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For many moms and fathers, having a baby is a very joyful thing. They start to buy things for the baby during pregnancy. Among them, clothes are indispensable, but how to choose wholesale clothes for the newborn? There are a few points that must be paid attention to, otherwise, it is a safety hazard.

kiskissing wholesale 2 Pieces Infant I Love Mama Papa Camouflage Colorblock Jumpsuit And Accessory

  1. Choose Pure Cotton Blend Clothing

    kiskissing wholesale Simple Baby Girl Plain Top

    Babies have strong sweat secretion and need good sweat absorption, good breathability, soft and lose clothing, so be sure to choose pure cotton clothing.
  2. Choose a Card

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The barriers for launching a new fashion tech startup are now extremely low, and as many of the Fashion Industry Network members are either budding entrepreneurs or in the thick of creating a fashion startup. Having been there myself, it is no easy journey and I completely get that every entrepreneur needs support as much as possible. I highly recommend that surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs is vital for nurturing the growth of the startup and also the individual guiding this proces

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Five Wearable Technologies of the Future


Fashion has always had a way of pushing buttons and boundaries. The next step, with our society relying so heavily on technology, seems to be mixing the two. It makes sense to an extent; we all wear clothes and we all use phones. The future promises some strange but potentially revolutionary changes in fashion and technology, giving its wearer significant advantages, some of which you might wish you had right now. Below are five examples of wearable technology proposed by the future.

  1. Kinetic Shoe
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How Future Home Tech Will Change Your Life


The house of tomorrow. What will it do? What will it look like? Fortunately it may be possible to predict what the future of housing will have in store for us a few years down the line. As due to recent innovations in housing designs and home appliances it is possible to expect a whole range of multifarious technological advancements, ranging from self-cleaning paint to smart windows.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the advances in domestic appliances and housing that you can expect to

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With the recent advancement in technology, the fashion industry is also adapting fast to many contemporary trends. As the famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, “fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”


Today, apart from wearing the trendiest clothes, there are also tech accessories in the form of our smartphone, tablets, smartwatches, and even the highly-talked abo

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Get ready to expect more marvelous eye candies on the runway of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza! Hong Kong handbag designer, Betty Lau graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and founder of RBRK which stands for the initial of 4 siblings of the Lau family, who knows better than anyone else what the busy metropolitan ladies should have in their everyday accessory corset will be showing off her multiple sized and colored leather bags of both superior quality and versatility exuding

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Eco-friendly Dye Technology Makes it to Asia

This week members of the AirDye® team will embark on an Asian tour, stopping in 11 cities in three countries. Vice President of Textiles Bonnie Julian, Director of Design Philip Hess, and Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer Paul Raybin are traveling abroad to work with new licensees and introduce AirDye® technology to global brands.

In Japan, the AirDye team will be working with new licensees Debs Corporation and Komatsu Seirento deploy AirDye technology in Asia and supply products globall

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Technology is about pushing forward. Be it computer technology, food technology, or textile technology, the purpose is to accomplish something that was once impossible. Such is the case with the recent introduction of a new wool dyeing technology that allows–for the first time–wool to be dyed with multiple colors and designs. New Zealand’s AgResearch developed the technology, and fellow New Zealander BGI Developments will commercialize the process.

The new technology could significantly expand Ne

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           8842851253?profile=original NEW YORK CITY- Mohan’s Custom Tailors is taking the boring and basic out of the word suit by designing a new and improved version for the modern man—the techy suit!   As men are dressing up and going out to dinner dates, museum galleries, and lounges in fine dress, Mohan’s is creating contemporary and handsome designs to fit their needs.  Mohan’s has introduced the fashion of the future with their new tech offerings, including pockets for your Blackberry, iPod, iScribe, Bluetooth and

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It’s not every day that we can say we’re wearing a shirt that not just makes us look like a superhero—it was made by a superhero. No, Batman isn’t coming out with a Fall/Winter line (though that would be
kinda awesome.) Instead, we have Patrick Whaley, a student at Georgia Tech and the founder of Omega Wear, a sports apparel line that actively helps get the wearer develop muscles and improve cardiovascular health. With removable weighted inserts, Whaley’s garments help with conditioning, reduce

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BioCouture: Growing Clothing in a Tub

We thought we’ve seen it all with eco-friendly clothes: from recycled plastic bottle suits to solar-powered bags by Diane von Furstenberg, it was only a matter of time before a designer turned to microscopic life forms for inspiration. That’s exactly what Suzanne Lee,a senior research fellow at the School of Fashion & Textiles at Central Saint Martins in London did. Although, she didn’t just turn to bacteria—she also used a few large tubs, some yeast, and a few cups of green tea. The result is

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If you haven’t been reading this blog much or hitting your head against the door that is fashion production, let’s just say this once and for all; starting a fashion label is a long and expensive process with a wicked learning curve. Add a lack of adequate outlets to begin production and it becomes even more of a daunting task. In fact, the difference between the successful designers and never-weres can be traced to this stage in development. So, kids, imagine a democratic way

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Whether you’re a techie or not, you know that the iPad is the talked about technological addition to your electronic device collection. Sure, the tablet computer has made a massive impact on the
world of technology, but fashion companies are going to have to re-think their advertising approach to keep up with our generation’s love for all things online.


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Sustainability Through Technology

zaha-hadid-architects.pngGuest Post By Daniel Zeltzer, Marketing Director of Los Angeles based fashion brand XCVI Clothing.

Is fashion design really possible on a computer? It’s hard to work with garments without touching the fabrics and getting a real feel for the product, but more and more designers are reaching towards technology to help them create unique designs. Have we reached the age of “computer generated garments”?

Not quite, but…technological innovations are certainly helping talented people work to their fulle
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