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Over the globe, diamond is considered the most expensive stone among people when identifying with other stones. Multiple expensive stones stand as a competitive one for the diamond, but by beating all those categories, diamonds have been in the top position since ancient times. That’s why most probably, on every special occasion called engagement, people are exchanging diamond rings instead of other stone jewels.  

Variations of the sapphire and the diamond:

The diamonds do not get any damage; it

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Women's gold earrings are one of today's must-have accessories. Gold earrings will bring elegance and charm to any look, whether you choose golden hoops, discreet studs, or something more ornate.


Gold has long been regarded as the most valuable commodity. This metal has long been associated with prestige and sophistication, dating back to ancient civilizations. Gold is adored all over the world, and for good reason: yellow gold is timeless, adaptable, warm, and enticing.


Gold is believed to brin

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Indian Blouses Online | Saree Blouse Of 2021

As we know there are many e-commerce online sites that are giving their best out. But yes, KarmaPlace brings a different concept for USA-based Indians and non-Indians too. We know many people residing in the USA but their cravings for Indian outfits and jewelry are still irreplaceable. Keeping this concept in mind we i.e. karma place brings the concept of saree blouse online usa  


So, If you guys are residing in the USA and worried about any Indian wear like, women's to men's or children's wear t

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Purchasing latest gold jewellery designs is every buyer’s expectations when they plan on investing in Jewellery. However, like all other good and precious things, gold can be pricey too. Buyers wait until prices fluctuate which depends upon several factors such as the market, gold purity, weight, and intricacy of the piece making buyers eager to invest at the right time.

8844274063?profile=originalLuckily, old gold can always be sold, exchanged, or melted down in order to create a new piece. Gold is a luxurious commodity t

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Black Dresses Can be Worn with Shoes of Various Colors

The little black dresses attracted people's attention in 1920, and since then, there has been no turning back for this classic and timeless costume. It has now become a must-have fashion for every woman. It’s a chic and elegant dress that can be shown off on various occasions. If you plan to attend a party and want to improve your fashion game level, then this dress is an excellent choice for you. Likewise, if you have come up with last minute plans and have no time to pick and choose, just grab

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Purchasing Gold Jewellery In India

India does not mine gold and all of its gold supplies are imported from overseas by certain authorized banks which further contributes to the prices of gold in India to fluctuate depending upon the international prices and currency. It is pretty obvious that Gold Jewellery prices get affected by these fluctuations as well.

8844274063?profile=originalBefore buying gold jewellery a buyer must always check the per gram price instead of just falling for the mesmerizing gold diamond jhumka designs, gold necklace designs, gold p

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A Brief Discussion on the Five Mandala Tattoo Themes

Besides spicing up a dull appearance, tattoos are known for acting as a means to express suppressed sentiments, rebel against the conventional notions of the society, and honour someone dead. Well, no matter what the motive is, you must choose a design from among the varied options readily available as carefully as possible. Remember, you have to live with the design forever.

Mandala tattooing has managed to acquire widespread recognition all ac

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Maxi dresses from designer collections will be perfect for any type of event. There are both formal and casual maxi dresses that feature unique designs and styles to impress every shopper. The latest collection of evening maxi dresses has come up with a wide range of items such as gold maxi dresses, navy blue maxi dresses, black maxi dresses, red maxi dresses and many more. You can also shop for maxi dresses with sleeves, sleeveless or a long sleeve maxi dress at great prices online.

Check out t

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Wedding bands are usually used as a sign of commitment to your spouse and the relationship you have with one another. This means that it needs to worn more often than not. For that reason, the choice of wedding bands should be taken seriously. You need to choose something that you both love and that fits within your budget. There are many wedding bands but gold is usually one of the most popular choices. Recently, other types of gold such as white gold have come up and people tend to gravitate t

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Differences between White Gold and Platinum

Most wedding rings or engagement rings Philippines are manufactured from among three metals: platinum, white gold or yellow gold. For diamond engagement rings or wedding rings, the popularity of platinum and white gold has increased dramatically in recent years.We have often been asked by customers what the differences are between white gold and platinum.


White gold vs platinum: which is better?


If you “Google” this question, you get a lot of information that is hard to decipher. To help you mak

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When we think about luster, shine and brightness, the first object that pops-ups in our mind is Gold. Gold is not just for making stunning accessories as well as furnishings but it is also a component that has skin brightness enhancing properties. Gold mask benefits consist of enhanced skin circulation, boosted skin cells, minimized appearance of great lines, creases, sun damage and also age places, enhanced gleam, flexibility, firmed skin, a lighter skin tone, and less swelling and collagen def

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How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement is a highly momentous occasion of a couple's life, where two people commit to staying together forever. The physical symbol of this beautiful moment is an engagement ring!

However, finding a ring is never easy. If one doesn't purchase jewellery often, they may not be very knowledgeable on buying the right piece, and there are several options on the market! How does one decide what type of ring to pick up?

Experts at Kalyan Jewellers have the

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Unique and Excellent Designs on Jewelry
Add a charming touch to your ethnic attire with the beautiful gold pendant set for a woman. The pendant sets are elegant in look, best in quality, and most attractive in design, especially for men and women. The attractive designs of the gold pendant set will fetch an endless compliment for your near and dear ones; all the choices are bewildering and astonishing.

The well quality pendant designs are constructed from precious metals that add shiny and touch

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Choosing the right pair of sneakers to take out with you is always a dilemma when you start packing. You may want to bring as many pairs as you want but it will take so much space. You will end up bringing too much luggage or paying the extra cost for the excess baggage. You do not need to end up like this. It is time to say goodbye to your bad habit and learn how to prioritize your belongings. You can start by examining your itinerary during the trips. What kind of place that you will visit and

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Gold is purity. Gold is royalty. Gold is a mesmerizing beauty. The metal's history traces back to the time of kings and emperors who valued and promoted its use through various mediums. Gold Coins, vessels and ornaments were an integral part of many kingdoms. Even though times have changed manifold, the value of gold has only increased. It is not a surprise that buying gold needs a lot of thinking and attention to detail. Considering it is the only metal which can be liquidated anywhere in the w

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Fine Jewellery for Dhanteras


Diwali- The most loved festival of the country is known as the festival of illumination which spans across five days. Dhanteras is a day when the celebrations of Diwali begin, people start making over their house, lighting it with ‘diyas’, LED lights etc., and mainly people shop all the valuable or posh things on this day. In India it is considered propitious to buy or gift something made of precious metal. That is why Perrian is the right choice to buy jewellery made of gold metal this Dhantera

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one gram gold chokers

Choker  means close fitting necklace which is worn around the neck. Choker can be made with different variety of materials like gold, silver, metal, german silver, 1 gram gold, etc,. Actually choker is most popolar in 1920s. Again now a days it became very popular. Chokers can available in different types of designs like peacock, leafs, mango design, pearls, rubies and more.

now maximum people are using one gram gold because less price. this information from  siri designers

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18k Yellow Gold The Sophiana Ring

Diamond engagement rings that are vintage in style always remain in vogue and have a special essence of ardour for your loved one associated with it. This is what makes the selection of vintage engagement rings extremely unique and top notch.

There are many engagement ring designs inspired by the vintage style out there that appear better than most of the rings made with a contemporary look. All the vintage designs are the fine and intricate work of the craftsmen

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The Elegance Of Rose Gold Jewelry

Beautiful gold Jewelry could be so exquisite, delicate looking and upscale when matched with your stylish outfits every day. In the event that you are occupied with adapting some new style tips and kinds of rose gold gems please look down to get some answers concerning extremely cool and in vogue approaches to style your most loved pieces.

Likewise, try to spoil yourself with a couple of excellent rose gold studs or a fragile arm ornament that will delicately shimmer and light up your look. Ideal

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We have decided and laid down few dos and don'ts in regards to jewellery for men. 

1)    Keep It Minimal 

The ground rule to ace any look is never to over-do things. A lot of cooks spoil the broth, do they not? Similarly, in the event that you clutter jewellery, there are numerous chances so it will backfire. So, choose a minimum amount of accessories with regards to the occasion. 

2)    Stud It Up 


Probably the most underrated men's jewellery is really a stud. This single piece could add to your ma

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