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Light wigs for summer

Some light wigs with beautiful hair colors are more suitable to wear for your summer, here are the recommendations.


Lightweight wigs such as full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, and headband wigs can be selected for more comfortable and lightweight wear.


For your summer wig selection, the light hair color provides a more changeable color choice, from blonde to pink, from blue to purple, and the light hair color is bright and warm for wearers.

blonde glueless wigs:

Blonde hair colors are never outdat

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Another graduation season is coming, which hair color is pretty for dark skin? If you desire to select one colorful wig for your graduation, here are some recommendations. 

First of all, red color


For dark tones, the red color of human hair wigs can showcase a contradistinction of dark sin, while looking noble, and advanced. The colorful wigs can be selected such as burgundy, or dark red depending on your warm tone or cool tone.

Second, ginger wig


The outstanding colors for your dark skin can show a

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Highlight colors choice: 

With the mixed temperament of highlight wigs, they express the girls' unique charm. How can you select the highlight colors? Depend on your desired looks to determine the highlight wig colors. Looks at these styles, and which one do you like mostly?


Natural look: brown and black 

For your daily wear or formal occasions, the brown and black colors show a natural and unique look to express the charm. Through enhancing your look, the brown and black color wig is fit your daily wear. 


Unique look: blon

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The fantastic jumpsuits for petite women need to fit your torso and your legs correctly. Since petite women with shorter statures and shorter legs, obtaining wholesale women’s jumpsuits from the petite department is quite important so that you can minimize the alterations needed. The most flattering jumpsuits should increase the waist circumference, as this will improve the proportion of shorter women and lengthen your legs. The right petite jumpsuits can create an uninterrupted vertical line, w

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Stunning Tricks for Women to Style Plus Size Clothing

Fashion has always focused on specific demographics of skinny women, but ignores that real women have a variety of body shapes and sizes. Nowadays, more and more designers are playing with the idea of wholesale plus size clothing. With acknowledging and celebrating fashion for curvy women, we are hoping to see designers back home stand above the needs and rights of the plus size women. Today, we have compiled some stunning tricks for plus size women, with advice on how to find outfits that make

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Black Dresses Can be Worn with Shoes of Various Colors

The little black dresses attracted people's attention in 1920, and since then, there has been no turning back for this classic and timeless costume. It has now become a must-have fashion for every woman. It’s a chic and elegant dress that can be shown off on various occasions. If you plan to attend a party and want to improve your fashion game level, then this dress is an excellent choice for you. Likewise, if you have come up with last minute plans and have no time to pick and choose, just grab

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Today is Friday night, and you are searching through your closet to put together the right wholesale women’s apparel, but you just can’t seem to find any suitable outfits. This is a struggle that all women are fitting, but things are not as complicated as you think. You can make your life a lot easier with some smart fashion tricks that can keep you in the best condition in any situation. You can adjust the choices according to your personal style, body shape and personality, but most of these t

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For many moms and fathers, having a baby is a very joyful thing. They start to buy things for the baby during pregnancy. Among them, clothes are indispensable, but how to choose wholesale clothes for the newborn? There are a few points that must be paid attention to, otherwise, it is a safety hazard.

kiskissing wholesale 2 Pieces Infant I Love Mama Papa Camouflage Colorblock Jumpsuit And Accessory

  1. Choose Pure Cotton Blend Clothing

    kiskissing wholesale Simple Baby Girl Plain Top

    Babies have strong sweat secretion and need good sweat absorption, good breathability, soft and lose clothing, so be sure to choose pure cotton clothing.
  2. Choose a Card

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Christmas Kids Clothing

Now It is mid-November, which means that Christmas is coming. In order to welcome Christmas, what preparations do parents need to do? Of course it is to prepare festive wholesale Christmas costumes for the kids firstly. The lively Christmas festival is very suitable for kids to dress up and hang out with mom and dad. Although you don’t have to wear red and green like Santa, eye-catching colors and patterns with Christmas elements are all classics.


  1. Single Product Selection

    kiskissing wholesale kid boy christmas cartoon deer knit sweater

    Mom can choose a knitted

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In the world of ever changing fashion, the most important thing is to find your own truly unforgettable style. This can be very tricky since there are so many choices and options available. Deep cleavage, accessories, different backpacks, and unique fabric shapes, and lengths, which is so easy to get lost! Though, if you follow some simple rules, wholesale womens fashion will become your middle name.

Tip1: Find the Right Style to Complement Your Shape

shestar wholesale zip mesh casual cropped pants shestar wholesale plus size ruffle hem plain dress

No need to keep up with the trends and spend y

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Plus size women usually have a difficult time to choose a stylish party dress because most wholesale plus size party dresses look loose and unattractive. As a result, women with extra weight usually try to put on larger and shapeless dresses to cover up the flaws of the figure which look more unattractive. So it must be pointed out that it’s very important to pick the right way of highlighting plus size women’s natural curves.

Finding fabulous and comfortable plus size outfits may be difficult, b

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How To Choose The Best Summer Wedding Colors


The summer season, not only June but the rest of the summer months as well, continue to be incredibly popular times for weddings, and those planning a wedding for the summer time have a great many advantages, one of which is the abundance of great summer wedding colors.

There Are An Abundance Of Vibrant Summer Colors

The abundance of the most vibrant and beautiful colors is one of the best things about summer weddings, and it is no doubt that this is one of the most important advantages of hosting

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Have you ever wondered how to make your ordinary non-label pumps shine like a pair of Louboutins? The fake-it-till-you-make-it principle works in fashion better than you might think. One way to make a deceptive trick in order to increase your style value is by implementing some of the most luxurious colors. If you really wish to make your wardrobe Chanel-worthy, see how these colors gradually transform your wardrobe into a cradle of high fashion. 

Shades of snow 

White is a mixture of all colors i

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These 4 colors we love to wear every winter!

There are certain trend colors that every winter is just everywhere: on the runways, on the streets and in the stores. They are so popular that any winter outfit immediately becomes stylish, cool and elegant. Which ones? We will give you the answer to this question!

#one. Burgundy


About sobenno in the cold season, burgundy provides a pleasant, warm color accent. It is more simple and unobtrusive than bright red, but still not boring. You only need one element (for example, a bag or shoes) in burgu

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The time before the wedding is the most crucial and dreamy time for every couple before they swear to live together throughout their life. No matter how much stressful is the wedding preparation, pre wedding shoot tend to bring that glow in the face of the young couples. There are many options to consider when preparing about the pre shoot outfit but it can become stressful for bride to choose few of them and leave the rest.

An ethnic outfit can create that dreamy aura which the couple must have

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It can be nice to have teeth that look like they belong in a glossy magazine advertisement. It can be nice to make clothing choices that look like they belong in one, too. If you want your smile to blend in seamlessly with your wardrobe, these four strategies can be extremely useful and effective.

Dress in a Neat Style

Simple and understated clothing choices work well. The best smiles look clean and straight. Some of the most stylish outfits are streamlined and tidy in feel, too. If you want your

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How to Dress Up For An Interview

For years, we are taught not to judge people base on how they look. Although it is morally correct to see beyond a person's appearance, we can't deny the fact that dressing properly is vital to success. It will be pure denial if we say that wearing suits and corporate dresses plays no impact in getting hired faster.


How Your Clothing Choices Can Empower You


According to research, wearing proper clothing has a significant impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem. Beautiful clothes can boost

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2017 Summer Fashion Trends


Summer has finally arrived and so are summer fashion trends. As there is a lot to do in summer, women are always running out of clothes even if their wardrobe is full of great clothes. But of course, you don’t want to wear last summer’s clothes this summer! This is why we are introducing 2017 summer fashion trends to you. Fashion shows at Paris, New York, and Milan have come up with some great summer collection.

The shoulder fashion never grows old just like pink and yellow colors are considered

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Top Accessories and hairstyle Trends For Fall

When you think about fall, red, grey, orange and other warm colors come to mind. This year we have a mix of both warm colors and light colors, and not just in clothing, but also hair colors and accessories. Here are my top Accessories and hairstyle picks for fall 2016:

Boho-Chic colorful Head wraps


image source

A super sporty and chic item that you can tie in different ways. Kendall Jenner wears them and we absolutely love it! There are so many patterns you can choose, from vintage to Gothic to pri

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Bill Cunningham | Lush Colors

The richness of colors, particularly pastels and flower patterns on winter coats, often reflects the hidden treasures of gemstones and of vegetables sliced open, revealing an intense color inside.

Video : include fashion coats and winter jewelry - wholesale necklaces

As we embark on the new year, the richness of colors, particularly pastels and flower patterns on winter coats, often reflects the hidden treasures of gemstones and of vegetables sliced open, revealing an intense color inside. A spect

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