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FondMart is a wholesale & dropshipping marketplace with a large selection of wholesalers and merchandise available. When you buy clothing from us, we also offer the entire private labeling solution with a reasonable price. Our one-stop service makes private labeling easy and brings great benefits especially to those who do dropshipping.

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Gifts for the minimalist


Gifts for the minimalist -Give gifts that the minimalist in your life will truly appreciate,
show you support their style and stance in life. - - @fashion_rooftop #minimalistgifts
#minimalist #minimalism #instaminim

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8844249497?profile=originalHave your work published.
Online magazine welcoming photographers, make up artists, writers and creatives of all kinds.
We want to help promote great works.

submit your work for review.

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Ready for St. Patrick's Day?

As holidays approach, we all usually prepare for the festivities that coincide with it. Whether it be cooking, decorating or preparing gifts. There's so much that we do to be ready.

Well, St. Patrick's Day is approaching, and the only thing I worry about on this holiday, is wearing green, so that traditionally I don't get pinched! But, what if you don't own anything green? What if green isn't part of your wardrobe? What do you do? Well, if you wear a green lapel pin, you might be saved from any p

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How to find the best bridal makeup artist?

Are you ready to start choosing between a nude or red lip? Not so fast! First, you have got to find the best wedding makeup artist to transform you into a blushing bride you’ve always wanted to be. But finding a makeup artist is so easy. Many women have no idea where to start their hunt. Fortunately, we have created a list of essential tips that you use to find your perfect makeup artist who can give you the look you want.


Here are the tips on how to find your wedding makeup artist:

Where to start

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Let’s face it. A lot of guys are just not born with the fashionable taste of their partners, and many don’t care. A lot of men mostly care about comfort, and they will not hesitate to wear gym shorts to almost any occasion. Women have a unique challenge to get their guys to look as trendy as they do. There are tactful methods to make your guy the envy of every other woman at your next social gathering.

Swap Out the Old with the New

Generally speaking, guys do not have a lot of attention to detail.

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10 tips for choosing your jeans

We do not always know how to choose a pair of jeans especially since there are now more and more styles, cuts and colors! Yet, jeans remain jeans and it would be supposed to combine the beautiful look with comfort!8844059666?profile=original

 So to help you choose a pair of jeans that you will like and which will do you well, here are some tips! 

1. Choose jeans cut that will benefit you8844060283?profile=original

Different cuts of jeans exist. If you have a flat stomach, you might like low-rise jeans. If you have a small belly a little more out, the

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Your body shape and size are different than most other people. While almost everyone has at least a few physical characteristics that they would love to alter or eliminate, it may be possible to hide features that make you feel insecure in your own skin and that complement your positive features. As you pick out clothes going forward, focus on these exceptional tips to look and feel your best.

Think about Colors and Patterns

The colors and patterns of your clothing fabric have a huge impact on you

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Generators are very useful to have and can be used in various places for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons a generator hire Melbourne might be used, include:


  • As a temporary power supply at a construction site.
  • As a permanent power in a rural area.
  • As a power supply at events and conferences.
  • As a standby power for business.
  • As a backup power for homes.

You might need a generator for any of the reasons listed above. Nonetheless, when the need for a generator arises, it comes with a dilemma of e

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 Fashion is not restricted to the elaborate, pretty dresses and suit people wear at parties, at galas or get togethers. It is not something that only celebrities do and can’t be followed or set by others. In this modern age, every component of our society is changing quickly and unpredictably. Those who don’t follow fashion get left behind, with their knowledge of it as useful as that of a frog in a well. Many people in such times have started to follow public figures and fashionistas that they

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Add your fashion brand on our CHIC LIST


Add your fashion brand on our CHIC LIST --> both emerging brand and established ..

clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags, ethical fashion, online shops, menswear, womenswear, activewear, sleepwear and more..

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Get a FREE fashion course on UDEMY in May!

Available online only

For all users, get ONE free JOMSY FASHION course offered on educational partner website UDEMY using promo code FREE_JOMSY at the time of purchase.

Offer valid to all users from 05/01/2017 to 05/31/2017, for courses in French and English. A maximum of 3000 coupons available per course, in a first come first serve basis.

Other restrictions may apply, please check UDEMY's website for any additional information and conditions.


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Have you ever wondered how to become a designer and start your fashion line in the US? It's easy with Jomsy Fashion.

We are a french consulting firm based in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles, and we offer Skype consultations or in-person meeting at our headquarters to support you in your fashion project, from your idea to sales.

We now also offer online classes through our educational partner Udemy! You can try out the service with our exclusive launch offer and get a FREE course t

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The Bridegroom’s Guide to the Perfect Look

All eyes may be on the bride during your wedding, but that does not mean that you can get away with looking anything other your absolute best for your wedding. In fact, your big day will be captured in photographs, videos, and your guests' memories, ensuring that the hour you say “I do” will live on for years into the future.

You want to those mementos to show that you were the dashing bridegroom rather than the guy who barely looks like he took a shower that morning. Use these important tips to

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