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The Bridegroom’s Guide to the Perfect Look

All eyes may be on the bride during your wedding, but that does not mean that you can get away with looking anything other your absolute best for your wedding. In fact, your big day will be captured in photographs, videos, and your guests' memories, ensuring that the hour you say “I do” will live on for years into the future.

You want to those mementos to show that you were the dashing bridegroom rather than the guy who barely looks like he took a shower that morning. Use these important tips to

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New on our Chic List: ShopWorn

8843713271?profile=originalNew on our Chic List: ShopWorn --> -- ShopWorn is the online showroom for acquiring luxury #designer
watches, #jewelry, and accessories. As a new niche in the luxury
marketplace, all ShopWorn products are exclusively store-display
models that have been purchased from authorized retailers and are sold at prices significantly below retail value.

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New on our Chic List: Sareptha Rose Bags


New on our Chic List: Sareptha Rose - Based in New York City, Sareptha Rose’s ornate #handcrafted #bags are made to help develop the African craft industry by bringing Liberia's craftsmanship to the global stage. --->
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Tips To Choose The Perfect Tie

Having trouble buying a present for your father, brother or for your husband? Yes, it is true that it is very hard to look for something that men would appreciate much. You have to assess the need of the person whom you are to give something. A perfect tie would suit to a man who works in an office. This is a very common thing that a man needs in order to complete his office outfit.


Now, if you have chosen a tie for a present, it is better to know how to choose a high-quality necktie. In fact, th

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Why Are Indian Dresses So Popular?

The charm and elegance of Indian dresses have been upheld for many decades, and more importantly, the occidental culture has been fascinated by the magnificence and glamour of the most popular Indian outfits, which include salwar suit, the lehenga and saree. With the introduction and innovation of new fashion and trends, fashion designers blended the ethnic and western sensibilities together and came up with a fusion wear that has become very popular across the globe.


Here are more reasons why In

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Is Saree An Ideal Party Wear?

When you have to go to a party, the first thing that would come to your mind is regarding what to wear. Typically you would be thinking of a gown, skirt or a single piece dress. But now you can wear something different and make your own style statement.


What we are referring to here is a party saree. This is a dress that will make you stand out anywhere. At one point of time, saree as a dress was for formal occasions only. But not any more. Today you can wear this outfit to any kind of occasion.

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Get Fit

8843577084?profile=originalNew Year’s Resolution #1: Get Fit --> Quick Tips:
1. Find a sport you'll enjoy like swimming, martial arts or tennis. You'll be having fun and getting fit at the same time!
2. Find enthusiastic, encouraging activity partner. You are more likely to enjoy your workout with a buddy.
3. Your mind is way more powerful than your body. Know it's power. If you think it's hard, it will be hard.
If you think it's easy, it will be easy. Up to you.
4. Get fit. Don't quit. items that would make your "Get Fit" res
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 Provide a dyeing service 

 8843171661?profile=original8843171489?profile=original8843172277?profile=originalWe are specialized supply in Garment Accessories:

Embroidered Lace, Braids, Ribbon, Elastic lace, Crochet, Tape, Belt, Packing Bow, Cord Lock, Plastic String Lock And Hand made items etc.

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( Lace Trimming )


We provide a dyeing service for all kinds lace trimming, buttons, cords, elastic and other trims.


Please feel

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Designer Review: Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2012

8843069286?profile=originalLong known in the Middle East as a leading haute couture designer, his overtly feminine aesthetic and romantic crystal-encrusted gowns initially attracted princesses, and later, film stars, enamored with his Middle Eastern detailing and European sensibility. Elie Saab’s reputation as a red-carpet designer is well earned. He’s been name-checked again and again on the red carpet by stars like Halle Berry, whom in 2002 stunned the world by wearing Elie Saab’s burgundy number with a sheer, flower em

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Swimsuits You

8858578681?profile=originalSummer style has been taken to the next level as brands reinvent our favourite summer essentials - swimsuits, sunglasses, and sun-hats, with inspiration from the past. It’s all about slipping on your swimsuit and favourite sunnies to head to the beach with your girlfriends for a day or even weekend of relaxation and girl talk. As we grow older, covering up seems to sound more appealing and while We Are Handsome is producing swimwear with lions, tigers, bears and more – it’s hard not to want to t

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We are a manufacturing company in guangzhou China, we specializes in supplying and manufacturing garments and accessories (scarves, women's, men’s, kid’s, shoes, handbags, underwear, etc) for different markets overseas. We work closely with our customers to help develop styles and designs based on their needs.

      If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a  order, please feel free to contact us :

24hours business line:86-13416499914-Sunny

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We Are Selecters / "Escape" Collection

That's so New YorkYesterday evening, the wonderful people over at We Are Selecters were kind enough to send across the look book for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection; that of which has been titled "Escape". After experiencing sheer amounts of joy after flicking through the images, I thought that it would be best to "share" these images with you. See, how nice am I?

8842979495?profile=original(Image Credit: Photographer - Marta Julve, Stylist - Patricia Proko, Stylist's Assistant - Mónica, Hair-Styling - Adolfo Senao, M

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That's So New York - Despite the fact that I'm constantly receiving press releases and emails from press representatives which suggest a potential post, regrettably I have to admit that it is seemingly once in a blue moon that I actually post about the said designer, product or photographer; simply because I seem to enjoy that thrill of being able to scream "look what I have just found!" in addition to "look what someone has just handed to me on a silver platter!" - yes, I have to say that it se

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In my fashion jewelry store, I offer two different types of karat platings. 14k GP & 18k GP. But what is the difference between the two...what does "gold karat" even mean?

Lets begin with what the 'karats' in gold karats actually mean. Essentially, a 'karat' is the measurement for the fineness of gold, with pure gold being 24 karats. The difference between 14k GP and 18k GP, is that one has a higher level of gold fineness than the other. So what is GP(gold plating)? Well, this is when a base me
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Apparel buyer Wanted...

Dear Sir/Madam

It is our immense pleasure to introduce Ramhz Bangladesh, a reputed exporter from Bangladesh. We produce all kinds of clothing as per our customer’s requirements and we always proud of our price, quality & in-time delivery. Our list of items is in the following below........... List of items: T-shirt, Polo-shirt, Sweat-shirts, Sweater, Jeans, Shirts, sportswear, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Jog suits, Bra & Panties, Dresses, Blouses, Tops, Tang top, Jackets, Vest, Caps, shopping bags,
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Valentine’s Day is a time to show your beloved how much they mean to you and why they are so important, but the pressure to pick the right gift can be overwhelming. The Bride Show Abu Dhabi is perfectly timed to bring a wealth of romantic gift ideas for the UAE capital’s couples.Running from 10th to 13th February at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, The Bride Show Abu Dhabi will bring more than 200 exhibitors showcasing sparkling jewellery, haute couture evening gowns and abayas, handbag
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