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Socks can make a huge difference in your clothing and these pieces are often overlooked, and paid very less attention to, you need to make sure that you are picking out something that will be comfortable as well as well fitting too. The leading sock manufacturers are coming up with different designs of wholesale socks like soft yoga socks, compression socks and a lot more that can serve you the purpose right where its needed. So, you need to check out these pieces now and order in bulk for your

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Letterhead is one of the most important parts of your business enterprise. It is much more than a source of correspondence, as it also represents your business position physically. Letterhead printing is an imperative domain if you want to give your business a refined look. You have to use this piece of paper for important business matters and to send to people around you so, effective printing should be your top priority.
The following factors must be given due significance while you plan to pr

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Take a look at various types of eCommerce mobile apps, eCommerce market statistics in the USA, eCommerce mobile app features and how you should decide to choose a good eCommerce mobile app development company?

Learn about the various basic and advanced features of the eCommerce mobile app and what are the benefits of getting your own eCommerce app for targeting mobile users.

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How to Sustainably Source Your Fashion Products

Living a sustainable lifestyle means trying to greatly lessen your impact on the environment. Instead of taking things from nature that cannot be adequately replaced, you only take things that can be efficiently replaced. It requires effort.

People may assume that living a sustainable lifestyle requires going without a lot of things people take for granted in modern society. This isn’t actually true. In fact, even fashion can be created in a sustainable way. Many eco-conscious and fashionable peo

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Here few things that one requires to know about custom t-shirts for company i.e; dress codes of the employees. Dress codes are an essential part to pay heed on as they help develop professionalism in an organization. A dress code can communicate the 'organization's preferred attire for work. Appearance policy plays a significant role in the background, to process the high expectation of people regarding the ethic of your company. There are some unwritten dressing policies which are not mentioned

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We have seen the enormous growth of customization all over in every industry and the trend has remained touched in the clothing industry as well. So, if you don't want to miss out on the unique sales, it is crucial for business owners to integrate the apparel design software in the current existing website or online store to offer customization options to the customers to design their unique products. Nowadays, no one wants to use mass-manufactured products or accessories, end-users looking for

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8843853487?profile=originalTravelling can be stressful but not as stressful the packing. There are so many things that could go wrong. One of the most delicate things that you can transport is makeup. You ask why? Imagine all your powders and eyeshadow destroyed and scattered your suitcase. Now that is a horror film itself. Do not be alarmed, help is on the way. We have gathered a list of useful tips on how to properly pack and protect your make up, according to the type of travel - a short-term visit, or a house moving.


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10 Oldest Fashion Retailers of U.K.

There are number of family-owned businesses currently in operation managed by great-great-great grandsons of its founder. Here I have shortlisted 10 oldest retail company serving chic people of United Kingdom since hundreds of years. You can discover the oldest tailors, jewellery retailers and designer, fabric manufacturer and retailer, perfumer and many others. Few of them are acquired by major business groups and few are s

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Top 3 features of good promotional products

The market is flooded with promotional products. If you are looking for promotional items for your business, you can benefit by knowing the top 3 features of good promotional products.

Good promotional products are useful in nature. They are used by the recipients quite more than often and this helps in effective branding and advertising. Pens, coffee mugs, notepads, USB Drives, pen stands, laptop bags, paper weights, key chains and calendars are some of the items that are used by one and all and

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For those who love Fashion, exclusivity and the best handicraft....
For those who want to write about what this little island can create.....
for those who prefer to be always the only one....

Murano has a present for YOU!!!!

San Marco creation ®


It is made out on a plate with Murrine that are cold grinded by diamond, a technique that allows this extension of the Murrina.
Embellished with Swarovski crystals (Crystal 001) embedded on glass

The necklace is composed of two different chains in 925 sterl

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We are a manufacturing company in guangzhou China, we specializes in supplying and manufacturing garments and accessories (scarves, women's, men’s, kid’s, shoes, handbags, underwear, etc) for different markets overseas. We work closely with our customers to help develop styles and designs based on their needs.

      If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a  order, please feel free to contact us :

24hours business line:86-13416499914-Sunny

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Friday Five: An Interview with Ty Clark


Ty Clark is also the CEO and Designer for Veritas Fashion that he founded in 2008 as a fashion line that embraces the Arts and uses creative individuals to support communities in need all over the world.  He has been involved in humanitarian projects in 10 different countries building a network of creative activists from various genres in the international Arts community.  Veritas Fashion is now in 2010 being worn by celebrities, artists, filmmakers, writers, sculptors, musicians and trendsetter

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Fashion, PR, & Stylist Workshops!

Learn How to Start Your Fashion Company & Avoid Costly Mistakes from the Experts who’ve done it all!

M Shop NYC began as an uber trendy downtown NYC brick & mortar boutique that dressed countless A-listers, including Mary J Blige, Shakira, L’il Kim, Lenny Kravitz, Pharell, Eve, and the Dixie Chicks to name a few. We’ve since morphed into a click & mortar E-commerce Website that provides (from seasoned experts with over 20 years industry experience) 10 intensively informative Fashion & PR Workshop

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Multi-Designer Labels and Co-Ops

Does anyone have any leads on mulit-designer labels or co-op fashion design companies? This would be a concept where several designers have their own label but they all work under one company. I would love to be a part of one since I am not ready to go fully on my own with my clothing line.To clarify better, I live in the Chicago area and I have been in the industry for 6 years working for other companies. I have been wanting to start my own clothing line but I don't want to have to handle the w
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