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Could your child enter the modeling world?

Could your child be a model?

If your child is shy - perhaps you should not force your child into the modeling business...Your child has to be the opposite and enthusiastic and a child has to enjoy the center of the attention. Modeling is hard work and not always easy. And yes - sometimes the child has to be focus and ability to stand still for at least 10-15min.

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How do I prepare for my first photoshoot? There are a few things that you need to know if this is your first time going out and taking pictures. The first thing that you need to know is that it's okay to be nervous. Just keep in mind that this is the type of "first impression" that you are trying to make with your customers, family, and friends. Let them see that you are fun and outgoing.

One thing that you can do is get yourself some nice clothes. Get something that you can put your hair in. You

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If you are a pre-wedding and wedding photographer, chances are quite higher that you had to cancel or postpone all your photoshoot and now you are sitting at your home due to the Coronavirus crisis and lockdown. And it is not just the photographers who are facing problems due to this outbreak but there are so many businesses across the industries that are suffering from this fate.


However, if you are a wedding photographer in India who wants to make the most out of their quarantine phase, then we

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The most momentous day of your life shall not be passed without being captured in the camera in the most aesthetic ways possible. Wedding photography seems to steal the attention of the people from different parts of the world and belonging to the varied classes. With the time, the photography style keeps on updating and the Wedding Photographers continue to add various other forms and equipment that makes the result stupendous and startling.


Fine art photography is one of the various types of ph

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Every photographer has a talent and interest in the profession that they follow and there are some qualities that each one of those possesses that keep them at the pinnacle of love for their work and hence, they receive such appreciation from their clients. However, the whole market is flooded with the photographers who claim to be the best even in the fields they have little idea about. It makes it difficult for the client to choose the best out of all. But, if you are about to hire a wedding p

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A pinch of light mixed with creative imagination along with the correct utility of lens adds finesse to photography. A photographer is a versatile individual who stays alert to capture the beauty of moments. Be it wedding, sangeet, cocktail party, pre-wedding shoot or any lavish affair, sharp photography instincts are a must for the professional wedding photographer. The lighting factor is a vital element that adds gleam to the artistic work of photography. Since wedding is the time when a medle

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Best Photographer in Lucknow

Candid Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

We are the team of best destination candid wedding photographers in Lucknow having award-winning well equipped and well-recognized photographers for your wedding & pre-wedding shoot in Lucknow. We are among the best pre-wedding photographer in the latest photography genre. Most welcome to our site! We are looking forward to becoming a part of your big day!


Pre-wedding photographer in Lucknow

Absolute wedding studio provides the best services of the pre-wedding

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It’s a matter that’s been asked many times in our forums over the previous few months thus whereas I’m not a professional Wedding lens man I assumed it had been time to share many tips about the subject of Wedding Photography.
I’ll leave the technical tips of photographing a marriage to the execs – however as somebody United Nations agency has been asked to photograph various friends and family weddings – here square measure many suggestions.

  1. Producer ‘Shot List’

One of the foremost useful tips I

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Everyone wants to make the wedding day more special and significant because this is the big day of one’s life. And choosing the wedding venue is definitely an important matter. It is probably more romantic and praiseworthy if the wedding venue is far from the person's environment, somewhere beautiful where you got proposed, in a beautiful landscape or background with the seashore, out in nature and anywhere but far from the residence. However, it is extremely important to get to know some essent

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Wedding is the most beautiful event that happens in everyone’s life, and everyone wants to keep this beautiful memory for ever in form of photographs or videos.  Everyone wants to capture these photographs as a beautiful tale. But all too often, finding Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow for your special day is not as easy as seems. On this special day you need professional and well trained photographers who are able to document your whole event with their eagle eye, without missing even small

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The wedding is one among the most electrifying occasion in one's life and you have to make detailed planning and preparations to make it a memorable day. Wedding photography is the most important ingredient of a successful wedding. So, if you are planning to get wed and looking for the wedding photographer Brisbane then research is very important. It is important to ensure that whether you are comfortable working with the person who prefers to set his or her own style while capturing the picture

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you do not have the liberty to stand there quietly and just manage. You have to schmooze with the people you are working with and build a professional relationship. As there is no other way you can get the best possible results. You can try, but you will not get the team or the models to a point where you want them to be.


To schmooze is to sweet talk people into a situation, where they give you exactly what you want. Some might call it charming your way through a situation, and if you want to suc

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8843705073?profile=originalAfter being away on some great fashion projects for two years, my La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog is back❗️

Check out and feel free to comment on my new (hooray – long overdue) blog post on a previous photoshoot "Franco-African Designer Showcase Part 1: a Familiar Name TOPd Keeps Passion Glowing."

Wardrobe: TOPd (The Original People Design) by Amina Lamarre

8843705093?profile=original8843705456?profile=originalMillinery: Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong

8843705672?profile=original8843705693?profile=originalMakeup and hair: Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong

8843706259?profile=originalPhotographer: Richard Langford


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Importance of family Photographer

Photographs are one of the significant and trending part of our life.  Selfies, candid, portrait and some other kind of photographic actions have become a member of our photo family.   Social media has encouraged its users to click more and more and share their happenings.  But when it comes to family, everyone go through old days memories by glancing the folds of family albums which are not for showing off the world but for realising the importance of family.


From childhood memories to family fu

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Memories are that makes you recall your past. The memories are what let you know how you have changed since then till today. The photo album is the best source to keep your old memories alive throughout your life.8858656900?profile=original

Have you remembered the marriage ceremony of your parents? With each passing page, you start visualizing the whole ceremony in your mind. The more attractive your wedding album is, the more interest will be there while recalling the past.

So, if you are going to hire a photographer for y

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Honored to have the reine mythique : l'éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette couture headpiece collection by Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image, La Mode by GV Miao's Fashion Project of the Year 2015 featured millinery designer featured in the debut issue of Fashion Glam Couture Magazine which kicked off its launch with a splashy press conference on November 12 in Annecy, and 20,000 copies have been distributed at 65 luxury hotels across France.

Director of Fashion Glam Couture Magazine: Myriam L

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I hereby made a severe and uncompromising statement for the sake of justice and righteousness. The reine mythique : l'éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette collection showcased on the runway at Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris Season 4 on October 4 was initiated and themed by La Mode by GV Miao and brought to life by Angel Wong Image, hence both an intellectual and artistic creation solely belonging to me and Angel Wong, La Mode by GV Miao's Fashion Project of the Year 2015 featured designer.

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La Mode by GV Miao's Fashion Project of the Year 2015:
1.618 Couture X Angel Wong Image@Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris, Paris Fashion Week
Save the Date: October 4, 2015
Reine mythique : l'éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette Pre-Fashion Show Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes (Hong Kong)

Our team behind the making of reine mythique : l'éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette at Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Season 4, Paris Fashion Week pre-fashion show photoshoot (Hong Kong):  
Project initiator:

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La Mode by GV Miao's Fashion Project of the Year 2015:

1.618 Couture X Angel Wong Image@Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris,
Paris Fashion Week
 Reine mythique : l'éternelle épanouissante Marie-Antoinette (fashion show)
Save the Date: October 4, 2015


"Fascinated by the ever-fascinating queen of France, regardless of many ugly accusations against her of many things that she never did or said, I unreservedly admire her for her innocence, her elusive quality called natural charisma, and her boldness to u

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8858631878?profile=originalOut Next Fashion Magazine Model Casting Calls 2015

For Clothing Designers, Fashion Stylists, Female and Male Creative Trendy Dressing Teens and Young Adults Ages 17-30, That Could Possibly Set a New and Unique Stylish Fashion Trend Just By The Way You Currently Dress or Style Your Hair.



The International Beauty Movement is currently casting aspiring trendy dressing male and female models, Clothing Designers, and Fashion Stylists with unique looks that also dress unique but stylish for “Out Next

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