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There is more to sustainability than being just a trend. Do you know that wearing ecofriendly yoga clothing can benefit you in so many unique ways? One of the popular organic clothing manufacturer based in USA has curated a collection of apparel pieces that you can look through. Therefore, read on the blog below to know more about the same!

  1. Eco-friendly clothing helps to reduce drastic waste in the apparel industry. The sustainable clothing pieces are super durable, high quality and are made to l
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The Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes

Many hobby tailors start making clothes for their offspring. There are several reasons for this: the small selection in shops, individual gifts for friends and families with children and the small size of the clothes are just a few. Why you want to design clothes for babies is entirely up to you. To make it easier for you to get started, we have listed the best fabrics for baby clothing and all the information here.

The choice of fabrics can be overwhelming - where do I start? Check out this blog

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We often get sweaty all over, whether it’s due to warm weather or perhaps a strenuous workout session. In any case, most people do not realize that sweating is an essential bodily function aimed at regulating body temperature and detoxification. So why suppress it with toxic substances? Well, that is precisely what most people are doing with chemical-based antiperspirants.


Why switch to an organic deodorant?


We understand that you might be reluctant to give up using your regular deodorant. After

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With its stimulating texture, an organic bamboo sheet is a comfortable addition to your bedding. It has a luxuriant soft feel and a stupendous shine that make you sleep comfortably. Bamboo is available in more than 1000 varieties due to which it can be adapted to different climatic zones. Most importantly, this softwood has no deteriorating effect on the ecosystem where it is grown. So, when looking to buy organic bamboo sheets, here are some reasons to indulge in its luxury:

8843862082?profile=originalBreathable and Comfo

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The world is changing. People are becoming more conscious about their health and hygiene. You prefer organic and healthy food and products. So, why do you still go to the traditional salons which cause nothing but harm to your hair in the name of style? You must be wondering about where else to go. Well, why not go to naturally organic hair salons where your hair would be in good hands? Yes, they do exist. And if you happen to live in San Francisco, we can help you out. Ingenious Organic Concept

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8843525261?profile=originalImage by Easy-pics

Hair - You’ve Gotta Love It!

Such a simple thing, and yet it can provide so much strength and confidence. The Bible had the immortal tale of Sampson and Delilah, the former drawing his massive strength from his famous locks until the latter sheared it off. From Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and Marie Antoinette to Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and, of course, her highness Lady Gaga iconic women and memorable hairstyles have gone together like silky-smooth locks through a luxurious co

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What is Eco-Friendly Fashion?

With the apocalyptic warnings against the perils of global warming, greenhouse gases and widespread pollution, it’s high time we all turned to eco-friendly resources, tech solutions and lifestyle in general. In an attempt to help save the planet back in early 2000s, fashion designers joined the calls for environmentally conscious standards and green ideas across industries, including garbs and style – what came out was a whole new trend called sustainable fashion, which has already gotten increa

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Aeveka, Organic Skincare

8858625892?profile=originalAeveka is Organic, Vegan skincare line. Aeveka is all about healthy and pure skincare products made with natural and organic ingredients. Find out more about them on our Chic List:

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Feel Handmade / Hemp Large Clutch


(Image credit: Hemp Large Clutch by Feel Handmade via

Some of you may recall me mentioning Feel Handmade on more than one occasion prior to this post, yet I’m afraid that I simply couldn’t keep away. The main reason for my constant interest in Feel Handmade is primarily due to the fact that I regularly keep in touch with the husband and wife team behind the label, Joshua Karl and Erin Kaleel. I think that when you have a design team who focus heavily on precision, quality and exemplary
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Hey Everyone!! is running a contest and it is being hosted on the Makobi Scribe blog. 

The prize for the giveaway is 150 labels at a $165 value.  You can go over to to grab the link to the contest.  All you need to do is follow the rules that Makobi Scribe has posted to get in your entries.


Thank you,


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8842849461?profile=originalI have a great story I'd love to share with you, about someone who decided to declare a failure, so that he can create success in a way that allowed him to be true to himself and8842849486?profile=originalthe public he serves. His name is Michael Stoney. Michael launched dug (down under gear), a male intimate apparel line in 2004, with multi-million dollar backers who took ownership of his brand, sold it in Macy's and placed it in movies from Soul Food to Biker Boyz, to Toni Braxton videos. Unhappy with the directions his

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“Organic,” “naturally sourced,” “hand-dyed,”—these words are no longer selling points for hippies aged
and otherwise. They’re quickly becoming fashion industry buzz words that can change reputations and move units from stores. Environmentally-conscious fashion is leaking into mainstream media
faster than a bamboo shoot grows. Even mainstream television shows like Project Runway are featuring sustainable, ethical fashions. Talk about leading by example!


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Photo via Style Bubble

As much as we love young designers, it’s still a rarity for a recent design school graduate to make our jaws drop to the floor. So when Style Bubble featured Helen Furber’sridiculously forward-thinking shoe designs, we had to share it withyou. They’re just that amazing.


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Nicole Giordano is a textiles and accessories designer who writes the intersection of fashion, technology, and social media, offering her experience and expertise to you.

Sustainable Fashion | Image via Flikr/Abigail Doan

You’re starting a new line and, sensitive soul that you are, you’re considering going sustainable. Well good, I love hearing that. But is “green fashion” is a valid business maneuver or just a fleeting marketing angle? Do customers and retailers really buy into sustainability yet

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One Million Tee

Onemilliontee is a project to sell 1,000,000 t-shirts, each with a unique number (from 1,2,3… to no. 1,000,000) . Our first collection is focused on Africa, aims to create job opportunities in Africa.All t-shirt will use 100% organic cotton produced in Africa. Currently we're still looking for the right supplier and partner.Please visit our blog: onemillionteeblog and our websiteGive us your support to make this project works ! ^^ Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates of our upcoming site a
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What could me better than a line of products that are made fresh to order and will meet all your beauty needs? Well that’s exactly what Kimberly Parry Organics offers you with her beauty products made from all natural ingredients.Originally started back in 1999 as a way for avid gardener, Kimberley Parry, to address her own skin care needs. It soon grew from there when friends and other family members asked for her to do the same for them. Starting only with cleansers, skin-care and baby oils, h
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Search Engine Optimization For Retailers

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most undervalued online marketing tools available for fashion brands and retailers. If you are selling your product on the website, you need to invest to invest in Organic SEO. Before your hire an SEO firm, do your homework and check their online work.Also, take time to better understand Organic SEO and what it involves. Below are the most common terms:#1: Keywords in Page Content – Your web site copy is the most important element i
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These hand-appliqued designs are made using Eco-fi; a fantastic and innovative felt fabric made from recycled plastic bottles!We bring you an exciting array of bright and vibrant designs using this gorgeous, eco- friendly fabric. Appliqued, as ever, onto 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts and baby lap t-shirts.Kind to your little one's skin and our planet!To view the collection visit
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