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We all know that professional women have a hard time to choose an outfit for themselves. If you are one of them and feel a little worried about your wholesale office wear, then you have come to the right place. Workplace outfits have changed a lot in the past two decades. So much so that people have forgotten its essence and the importance of dressing for work. If dressing up for work is a struggle for you, then keep reading as we have provide you with some tips.

How to Dress up for Work

shestar wholesale v-neck button front patchwork women shirt

Now, we p

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The Reasons Why You Fall in Love with the Jumpsuits

Although most fashion trends come and go, one trend that must exist this year is the jumpsuit. Both jumpsuits and rompers are making a comeback this year. They’re becoming more and more popular with the modern women who love fashion. Why are wholesale women’s jumpsuits so popular? They are effortless and versatile enough to wear with all items in your closet. This is a style that flatters every body shape. If you are still not sure whether to wear a jumpsuit, here are some reasons to convince yo

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How to Pick the Perfect Pajamas for Women

Do you know why most people put on comfortable wholesale pajamas as soon as they return home, instead of wearing their clothes when they go out? Today, we will talk about why we always prefer to wear pajamas when we stay at home and how can we pick the perfect pajamas that suit us.

Why Pajamas Are Essential in Our Daily Life


For some people, pajamas are not necessary at all as you can obviously make one from your old outfits, but that’s not completely right. Have you ever dreamt of purchasing the

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How to Style Yourself with Popular Women's Jumpsuits

The wholesale women's jumpsuits as we all know are one piece that can add a charm to any look in no time. They are meant for the modern pieces are here to perfectly balance and tailor your whole look in effortlessly stylish way. The styles are flattering and so popular with women.

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The Reasons Why Women's Jumpsuits Are So Popular

  1. Jumpsuits Make Life Easy

    Women’s Jumpsuits will help you get dresses easily, especially when you’re in a hurry. Not only is it easy to put on, but it’s also incredibly flat
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Five Details of Choosing Baby Hat

The baby's age is relatively young, and the skin on the head is relatively fragile. A baby hat can play a certain protective role when playing. From this point of view, choosing suitable wholesale baby hats is particularly important.

  1. It Varies according to the Age of the Baby

    kiskissing wholesale solid color baby little kids muslim turban hatBaby hats can be divided into baby hats and boys' hats according to age. The 6-month baby's head is still very small, the scalp is also very delicate, and the ability to adapt to the surrounding yellow environment and climate

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Let your Children Worry-free All Season

Kiskissing 2 Pcs Stylish Girl Sequins Love Heart Semi Sheer Set Top & Skirt Wholesale

If you are worried about how to dress up your children, then you are at the right place, here you will solve your troubles. We will provide you with all kinds of children's boutique clothing wholesale. And the boutique children's clothing here can make your children shine in the spring, cool and comfortable in the summer, shiny in the autumn, and warm in the winter.

Children's Glorious Stage

2-Piece Ruffle Sleeve Bowknot Sunflower Baby Girl Bodysuit Matching Headband Wholesale

With the improvement of people's living standards, parents will ne

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For children, safety and comfort are essential clothing requirements for their healthy growth. Nowadays,there are many kinds of children's T-shirts on the market. So how to choose a safe and comfortable T-shirt for children is very important. Children wear safe and comfortable clothes can not only keep them safe and comfortable, but also make mothers more at ease. Now please go to our online store Kiskissing for baby t-shirts wholesale to choose the suitable t-shirts for your child.


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Shopping for clothes involves more than just picking the current popular fashions. In addition to considering your budget and the particular style of clothing you need, you may want to keep in mind the following criteria to help you make prudent choices when buying clothes for yourself and family members.


Unless you have a never-ending clothing budget, you will probably want to buy clothes that you can wear for various occasions over the next several years, at least. In addition to cl

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Shoes assume noteworthy act in the lives of ladies. In the late spring season, the most well-known decision loved by ladies will be ladies’ cozy sandals. The explanation behind the fame of these kinds of shoes is the way that they are produced by utilizing delicate and agreeable material. Besides, they are planned in a flip-flop shape that gives much solace while walking. In various parts of the world, you may see a particular style of women sandals that are made as per the social necessities. N

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Blouses as A blend of modern and old world charm

Women love experimenting with style, new designs are born every year. But, more than often it is the rebirth of old styles that excites the most ardent followers of fashion. Blouses are one classic example of feminine attire that has made one exciting comeback. Its many types like prim, floating tight fitted or long blouse each one has been loved by women of all ages. Online fashion website Selaros has a wide collection of blouse to choose from. Pa

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Casual and comfortable shoes for you

You want to have the cozy feeling of soft cushion wrapping your feet and yet you do not want to tie the laces, then slip on are the shoes made just for you. These shoes are a delight for the people who find it difficult to tie the knot of the laces of the shoes every now and then. These shoes suit the lifestyle of the people who are vagabond and care free in nature. The shoes are a perfect gift for those who are going to spend their vacation on the beach. They are perfect shoes to be called unis

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8858664076?profile=originalWhen the fall trends hit hard, get all your shoes! shoes! shoes! shoes all over! to go with them from Melissa's all you can wear shoe feast.

8843692260?profile=original8858664090?profile=originalIn this fall/winter, the iconic Brazilian jelly shoe brand Melissa has fulfilled most girls' unrequited childhood dream (including mine ☺️) of being a ballerina with the launch of a highly stylish yet extremely comfortable collection “Dance Machine” inspired by the dynamism and energy of dancers featuring a complete array of footwear ranging from the signatu

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Namiko Bamboo Womenswear

8843347682?profile=originalContemporary yet elegant designs made from comfortable eco friendly fabric. See Namiko Bamboo womens fashion Sydney on our Ethical Fashion List: #ecofriendly #ethicalfashion #eco #green

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La douleur exquise

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It was my birthday in April.  So what does the Working Girl get for herself on her birthday?  A pair of uber fabulous kicks of course!  It’s about a splurge for another year of surviving the trials and tribulations of a girl in the big city.  So, I wanted to bring a little Brian Atwood to the Working Girl’s Shoe Closet’s couture collection.  And what better choice than the ‘Maniac’ to do that?
I only found one place that was selling them at the time.  
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It’s my dreaded time of year where I have to give up a precious hour of sleep and change my clock to lose an hour thanks to Daylight Savings time.  I’m not sure why, but it gets me all out of whack and it takes me several days to get on track.  This “Spring Forward” time change also always reminds me of my high school days when staying out past curfew on this particular night was the worst because it was exaggerated by an extra faux hour.  Parents can be so lame sometim
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‘Satchel’ Obsession

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In seeing all the fashion queens work the incredible flat boots all Winter, I just had to find me a pair before the season was over.  And lucky me, I was able to snag this pair of Corso Como ‘Satchel’ knee high boots from the Daily Candy Swirl sale.  As you may remember, I literally fell head over heels for the Corso Como brand in ‘My Farrow Ladies’ post.  And I can tell you that these boots left me with the same
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Neutral In A Sea of Color

8842871258?profile=originalThat's So New York - This Spring 2011 season proves to be colorful and exciting. We are seeing a rainbow of bright colors from almost every designer and after the drab winter season, how can anyone not be excited. While it all looks fresh and pretty on the runways, our screens and in the pages of magazines, the practical side of me asks:  Who is going to really be able to wear all this color well? Aside from a select group of very fashionable and sophisticated women, it may present a challenge. 

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New Year, New Job, New Kicks!


The start of a new year inspires us to think about what we want from ourselves and our lives.  We think about where we want to be and how we need to get there.  Usually, that means getting a new gig.  And to land that new gig, you’re gonna need to rock that interview.  Now, while most offices have evolved into a more business casual environment, interviews are still the place where you’d rather be a little overdressed than underdressed.  And while you’re dusting off your resume and getting that
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8842849461?profile=originalI have a great story I'd love to share with you, about someone who decided to declare a failure, so that he can create success in a way that allowed him to be true to himself and8842849486?profile=originalthe public he serves. His name is Michael Stoney. Michael launched dug (down under gear), a male intimate apparel line in 2004, with multi-million dollar backers who took ownership of his brand, sold it in Macy's and placed it in movies from Soul Food to Biker Boyz, to Toni Braxton videos. Unhappy with the directions his

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In rather timely fashion to being #WorkStyleWeek with the fabulous the ladies of Cubicle Chic, I was also approached to do a guest blog for Anna also known as the Classy Career Girl.
So I give to you ‘5 Fabulous Shoes for the Career Girl .’
While this week has turned out to be my guest blog week, I do hope that it has also given you great work shoe options and great tips for looking fantastic all year round.
Have a great weekend being Santa’s little helpers! ;)

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