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Discover German Kabirski exceptionally crafted and unique collections now.

Frame_1_fc6fe3ba-355a-4e49-9024-8adeed454d76.png?v=1650998601&profile=RESIZE_400xCinthya is wearing the Bertilde earrings, Alana Amethyst Ring and Ivalyn chrome diopside earrings.

Ivalyn Chrome Diopside Earrings

Alana Amethyst Ring




About German

All of German’s work is inspired by his materials and what they whisper to him, the harmonies and conflicts he uncovers as he sits with a particular piece.

For German, the cockroach symbolizes both life and death. He met with a very special cockroach at a very crit

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Fashion photography defines the success of a model’s portfolio to a great extent. This lies in the hands of a fashion photographer to a great extent. The angle at which shots are taken, the entire process of editing and getting images as desired depends on several things. The genre of photography depends to a great extent on the apparel and accessories. This enhances the effect of the shoots to a great extent. Over time, fashion photography has discovered new senses of aesthetics by showcasing t

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5 Best Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2020

Fashion is not seasonal but fashion trends possibly are. Change in season means change in trends and changes in your wardrobe too. Spring/Summer is one of the favorite season among the fashion fanatics of the industry as new styles pour in, new colors set the tone and new trends start emerging from the old ones.
In this blog, we have listed down 5 Summer Trends/Outfits that will continue to rule the year 2020.

1. Knit Dresses (Striped)
This essential Spring jersey will take your fashion game to gre
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8844058091?profile=originalHello to all fashion lovers,

Welcome to the first blog post of your online clothing store BE IN FASHION.

It is an interesting adventure to discover, because expressing our expectations and opinions or simply informing through the blog in the BE IN FASHION shop is a new way to go.

In this blog, you can find all the topics we could ask about the world of fashion such as:

  • news of women's and men's fashion through its events and others;
  • the discovery of new names, new fashion designers;
  • our favori
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Wedding ceremony readings have gone beyond religious or non-religious ceremony readings. Couples have become more creative and now take their wedding readings from Literature. A situation that leaves everyone lost in thoughts and fantasies.

Weddings are beautiful and sentimental. But when two literature lovers get married, it becomes a conjugation or wordsmiths, where the word trades begin. A place where marriage readings are made from the best symphony of words.

The depth of written words for the

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Boots care: How to Clean Men’s Suede boots?

Even though a pair of men’s suede boots look very cool and trendy, they are difficult to clean and maintain. Thinking about the maintenance itself is enough for the men to be scared away from the prospect of purchasing a pair of suede boots. If some tips can be followed for cleaning suede boots, maintaining them might not be a difficult task at all.


  • Conditioning the Shoes After Purchase

The first step is to ensure that the shoes are immediately conditioned after purchase. This prevents the shoes

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8843705073?profile=originalAfter being away on some great fashion projects for two years, my La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog is back❗️

Check out and feel free to comment on my new (hooray – long overdue) blog post on a previous photoshoot "Franco-African Designer Showcase Part 1: a Familiar Name TOPd Keeps Passion Glowing."

Wardrobe: TOPd (The Original People Design) by Amina Lamarre

8843705093?profile=original8843705456?profile=originalMillinery: Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong

8843705672?profile=original8843705693?profile=originalMakeup and hair: Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong

8843706259?profile=originalPhotographer: Richard Langford


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8858664076?profile=originalWhen the fall trends hit hard, get all your shoes! shoes! shoes! shoes all over! to go with them from Melissa's all you can wear shoe feast.

8843692260?profile=original8858664090?profile=originalIn this fall/winter, the iconic Brazilian jelly shoe brand Melissa has fulfilled most girls' unrequited childhood dream (including mine ☺️) of being a ballerina with the launch of a highly stylish yet extremely comfortable collection “Dance Machine” inspired by the dynamism and energy of dancers featuring a complete array of footwear ranging from the signatu

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8843618473?profile=originalThese extremely long overdue pictures from my last trip to Musée du Bonbon Haribo are just too tempting not to share with my fashionista friends. If you’re a Haribo fan and happen to be in Southern France, do pay a visit to Haribo’s one-of-a-kind fashion showcase at the sweet museum and feast your eyes on the edible collection made from the signature gummy crocodiles, marshmallows and black licorice wheels. I’m not really a big fan of this 100-year-old German confectionery brand but its creativi

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8843606864?profile=originalAfter being caught up in the hustle and bustle of a packed work schedule for three months, I finally had time to sit down and post up my visit to Viniga back in March. From a workshop to a retail store, the launch of its first stand-alone boutique this year has witnessed not only the uplifting growth of the brand but also the founder's uncompromising faith in and passion for exploring timeless style. No one understands Coco Chanel's famous quote “fashion fades, only style remains the same” bette

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Easy Ways To Transform Your Living Place

No place like home! Placing a bed, a couple of chairs and a few cupboards goes in sync with the ordinary notion of what a home should look like. But if you wish for people to come to your place and experience the warmth and aura of your personal space, then giving it a little bit of style and appeal does wonders. After all, you too would want to feel proud of what your house looks and feels like!
2.jpgWhile it’s great to get a skilled and professional interior designer to help give your home that bea

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The story Behind Noneillah Collection Brand

The Noneillah Brand is American clothing; hip-hop appeal, accessories, and other products line company. It consists of casual, sportswear, swimsuit, wristwatch, handbag, footwear, belt buckle, handmade jewelry and more.  The name came from hip hop artist, songwriter, digital artist, singer, music engineer, entrepreneur and Noneillah’s CEO Sean Cos Mason tag line when he had sung or rap.
What is the meaning of Noneillah?  
Well... the word Noneillah means to Sean Cos Mason is no one is better than
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Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer 2016 collection featured beautiful and romantic nature scenes of Japan in spring when peonies, irises and sakura are blooming in the fantastical pastel garden reminiscent of the designer’s sweet childhood memories from his motherland. The typical Shoji type of ethereal elegance and delicate femininity were fully reflected in subtle sheerness, intricate floral embroidery and appliqués embellishments. The gorgeous exceptional violet color literally caught my eye among a

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There's something uniquely express about Noneillah runway shows: the classic silhouettes, sequence, unique copyright musical prints, multiple shaded color copyright prints, the expressive asymmetric cuts, the slow-strutting models, the oooh!s and ahhhs of the audience.

The designer of Noneillah doesn't need bells and whistles to get the audience at a fashion show excited -- the clothes are dramatic enough that it speaks for them-selves. The audience audibly gasped when they see Sean Cos Mason sig

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These luxury vintage hair accessories with my favorite butterfly, rose and cameo motifs will accompany me to Paris for my 2015 project of the year (details to be announced soon, stay tuned!) this autumn. Based in Milan, Moliabal, my new official blog sponsor has geared me up to rock the flamboyant city’s dazzling fashion scene with these irresistible and super chic little goodies. Check out more of Moliabal’s designs on my blog’s “Our Sponsors” page while anticipating my new glitzy glam hair loo

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Read All About It: Fringing and The 70s

It’s no secret that one of the biggest ground breaking trends for the upcoming season that’s now being spotted in all the high street stores, is the 70s revival. From suede pieces to flared jeans making their mark, one of the biggest nods to the trend is the use of fringing.

Whether it’s subtle or bold with layers upon layers, designers such as Alberta Ferretti sent models down the runway not only in fully fringed suede fabrics, but also adorning the more feminine floral pieces with fringe lining

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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is set to hold a new exhibition dedicated to the work of Alexander McQueen. The exhibition will feature work from 1992 where he graduated from his Fashion degree at Central Saint Martins all the way until 2010 showing his unfinished autumn and winter collection. The event will be held from 14th March 2015 until 2nd August 2015.



This exhibition follows on from the success of the original event which was held at in 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ne

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How time flies! Half a decade has passed before I even notice. Thank you to all my dear fashionista friends and fans for being with me over all these years.

I made the right decision 5 years ago to write my very first post and have given a little try in modeling and organizing fashion shows in the major fashion capitals since last year, which has allowed me to broaden my global and personal horizons through blogging and traveling ever since. For this little special anniversary, I celebrate it by

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City Spotlights: Bristol

Welcome to the first in our series of City Spotlights, where we will be giving a little insight into the UK’s many different metropolis’ and letting you in on a few secrets the common guidebook often fails to include.

As this is the first offering in the series, we thought we’d delve a little deeper into Bristol - the South West’s creative hub (and home to one of the country’s most distinctive accents).

Bristol is a real creative hub and arguably the South West’s most vibrant city. On foot, its di

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New blog post “Wish Every Day was Christmas!” NOW up on La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog:

Arrrggghhh! I know I have literally had difficulties getting over my prolonged holiday mentality after the Christmas and New Year breaks but what can I do? Who said we cannot keep the holiday cheer alive all year long? Okay anyway I am so not ready to go back to reality, I may as well indulge myself in staying in wonderland a bit longer, mentally though. I paid my first visit to a snowless white Christmas mar

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