicate twists and braiding adorn this ultra-feminine Bailey 44 black and white sheath dress. The l
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Drawping Da Bomb

8843037861?profile=originalI really don't know what this blog is going to be about...I just liked the title I came up with hahha! Anyway I just want to say, I am so glad to be here. I'm Ashley West and my sister, Lauren Stout, and I own a street wear line called gangfeather® We do not make the clothing we sell, we make the designs on the clothing! Each of us has a unique style. Both Lauren and I draw anything from realistic representations of life to highly stylized cartoons. Although Lauren tends to draw realistically wh

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Feel Handmade / Hemp Large Clutch


(Image credit: Hemp Large Clutch by Feel Handmade via

Some of you may recall me mentioning Feel Handmade on more than one occasion prior to this post, yet I’m afraid that I simply couldn’t keep away. The main reason for my constant interest in Feel Handmade is primarily due to the fact that I regularly keep in touch with the husband and wife team behind the label, Joshua Karl and Erin Kaleel. I think that when you have a design team who focus heavily on precision, quality and exemplary
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Richard Nicoll / Linder Sterling Rose Dress


(Image credit: Linder Sterling Rose Dress by Richard Nicoll via Matches.)


That's so New York - Despite the fact that London-based designer and Central Saint Martins graduate Richard Nicoll posts regularly in his very own section of The Vogue Blog, I will admit that his work is still somewhat new to me and as a person, Nicoll is not someone I have delved deeply into when it comes to flicking through magazines, reading collection reviews and even carrying out a little research every now and then.
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Dan Monick 'Blind Bargain Bag'

That's So New YorkFrom the title of this post alone, those of you who follow my Facebook page would have guessed that this is the post I gave you a heads up on over the weekend, after receiving my Dan Monick Blind Bargain Bag (Retail Price: $30.00 USD) from Blood Is The New Black, which I have to say I was extremely impressed with. For those of you who are unaware what a Blind Bargain Bag is, let me explain. Blood Is The New Black (the graphic label I have been rambling on about for far too l

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Lazy Oaf

That's So New YorkOkay, so it's official, I survived my first day of college; I have to say, I'm not exactly overjoyed. A summary of the day? I walked around the majority of the time on my own as it seemed that everyone, everywhere was reluctant to spark up a conversation with me. I won't point fingers, yet in my opinion it's a little rude to ignore someone when they casually slip out a "Hello" (let me verify that I was the one being ignored; oh, how I wish it was the other way round). I neve

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Blood Is The New Black / Mitra Khayyam

That's So New YorkIt didn't take me too long to hunt down a second fashion industry-related interviewee after my first interview post which featured a a handful of questions by yours truly, followed by a selection of answers courtesy of ICU - IN PARIS.COM Owner/Founder Christan Summers. Despite the fact that the opportunity to sit down and talk with Mitra Khayyam, Owner/Founder of Blood Is The New Black via Skype was not available (due to the fact that Mitra is presumably an extremely busy wo

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Dan Monick

That's So New York - In addition to my most recent hobby which involves me sitting and flicking through pages and pages of online-stores, images, portfolio’s, collections and designer profiles in an attempt to find the next big thing, I have recently come to notice that yet another hobby seems to have begun toppling in; that of which still involves me flicking through pages and pages of images/portfolio’s; in this case, perhaps online-stores too. “What on earth is this hobby?” you may ask; my an
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On next summer Glamour, one of the most loved fashion&lifestyle magazine from Condè-Nast Publishing, will be available in newsstands with a brand new format: the GLAMOUR PAD.

A new kind of format, younger, smarter, comfy, perfect to fit in every purse but still big enough to be easily read, watched and skimmed. “PAD” has the ambition to become the new standard size that can keep all the best attributes of the large and pocket magazine: high quality images for a strong visual impac, ease of readi

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Autumn - an inspiring season for the Japanese

Nature at its best: In autumn it is not very dificult to find interesting motifes for designs: leaves, flowers, plants, landscapes - it seams everything is evolving into something new and leaving its past behind. The creative people behind developed some great repeat pattern designs for the glory of this season - check out the Japanese galleries on the website:

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