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How do I prepare for my first photoshoot? There are a few things that you need to know if this is your first time going out and taking pictures. The first thing that you need to know is that it's okay to be nervous. Just keep in mind that this is the type of "first impression" that you are trying to make with your customers, family, and friends. Let them see that you are fun and outgoing.

One thing that you can do is get yourself some nice clothes. Get something that you can put your hair in. You

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Best Photographer in Lucknow

Candid Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

We are the team of best destination candid wedding photographers in Lucknow having award-winning well equipped and well-recognized photographers for your wedding & pre-wedding shoot in Lucknow. We are among the best pre-wedding photographer in the latest photography genre. Most welcome to our site! We are looking forward to becoming a part of your big day!


Pre-wedding photographer in Lucknow

Absolute wedding studio provides the best services of the pre-wedding

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How to manage the tattoo pain?

You must be well aware that getting a tattoo involves immense pain, which can get unbearable. Several factors determine the extent to which the pain will have an effect on you. You should first consider how strong and capable you are of withstanding the pain. If you have a low willpower, it will hurt you even more. You need to be mentally prepared for the pain. Basically, it is all in the mind. The more you fear it, the more is it likely to pain.

Here are some tips, which may help you deal with t

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A gorgeous workmate and the magic hand make-up artist/hair stylist, Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image who also plays a role as self-taught headpiece/accessory designer got my hair and make up ready and my vintage Victorian look completed with a supercute nude English floral-adorned fascinator in less than 30 minutes for the filming of the first episode of “In Style Promenade,” a monthly video magazine of The Promenade luxury mall inside the prestigious and iconic hotel Galaxy Macau that just opened

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What I wish I’d known about make-up at 16

You know how they say you get older and wiser as you grow up? Well, it’s true, kids. I’m older and wiser and so I know what to do with my make-up. But that wasn’t the story back when I was sixteen.

Oh, sixteen. What a glorious age. What a glorious time.8843451299?profile=original


So you know when you’re just starting off with makeup for the very first time in your life and you hear that voice inside your head that whispers, “Go ahead. This is going to look great on you.”? Yeah, it’s wrong most times. I don’t want you to

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Genoveva Christoff. You may have heard her name or maybe not. But its certainly a name you should know. A good friend of mine and one of the most talented designers I know. A NY Fashion Week & CMH Fashion Week alum, she never ceases to amaze me with the way she walks he line of unique but never boring wearable designs. Using luxe fabrics and the softest leathers you've touched, quality in construction is just as important to her as quality in the overall look.
She just recently re-launched her we
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Quality, Reliability, Consultation

Located in the heart of fashionable East London London (five minutes from Old Street), The Sampling Studio is a boutique sampling unit managed by experienced fashion designers, dedicated to providing a caring, comprehensive and uncompromising quality of service.  

We believe that the sampling unit service we offer is unique as we offer pattern checking as standard, and unlike many other sampling units, we put the quality of your garments first.  

Working with on

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Recognize Talent When You See It.

Yesterday I got to spend some quality time with a friend who also just happens to design some pretty chic clothes. Genoveva Christoff first caught my eye 2 years ago when I was writing an article on her. I stopped mid-writing to contact her and she ended up making me a custom piece. 
Genoveva first showed in CMH Fashion Week's Finale Show, then was hand picked by Barney's Simon Doonan to show in NY at Lincoln Center's Diet Pepsi Style Studio show in 2012. 
So proud of you my friend!
Find Genoveva's
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Blu's Womens Wear Header Final
Blu's Womens Wear B1300

Blu's Womens Wear B1301


Blu's Womens Wear B1302

Blu's Womens Wear B1303

Blu's Womens Wear B1300 A
Blu's Womens Wear B1301 A1

Blu's Womens Wear B1302 A
Blu's Womens Wear B1303 A1. jpg

Blu's Womens Wear B1304

Blu's Womens Wear E1300 B
Blu's Womens Wear B1301 B
Blu's Womens Wear B1303 B
Blu's Womens Wear B1304 B

Blu's Womens Wear B1305


Blu's Womens Wear LB1300

Blu's Womens Wear LB1301
Blu's Womens Wear LB1302
Blu's Womens Wear LC1300
Blu's Womens Wear LC1301

Blu's Womens Wear LC1302
Blu's Womens Wear LC1303
Blu's Womens Wear LC1304
Blu's Womens Wear LC1305
Blu's Womens Wear N1300
Blu's Womens Wear N1303
Blu's Womens Wear N1302
Blu's Womens Wear N1303 A
Blu's Womens Wear N1304
Blu's Womens Wear N1305
Blu's Womens Wear N1306
Blu's Womens Wear N1307
Blu's Womens Wear N1308
Blu's Womens Wear N1309
Blu's Womens Wear N1310
Blu's Womens Wear N1311
Blu's Womens Wear N1312
Blu's Womens Wear R1300

Welcome to the  Spring 2013 Blu’s/Karyn Chopik

Again, something new and amazing from Karyn, with pieces exclusive to

New this season are leather cuffs…

Easy to wear and speaks to the “rock and roll” girl
in us all

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Need a location to shoot your next fashion editorial, portfolio pictures, lookbook, etc.?


Full size photo studio area now available for upcoming shoots!



Amenities include - seamless back drop, brick wall, lighting hookups, dressing room with hair and makeup stations, kitchen, bathrooms and a great atmosphere located in the heart of Hollywood.

Rates - $500/full day (8 hrs.), $300/ half day (4 hrs.) Please contact Pierr at or 323.962.0204

6610 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038

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PAEMISA ¦ Luxury Lingerie

The collection takes on modern lingerie created for modern women. PAEMISA esthetic shows through in the use of quality fabrics, youthful play on shapes and colors, accessories, and handmade craftsmanship.


The pieces in PAEMISA's collection are exclusive and limited as we do not mass-produce. The objective is to create a niche for women who share similar tastes and looking for something different with an accessible price range.


PAEMISA ¦ Luxury Lingerie



For more information please contact:


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In New York City’s Meatpacking District, you’ll find the home and creative studio of partners in design
and life Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of men’s line Duckie Brown. Somehow, The Fashion Informer managed to wiggle their way into the duo’s abode for an exclusive peek of where their unique menswear comes together and with the designers about their sweet space… (more…)

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“The difference between the model on the catwalk and model in the studio is in the fact that working in the studio definitely gives you more freedom to play around and create the perfect look for a particular label. Whereas doing a catwalk is a momentary choreographed presentation of the designer`s work, that presented in a certain way instantly”, - Melanija Kozulin, model, Australia, for FotyMody.
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Photo, Daniela Jacobs

Happy summer! Today was the official start of summer, and the unofficial hottest day that ever was. It was also the day I continuedworking on illustrating the upcoming collection for Vena Cava in theirairy Soho studio.


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Growing up between New York City and Mallorca, Spain, Daniela Jacobs has already created three seasons of her own collection, Allora, interned at CITYMagazine, Drella New York, and Refinery29. Currently working as a studio assistant/fashion intern for cult fave label Vena Cava while studying at Parsons, she’ll be offering regular reports from inside the VC studio, about the town, and wherever
her adventures in New York fashion take her

The place is New York and the time is now. This week was anoth

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Fashion Model Photography

Part of being a fashion photographer, it is fun and interesting when working with fresh models. Yet it is important that the digital studio photographer behaves professionally on the shoot.

Here are some other photography tips to enhance your experience when working with a fashion model:

1. You should give your model clear instructions to your studio. Make sure they are specific as you do not want him or her getting lost.

2. Discuss the direction of the story and the shoot with the model during the

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20 year of experience shooting Apparel, Fashion, beauty & Accessories for manufacturers.Please stop by for a look!Pricing is Per shot or by time and my pricing schedule is posted to the website.http://www.chuckgoodenough.comGive me a call - Chuck - 213-624-1600Partial list of clients served:Frankie B, Windsor Fashions, Girlfriends LA, Guess Jeans, Max Factor, Redken, Blue Dot Clothing, Neutrogena, Lucky Brand Jeans, Charles David Footwear, A.K.A., Jnco Jeans, Mattel Toys, Visual Story Tools, Joe
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