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The best outfit is that which suits you and goes as per your body type. Everybody likes to be glamourous of all in a party, of course, this is the main desire of almost every one of us while getting ready for a party. Figuring out what to wear to a party can be a daunting taste as you navigate all the possible scenarios a party may entail, never mind factors like how to feel comfortable without sacrificing for a stylish look, how to get perfect party looks, or what to wear to a party. Not to wor

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Latest Indian Fashion Trends For Men

With the arrival of modern culture, fashion and trend is gaining more and more significance in the lives of men. Fashion has now evolved equally to men as much it has to women.


Fashion trends for men are fluctuating at a rocket speed. Men are now well dressed and decked up. Nowadays, it has become a necessity for men to go with the trend and keep bringing modifications in their wardrobe with innovative, fresh, and latest fashion trends. Read on to know everything about the latest trends in the fa

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The COVID-19 pandemic had its impact on a lot of things. Indeed, the lives of a lot of people have been put on pause. Students stopped going to school. Some companies even closed down and employees lost their jobs. The frontliners especially the healthcare workers have grown to be exhausted after month after month of growing number of cases as they work nonstop under layers of clothing with the hot personal protective equipment or PPE that covers their entire bodies. The economic state of countr

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The world of fashion is often portrayed as a world of luxury, glamor, large beautiful smiles, and a lot of extravagances. At least that’s what you see when you look at the models on the catwalk, isn’t it? They are walking confidently while displaying a large breathtaking smile that makes you think their life is simply perfect. 

However, before you idolize the life of models or fashion designers, take a second to think about what actually is behind their smiles. Is it a perfect life in the perfect

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Between runway shows and photo-shoots, working as a model can often involve a chaotic schedule. Doing your job right means keeping your eating habits and fitness program on-point as well, and everything you have to do to become and remain successful in the fashion industry can often cause a constant state of pressure and a lot of stress.

Putting your emotional, physical and mental health at risk could happen if you’ve started neglecting your wellness. If you think that a change is needed in your

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2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Print Modeling Casting Calls Free Online Magazine Print Model Contest For  Indian models, Thai models, Asian models, Desi models, Ethnic models, African models, Black models, Pinay models, Latina models, Bi-Racial models, Middle Eastern models, Muslim models, Jewish Models, Portuguese models, African American models, and Somali models for Miss 2019 Ethnic Queen Magazine Ethnic Model of the Year model search worldwide for all gorgeous and glamorous aspiring ethnic femal

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As a professional, you probably understand the importance of reading and understanding all parts of a contract before you even consider signing it, but there are still a lot of people who do not see the importance of being completely aware and informed before signing documents. If you are stepping into the modelling industry and about to sign your first contract, you are probably very excited and eager to begin the process. However, you need to understand the document you are signing so that you

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Cosmetics are the most demanded products of the market. Every woman fell in love with them so easily. By just watching the cosmetics from outside the consumer fell for it and buy the product as quick as she can. The love for cosmetics is beyond expectations. No matter how much costly but it always attracts people towards them. The cosmetic industry is getting higher day by day. It has been on the top in the race of retail market from years.


The cosmetic industry has a lot from an expensive range,

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In this modern age people are more concerned about their Appearance, so an industry related to beauty and skin products have a huge opportunity to grab a great share of customers in the market. The company should well aware of the strategies which help them to enhance their sales and to achieve their targeted goals. By applying the perpetual mapping a company can know where they fall in the market what is their place in the market. So, they can make the necessary arrangements or follow strategie

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The cat’s finally out of the shopping bag as fashion companies are being denounced for a variety of unscrupulous business ethics.

One damning report after another has unmasked the ugly face of fashion waste, as shops ranging from budget to high-end clothes have come under scrutiny.

A New Yorker made a startling discovery near Union Square’s Eddie Bauer store last December, pointing out that it actually sabotaged its unused overstocks so that no one could wear them.

“Eddie Bauer in NYC threw out bla

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The International Beauty Movement

2019 Female Fashion Magazine Internships in NJ/PA/DE/MD/DC/VA

The International Beauty Movement is now accepting female fashion intern applications from upcoming female event and promotions marketers, female fashion photographers and female videographers, upcoming fashion designers, upcoming makeup artists, upcoming hair stylists, upcoming fashion writers or fashion bloggers, event volunteers, and upcoming female fashion stylists that are interested in interning f

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The fashion industry is a hard world to navigate, but it can be rewarding. One of the hardest things to figure out is how to be confident in a competitive world. The following are five things you can do to reassert yourself in the industry.

Knowledge Is Power

An effective way to be confident is to concentrate on what you know. Your knowledge can be a source of power when you need it the most or when you feel intimidated. You can be the star of the show if you know what others don’t, even on a bad

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LOS ANGELES, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ironically the growing fashion industry in the Middle East is poised to drive women through the proverbial glass ceiling. According to After White, key in the effort toward re-empowering the female population is the Arab Fashion Council. The ambitious goals of this non-profit organization include positioning the region as an important leader in the international fashion scene by the year 2030. It is anticipated that 20 million jobs for women will be secu

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New on our Chic List: Park and Buzz Jewelry


New on our Chic List: Park and Buzz Jewelry - A breath of fresh air in the #jewelry industry providing gorgeous
and unique pieces for the modern woman. --> for more info visit: Discover great brands and designers.
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Starting a business in an industry as competitive as fashion can be very difficult. Passion is a must, but if you already have that, you will need a few more tips if you are going to make it. Don’t allow yourself to get left by the wayside like so many other fashion businesses. Take this advice and you’ll go much further!


1. Treat it as a business

Many people get caught up in the idea of designing a fashion range, or creating a label, without thinking as a business. Like any business, you need to

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Fashion is a way of expressing one’s self in the form of clothes and accessories. Indian audience is always beguiled by the latest developments in the world of fashion. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, all these social media deluged with the latest fashion successes and disasters. The fashion preferences of the Indian customers has changed drastically in the last couple of years. The Indian audience is continuously experimenting with new trends. Indian apparels and the fashion industry was all ab

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Last week on May 10 & 11, 2017 was the premiere show for luxury packaging for all brands and up and coming brands at Luxe Pack New York was amazing where you had the chance to join the global community that brought the beauty industry together with exhibitors from A to Z which is the next level of packaging brands that sets off a luxurious finished look which is what I call strictly quality control delivery of luxury decorative products as it gave you the opportunity to visualize the perfect pac

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Vancouver Fashion Turns on Chinese Media


Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) Fall/Winter 2016 session had hold during March of 2016 in Chinese Culture Center, Vancouver, Canada. This was their 27th session since 2001, the undertaker promised that this session VFW will show the diversity of fashion design in different countries. There were around 100 shows during the fashion week to reveal the most hot design in fall/winter 2016.


This fashion week is the quickest developed fashion week in North America area. They provided a international stage

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New on our Chic List: Sareptha Rose Bags


New on our Chic List: Sareptha Rose - Based in New York City, Sareptha Rose’s ornate #handcrafted #bags are made to help develop the African craft industry by bringing Liberia's craftsmanship to the global stage. --->
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Azerbaijan Fashion Week – the first global fashion project meeting the standards of Milan, Paris, London and New York Fashion Weeks completed its work in Baku, Trend Life reports.


photos:prom dresses uk

The eye-catching fashion show, supported by Azerbaijan’s Culture and Tourism Ministry and the French embassy in Baku met the high expectations of all fashionistas.

The fourth day of event featured bright and modern collection by international designers such as ZHEREBTSOV, NARGIZ SHAKHBAZ

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