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Colored diamond jewellery is extremely uncommon natural gifts that are highly prized and expensive. Amazing diamond procedures have resulted in a stunning assortment of various coloured diamonds, ranging from light to bright and vibrant. These atomic imperfections that have resulted in beauty are a natural miracle that will be cherished indefinitely; now, tomorrow, and forever. 

9543970273?profile=originalWhile the colour of most natural diamonds may be explained scientifically, the genesis of pink coloration in diamond je

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It is that time of year again, and the monsoon season is upon us in full swing. The rains mark not only the arrival of the festive season. As Rakhi, Navratri, Karva Chauth, and Diwali roll in one by one, there is no better time or more auspicious time to go on a shopping spree. Some festive cheer and positivity are the perfect recipe for shaking off the dreariness of our daily lives, especially in light of the current circumstances.

9543976871?profile=originalNow that you have your space decked up with accessories and read

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A Splash of Colour in Diamond Jewellery

8844292472?profile=originalColored diamonds are mainly made up of billions of carbon atoms, but if minute quantities of other elements are introduced into the crystal lattice, the colour of the diamond can vary. Colored naturally occurring diamonds, often known as fancy diamonds, are very uncommon and are, for all intents and purposes, even rarer than pure, colourless diamonds.


Discover exactly how these ultra-rare gifts from the earth are formed and the extraordinary natural processes that create coloured diamonds. Color

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Diamond jewellery, whether in the form of engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, or necklaces, is a timeless piece. A diamond ring clears the air for people who aren't troubled by the finer nuances of gender parity. Jewellery is an excellent gift for any occasion regardless if you're a man or a woman.

9543971085?profile=originalDiamonds are known for their dazzling brilliance and sparkle. Rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and a variety of other decorative shapes are available for both men

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Contrary to common opinion, diamond jewellery can be easily integrated into everyday life. We know how one might think the diamond in every life can just be too much and might look unnecessary. But as Oscar Wilde once said , “You can never be overeducated or overdressed.” This is the ideology of where our thought process comes from. 

9543970273?profile=originalDiamond earrings, in essence, constitute an ensemble, transforming you from naked to flawlessly dressed in a matter of seconds, which is pretty important.  The four

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Women's gold earrings are one of today's must-have accessories. Gold earrings will bring elegance and charm to any look, whether you choose golden hoops, discreet studs, or something more ornate.


Gold has long been regarded as the most valuable commodity. This metal has long been associated with prestige and sophistication, dating back to ancient civilizations. Gold is adored all over the world, and for good reason: yellow gold is timeless, adaptable, warm, and enticing.


Gold is believed to brin

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India is a huge fan of the precious yellow metal. Our fascination with gold is a well-known truth that doesn't need to be debated. And when we mention we enjoy buying gold, we're usually referring to gold jewellery. Gold is not only an investment but also a valuable luxury item for the ordinary Indian gold buyer. And don't we love to flaunt it if we get the chance? A woman's attire and wardrobe in India are never complete without any kind of gold jewellery.

On average, Indians are among the world

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Diamond Pendants, contrary to common opinion, brighten up every appearance. They can perk up any look whether it is informal, formal, preppy, street style, and, of course, ethnic wear. When it comes to accessorizing, a pendant can be very flexible, and when paired with the right outfit, it can turn a look into the outfit that turns everyone’s head around.


Gold diamond pendants, for the most part, add a delicate touch of glitz to every ensemble. The delectable Gold diamond pendant will continue t

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Polki Diamond sets are the most common theme on Instagram and in wedding albums right now. We appreciate how perplexing jewellery shopping can be when you have only a smattering of expertise and no prior experience purchasing jewellery. Here's a step-by-step guide to finding the ideal Polki Diamond collection, from the right price to expert distinctions as compared to standard Kundan jewellery.

9543952261?profile=originalThe intricate Polki Diamond collection and other pieces of jewellery have the amazing ability to transf

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Polki Jewellery - A Touch of Royalty

Try opening every jewellery box in India, one common thing is that you will definitely observe across all across the nation, its states and population is particularly the traditional forever trending and pretty royal Polki Jewellery. Polk earrings, polki necklaces and polki maang tikkas, you name it! It's in every style and pattern.


While we all are suckers for the cut clarity and colour of the beautiful rock, uncut diamonds are really combining to take the world by a storm. Be it our favourite b

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Gold Jewellery do’s and Don'ts

We would also agree that jewellery is more than an accessory, whether it's everyday pieces or traditional pieces worn subtly on special occasions. It's a part of our identity, and it's a big part of our identity. As a consequence, it must be approached with care and delicacy.


Fortunately, whether, it’s your all-time favourite gold jhumka or your best friend's diamonds, we've assembled a list of dos and don'ts for wearing gold jewellery, demonstrating once again how it's an important part of our i

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Earrings; Bling to your outfits

Earrings are for all occasions; whether it is tiny - chunky, flamboyant - extravagant or even colorful-monochromatic; we want them all! When it comes to women's earrings, there's just one thing that comes to mind: they're like daily essentials. Work, part or any other event earrings are a major necessity. Gold earrings for women are no exception to the way we look for versatility in all of these—they've evolved into more than just adornments and have become a part of the body.


In every part of th

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Cheap Fasion Jewellery for 2021 Spring

Spring is coming, I have picked 5 top quality and also unique jewellery things.
The distinctions between these items and also the formerly suggested big-name classics are:
Relatively little, difficult to hit the cash;
The cost is relatively friendly;
Suitable for young girls.
1. Bar ear studs

A tiny emerald cut ruby that establishes longitudinally is included in the 18k gold bar steel.
Simplicity is not straightforward, there are geometric crashes and also resistance. Although it is various in vogue, i

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Uncut heritage: Polki Jewellery

The inseparable affair between the ladies and the diamonds is a chronicle that has been going on for centuries. Diamonds in any shape or form are the favourite of many. India is a land that has seen traditions developing into a culture-changing into the modern era; the art of jewellery making has also gone under this transition.

One of the elements that still have stayed stagnant in our hearts is the art of the uncut diamond also known as the Polki Jewellery. Whether it is the Bollywood celebriti

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While we all have been waiting for the right moment to pop the question to the perfect partner we want to spend the rest of our life finding that perfect ring can turn out to be quite the opposite of a dream. That sweet romantic gesture of proposing itself makes our hearts go pitter-patter, but now that you’ve liked it, you’ve gotta put a ring on it!

While of course selecting the perfect engagement ring for women is hassle served with a cherry on top. Finding the perfect ring starts from the styl

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Jewelry is a type of personal adornment prized for the craftsmanship that went into its creation as well as the overall value of its components.

Shells, bones, pebbles, tusks, claws, and wood have all been considered rare and beautiful throughout the centuries, as have so-called precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, corals, enamels, vitreous pastes, and ceramics. In some eras, artist-craftsmen have placed a greater emphasis on the aesthetic function of materials as components

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Purchasing latest gold jewellery designs is every buyer’s expectations when they plan on investing in Jewellery. However, like all other good and precious things, gold can be pricey too. Buyers wait until prices fluctuate which depends upon several factors such as the market, gold purity, weight, and intricacy of the piece making buyers eager to invest at the right time.

8844274063?profile=originalLuckily, old gold can always be sold, exchanged, or melted down in order to create a new piece. Gold is a luxurious commodity t

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Purchasing Gold Jewellery In India

India does not mine gold and all of its gold supplies are imported from overseas by certain authorized banks which further contributes to the prices of gold in India to fluctuate depending upon the international prices and currency. It is pretty obvious that Gold Jewellery prices get affected by these fluctuations as well.

8844274063?profile=originalBefore buying gold jewellery a buyer must always check the per gram price instead of just falling for the mesmerizing gold diamond jhumka designs, gold necklace designs, gold p

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The Vibrant Appeal of Polki Diamond Jewellery

Gone are the days when polki diamond jewellery was known to be adorned by the brides for their wedding day. These days we have noticed several brides donning this marvelous jewellery type to almost any other event of their choice. Women have mastered the art of carrying polki diamond jewellery to almost any of the occasions.


Several celebrities who got married in the year 2019 to 2020 have made the jewellery types even more popular. Several celebrities have been seen wearing polki diamond jewell

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Why is skull jewelry popular?

More and more fans of skull accessories; even many Hollywood celebrities are among them, such as Jonny Depp and Angelina Jollie, which has influenced in some way, the demand for skull jewelry wholesale by women and especially men.

The skull, a recurring motif in many cultures' classical iconography, is undoubtedly one of the most controversial symbols. On the one hand, it can express negative values linked to death, as in the popular tradition of the inhabitants of Tibet, Ladakh and India. On the

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