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There is more to sustainability than being just a trend. Do you know that wearing ecofriendly yoga clothing can benefit you in so many unique ways? One of the popular organic clothing manufacturer based in USA has curated a collection of apparel pieces that you can look through. Therefore, read on the blog below to know more about the same!

  1. Eco-friendly clothing helps to reduce drastic waste in the apparel industry. The sustainable clothing pieces are super durable, high quality and are made to l
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Why Do We Adore Yoga Pants


What is it about wholesale yoga pants that we find so appealing? For one thing, our day begins as soon as the alarm goes off. Sure, depending on the day, we may press snooze once (or twice), but as soon as my feet hit the floor, we're gone - sometimes pretty literally. And, let's face it, when you're dominating the world, the last thing you need is a squeezed waistline or a constricting pant leg. In the end, we live in our yoga pants. Why is this so? Because they enable us to get through the day

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Before the baby is born, expectant mothers and fathers start planning to buy things for the baby every day. Parents have been thinking about how to welcome this new life and create a good environment for him. As expectant mothers and fathers, are you still worried about how to choose safe baby products? Let us choose the safest wholesale baby items from the following precautions.

kiskissing wholesale newborn toddler kids adorable bunny ear pillow

  1. Purchase In A Planned Way

    New mothers should seek advice from some experienced mothers, and then make a list of baby it

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FondMart is a wholesale & dropshipping marketplace with a large selection of wholesalers and merchandise available. When you buy clothing from us, we also offer the entire private labeling solution with a reasonable price. Our one-stop service makes private labeling easy and brings great benefits especially to those who do dropshipping.

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It’s the first day of your internship and honestly, the timing may not be that great. You grab your purse, phone, wallet and keys, and head out the door ready to nail the first day at work.

For the working woman, there is a bit more to a work bag than meets the eye. So, we ‘have listed some of the crucial items you need for a successfully at work. Retailers can also contact one of the popular bag supplier and checkout from b the assemblage to select the cool designs for the store.

Feminine Product

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Going around carrying a clutch handbag in the daytime looks like a bad idea as it is unreasonable for several reasons. They won’t hold all your things. They aren’t hands-free. You may leave them behind after you have set them down somewhere. The idea is simply really clumsy. We know. We thought the same thing, leaving all the clutches for fancy occasions and evening dates.

However, we persisted as we love the look of a daytime clutch. After the first road test of the idea, we were unexpectedly ho

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Compression socks aren’t just for professional athletes. Whether you are training for a serious athletic event or just want to feel better in your daily life, compression socks can help you reach your goals.Compression socks for women are a particularly well-kept secret. The benefits go well beyond the gym. Say goodbye to painful swelling, achy feet and so much more when you wear compression socks for women. Compression socks manufacturer have especially curated a collection for women to heighte

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Why Are Clothing Labels Attached To Clothes?

If you’re the kind of person who cuts the tags off their clothes, you might be wondering why they’re even used in the first place. Don’t other people find them scratchy and annoying? Although a large number of people do end up cutting clothing labels off, there are actually a number of reasons why they’re an important inclusion for any piece of apparel.

Some of the more important reasons have been outlined below:

One of the more obvious functions of personalised labels is to let you kn

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wholesale clothing suppliers

The fashion industry has a tendency to draw inspiration from the weirdest of the place. And its biggest inspiration so far has been from the pages of history. Trends which were popular once but got lost somewhere in time, are being brought back to life, thanks to the enthusiasts from all around the world. But are they all worthy of a second innings?

To answer this question and help you recognize the biggest trends in the circuit right now, here is a list of three such trends. Read on and make dis

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If you are planning to set up a private label fitness clothing brand, you have to keep a number of things in mind. These include designs, fabrics and colors and of course, oodles of creativity. Although these things have to be kept in mind apart from various other factors, you can simplify the process by using these three tips and maybe even give some of the big clothing brands a run for money.

Consider Your Market

First of all, you should have a clear idea about the type of class and demographic

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Retail brands from all across the world are getting busy with their own private label clothing collections; let's just say that this is one of the best ways to keep the flag flying. Profits and fame come easy with private labels mostly because owners can experience maximum flexibility with the designs, pricing as well as customer loyalty programs with these options than any other brands that they may be housing in their shelves. The flip side of the deal comes with massive competition at this ve

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Trendy and well styled designer clothing with own private label and tag stitched strategically can now be picked up at wholesale rate, that too directly from wholesaler and manufacturer.

To get an entire range of apparel that has the signature logo, name, brand tag as desired, it is easy to place orders with leading private label clothing manufacturers. Customized orders along with specific personalized touch is an option open for all bulk buyers.

Every type of apparel ranging from sports and

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Wholesale private label clothing manufacturer are truly the messiah today; for never in the history starting your own private label clothing business was as easy as it is today. Even a complete novice can venture this industry effortlessly with some guidance. And these top manufacturers are just a mail away to be that guidance.

Goodbye to all the Backend Tasks

Once contacted, the top and reputed wholesale clothing private label manufacturers take care of just about everything. These manufacturers,

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How To Start Your Own Private Label Product

With the popularity of private labels increasing in the world, it’s an ideal time to start your own private label product brand.



Why Should You Create a Private Label Product?


Private labels are a great way for independent retailers to compete against national chains and increase shopper loyalty.  According to this special report, prices for private labels can be up to 30% cheaper than national or global brands, which means higher value for retailers and shoppers.


Advantages of creating your own

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Flexsystems in San Diego was chosen to not only create the custom pvc label for these very expensive goose down jackets, but we also did the decoration.
The distributor’s customer, CO3, wanted an outdoor look as well as a custom clothing label that would show their corporate logo in a crisp and clean way. They loved the pvc labels and the way that the logo popped out from a distance.
We made the custom pvc labels in San Diego and decorated the coats within one week. A rush job and the customer lov

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Private Label and Stock Program

We offer a Full Private Label and Stock Program directed to companies that need to start from scratch and are looking for fully customized clothing. We have harnessed the power of computer sublimation and screen printing to allow custom shirt printing in production runs as small as 300 {sublimation} to 1000 { screen printing} units directly from the factory.
Our company services have been designed to help small and large companies develop their own private label.

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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT for some of the most successfully branded label companies in the world.

With over 35 years of experience in marketing, product development, and , I have been instrumental in the growth and development of numerous major labels such as Votre Nom, Levi Strauss, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones of New York, Nygard Industries, Lois, InWear, Bluedot International, Leather International, David Dart, Laundry, Shelli Segal, Kookai, Enzym, Blue Addict, Hype, B-Zen and Sue Wong.

Allow me to help

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8843001457?profile=original8843001299?profile=original8843001493?profile=original8843001700?profile=original8843002458?profile=original8843002271?profile=original"Rêve des Caraïbes"


This collection is inspired by French socialites traveling to the Caribbean islands. It is a blend of European sophistication and the colorful and free ambience of the Caribbean, resulting in effortless luxury. No one more epitomizes than 60’s socialite Gloria Guinness.

She was known for her impeccable sense of style and indulged in the best of the best. This is for confident women who enjoy life and let themselves free. For the warm weather, the choices of fabrics

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