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f you are feeling that your clothing is a little drab, do not worry you are not alone. You can buy handmade jewelry online to spruce up any of your outfits with some stylish handmade jewelry. Instead of spending more money on new outfits, accessorize the wardrobe you already have with wonderful handcrafted jewelry. Here are some useful tips to help you achieve the look and feel you want with almost any outfit.


Everyone loves to wear unique handcrafted jewelry, but few know that the shape and styl

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Online sites are offering different products to their budding customer so that they can add more customers in less duration of time. It is the best way of getting a reliable product in less duration of time. These days people are looking for n number of products online because they can easily get n number of products without facing any trouble, Moreover, companies are offering great deals and discounts to their potential customer so that they can shop for the right product without taking much ti

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Dale Chihuly: Artist, Visionary, Inspiration


Dale Chihuly is an incredible glass artist and visionary. He has been creating glass works for over forty years and is a prominent name in the contemporary art world. Dale is viewed as a highly successful artist and his net worth has been estimated at $10 million. His work can be seen in many different galleries across the country and even internationally. Known for his bright colors, large-scale projects, use of light, and love of nature, Dale’s body of work provides a profound experience for m

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4 Reasons To Buy Handmade Jewelry Rings

Are planning to ask your loved one for their hand in marriage? Well, you need an engagement ring. There are various silver and gold beautiful elegant and attention-grabbing rings sold in jewelry shops. You need to budget properly for a gold ring to avoid cheap imitations which are likely to fade with time. When getting silver rings, you need the right attitude to pull it off. The trick is to combine what people say. This is a great way to buy cheap, chic and creative jewelry. Let’s examine these

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How To Woo Her With A Handmade Engagement Ring

Are you reading this? Then you are probably perplexed on how handmade rings are different from normal engagement rings. After finding that perfect partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with, marriage is to be the inevitable end. When looking at what at asking for her hand in marriage, you need something which she will probably appreciate. If you look at the available options, nothing beats handmade jewelry. Want to know why? Well, below is how to woo her with a handmade engagement

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When you want to go clothes shopping, the major department stores usually aren’t too far away. You can probably find a Macy’s or Nordstrom at your nearest mall, along with lower-priced fast fashion outlets. But boutiques and other smaller clothing companies are growing more and more popular with consumers.


What makes these smaller businesses so appealing for finding new clothes? There are three reasons that stand above the rest.


To Get Something Unique

If you’re the type of person who appreciates

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Quality or Fashion: Choice is yours


Trends and fashion are what define today’s world. We see everyone being driven by the trends and talking about them, giving them so much importance over anything. We live in a world of trends and fashions which are driven by corporate sector or celebrities. In the following article, we will discuss whether the hype is worth it or we should go with quality over fashion:

Fashion Changes Everyday

We see fashion changes every day. Like we see, one thing comes in for a day and then it is replaced b

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Why Gifting Chocolates Is Very Popular?

Today's scenario of celebration lies on modernizing events with high-class ambiance. Everyone is eager to celebrate any party, festival or achievement in a unique way to not only impress others but also for maintaining a good standard in society. Celebration can be of vary from small to a big one, but one thing remains the same which is happiness.

Apart from the feeling of happiness, gifts play a major role to enhance the excitement of any celebration especially in birthday parties and marriages

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Finally received my long-awaited intricate and delicate handmade embroidery by traditional master craftsman sent all the way from Ukraine, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of La Mode by GV Miao's debut mini collection "Impérial"@La Mode by GV Miao's Fashion Project of the Year 2016 consisting of many favorite exciting elements.

Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:
Blog: http://la-mode-by.gvmiao.com/
Tumblr blog: http://lamodebygvmiao.tumblr.com/
La Mode by GV Miao f

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Why Wooden Watches Are Trending These Days?

Watches are not just a necessary accessory but it is also medium of having a style statement. We might be in possession of a lot of watches but still if we are a watch lover we never have enough of them. One addition to the stylish watches are wooden watches that are trending nowadays, its something that all the watch lovers are following and are talking about and has now emerged as one of the latest trends.


Apart from a unique style wooden watches also have a lot of other benefits over the other

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Kahn Tailor famous Hong Kong Tailor | Top recommended best tailors Hong Kong offers handmade suit, tailored suits, tailored shirts, best custom made tuxedos,

At Kahn tailor, We dispel the myth that quality bespoke suits come at a heavy price. We operate with conviction, that high end bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all. Our custom tailoring offer a modern cut but are made using age old hand-tailoring techniques, whilst delivered with personal touch.


We do not over complicate things, ope

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Womens Natural Dress Jewelry

Handmade Natural Womens Dress Necklace


All season design dress jewelry for the working girls.  Great accent to your office uniform and to your corporate attire.  Can be worn during daytime and evening.   Elegant style women’s dress jewelry.   Combination of natural beads and crystals.  To view more visit ladies fashion jewelry at Bedido Jewelry.

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How to choose a great suit


  As an expert, we at Ambassador  & Smart fashion will give you some tips on how to choose a great suit.


  First of all we will list you the type of suits.


     1-    Classic Suit: Which is for people who never wear suits, do not really feel comfortable with suits or for those who like their space. It has a simple body shape by leaving small space to your body without looking over-sized.

8843586893?profile=original      2-    Slim suit or Italian suit: Opposite to the classic suit, slim suits a

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DIY: Tips to Design Eco- friendly Jewelry

With the environment crisis reaching a whole new level of alarming, many people have been forced to reconsider their lifestyle choices and the ways they contribute to so much environmental wastage. Of course, no one wants to live under constant threat of a disaster. 


Thus, it is only right that we start to reclaim our lives by making changes in our everyday routines. The smallest and most insignificant of things can contribute to this. One need not take drastic measures; one can take small steps

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8843525480?profile=originalImage from GreenNBrown.com - handcrafted jewelry shop

For as long as humans have inhabited the earth there has been jewelry. When humans first started to produce clothes and making primitive tools items of jewelry were fashioned from the natural resources available; this may have been bones, stones or even animal skins. More recently jewelry involves the use of beautiful, and often precious, gems set into gold or silver bracelets, rings or necklaces. One thing has been true throughout history, we

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Evening Dresses Spring-Summer 2015 Trends

The Look – Metallic style Dresses, Shining evening dresses

Eveningwear dress

Eveningwear dress one shoulder

Eveningwear dress metalasse

Dress Wear Jewellery

Sovacollection Evening wear Dresses


Wedding day ideas are covered by many resources around, so no point in trying to re-inventing the wheel!

All I can do is observe and report my ideals and trends that seem to seep into the fabric of our lives, visually by the media or the celebrities whether being photographed at a special event, red carpet, music

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Trace back your steps in time as far as the beginning of the human civilization. You will find that the earliest of people used jewelry of different kinds. Its first was probably in Africa, but all the continents soon followed suit. And the use of jewelry has continued over the years almost in a similar fashion. Handmade jewelries have still remained a craze among the fashion conscious people.

The handmade jewelries are known to imitate the cultures of various places as well as races. For example

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