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Treating customers with an optimum satisfaction level is necessary. The leather laundry company is at its best when it comes to patrons' satisfaction. We fulfill all their objectives and solve all their problems. Bag Repair Mumbai now becomes much easier.

Nowadays, women do admire luxurious bags for developing a different personality than others. Sometimes, it becomes quite a headache when the bags show some physical disorder like a failure of the chain.

The company has been in the business of Bag

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What to Look for in a Good Shoe Store

Whether you want a popular brand like Birkenstock or are looking for any brand of shoe that can deliver you comfort, where you shop is as important as what you look for. A good show store can provide you with options, insight, and excellent customer service. By comparison, shopping in the wrong place can lead to confusion and trouble as you struggle to find the footwear that is right for you. Whether you shop online or at a local store, use these tips to make sure that you choose the right retai

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It’s the first day of your internship and honestly, the timing may not be that great. You grab your purse, phone, wallet and keys, and head out the door ready to nail the first day at work.

For the working woman, there is a bit more to a work bag than meets the eye. So, we ‘have listed some of the crucial items you need for a successfully at work. Retailers can also contact one of the popular bag supplier and checkout from b the assemblage to select the cool designs for the store.

Feminine Product

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Thanks to our hectic schedule we can hardly keep track of our clothes leave alone washing and ironing. It is important to delegate this task to a reliable laundry service that can take care of your dynamic schedule and take care of your expensive clothes. However, all laundry service providers are not up to the mark and can make a mess of your expensive or branded clothes. Hence, it is important that we choose a reputable laundry service who will not mess up and damage our clothes.


If you are lo

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The Rise Of The Dad Shoe

Sleek trainers are out and the dad shoe is in, deal with it kids! We’re heading back into the 90s again this season...

Ahh dad shoes, the ugly, chunky and comfy monstrosities that made us kids squirm on holidays as our moustached dads pranced around smelling of brut. This was the 90s, this was Seinfeld, this was dad shoes!

So why on earth has Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Gucci all just released dad shoes costing hundreds of pounds? Welcome to the fickle and vicious world of high fashion my friend

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The Best Time To Replace Your Training Sneakers

Exercise is the best way we could deal with several diseases besides being fit. There are instances that tell you your sneakers are worn out and when your sneakers become debiliated, replacing might be the best option.


Sneakers, just like every other thing, has a life span. The law of wear and tear applies to them just like they do to any other product. How do you know that the lifespan of your sneakers is due? It is even hard to know when is the right time to throw away your old sneakers and get

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Who would have thought that simple shoe laces could transform the way your boring shoes look! In this article, we will see how you can be creative with your shoelaces and make your outfit sharper.


If you have been thinking of doing something interesting with your outfit for sometime, then you are not the only one. However, how many times can you buy new shoes or clothes to change your look? But what if we told you that a simple addition of shoelaces can achieve something drastic in fraction of a

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How to Choose the Right Colored Sneaker Laces?

Your oh-so multifaceted sneakers can go a long way in elevating your entire look. Luckily enough, your laces don’t have to be boring either since they come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and variations, to compliment your star sneakers!

Then again, you can’t choose to go berserk over the kind of shoelaces you choose to pair with your sneakers or your outfit. You need to be careful not to make a major fashion faux pas when it comes to picking out each and every element of your look.

Lace Rule

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Children, in general, have problems tying their shoelaces. But, when it comes to children with special needs, it can be challenging, especially for kids with Autism. The autistic children struggle with their fine motor skills. They have difficulties in controlling the forearm and hand movements for tasks like tying the shoelaces. This is the reason that parents are looking for alternative lacing systems that can make life easier for their kids.


No-tie elastic laces can be a huge help. Here are th

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Summary: This article provides information on the tools that one needs when they need to wash their sneakers.

If you are fond of the sneakers, you do know that it is not only about buying the coolest sneakers in the market, but you do need to take time to keep them well maintained and looking new. You might be looking for custom shoe laces that you truly love and you can get them online. If you have no idea how you are going to maintain the sneakers through regular cleaning and using the right t

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Nowadays, people have become very choosy, especially when it comes to fashion. With the growing digital era and ecommerce, consumers have ample of choices at their fingertips than ever before. Not only product, but they will get crucial information about the same easily. Within a few minutes, people can look at online reviews or even give their feedback about the same. Every segment of the fashion industry is growing, whether its clothing or shoe market. The digital era has empowered customers e

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You are getting ready for an important business conference. You are wearing your best suit to impress your clients. Everything is in place, including your best shoes. When you start wearing your shoes, something happens and your shoelaces snap. Your world comes crashing down on your head as you are now unable to wear your favorite shoes. You start becoming uneasy when your spouse comes up with the idea of using Hickies. You think of dismissing her thoughts when you see the advertisement on the t

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These Fashion Fads Are Making a Comeback


Everything old is new again. This is especially true in fashion, where retro styles are often reintegrated into modern wardrobes. Here are some of the vintage trends that you're going to be seeing everywhere this season.

Wedge Shoes

Some would argue that wedge shoes are timeless, and perhaps they are right: they can be found in fashion from the 70s, 80s, and 90s...up to modern day. After all, wedges are stable and comfortable while still providing the height that many fashionistas avidly seek. Wed

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Different kinds of women shoe quality inspection:
high-heeled footwear、high heels、heels :
court shoes、pumps:
peep-toe pumps。
hip boots、waders
thigh-high boots、thigh-length boots、thigh boots、over-the-knee boots、otk boots
knee-high boots、muckers、fishing boots
chap boots
wedge boots、wedgies
flip-flops、japanese sandals、jandals or thongs
ballet flats、ballerinas、ballet pumps、dolly shoes、skimmers
platform shoes、
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If you are searching for new shoes and sandals make use of for the summertime and spring, that you are in luck. We have appeared and assembled a listing of the newest styles in shoes Many of the favorites shops, designers and sites should bring these types of shoes, so that you are purchasing if the thing is a design that suits you, look for the actual style next time You will discover different shoes with regard to different events. We intend to talk about one of the most popular types involvin

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            PRIMO TEMPO DISTRIBUTION (PTD) este o companie romaneasca care activeaza in domeniul incaltamintei. Produce o gama larga de modele de incaltaminte de dama, bazate pe design si modele comandate dar si pe conceptie originala. Ciclul de productie, ce pleaca de la definirea necesarului de materiale, aprovizionarea din tara sau strainatate, croitul, cusutul si asamblarea, precum si impachetarea conform cerintelor fiecarui magazin, are loc in totalitate in cadrul companiei.

Wortmann, Humman

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TREND REPORT: Rock 'n Roll

The trend report is out; from studded boots to leather leggings, the rocker chic look is in style this fall. If glam met grunge, this is the sexy, edgy look that you'd get. Fall is about to get a little bit more dramatic with bold jewelry, metallic knit sweaters, animal print scarves, and leather apparel. 
Add a bit of glitz to your day to day look with this stunning (machine-washable) gold sweater, the gorgeous covering of delicate gold sequins and detaile
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Fall & Winter Shoe Trends

Fall & Winter Shoe Trends


Kick up your heels this coming season with the hottest fall and winter shoe trends. From studded shoes, spiked heels, and fringed boots, your winter wardrobe is about to get a much needed jolt to the system with these outrageous and edgy fashion statements. Unleash your inner wild child and get ready to rock & roll!
Testament to the adage that 'style never goes out of fashion', Jeffery West shoes are inspired by icons such as Oliver Reed and Beau
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