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This is the season to add some bright featuring items in our wardrobe and what better than a skirt. Skirts are the staple present in every woman’s closet. One can pair skirts with n number of top-wear. Skirts can transform your looks instantly. A skirt can be worn as formal or casual wear.

It is hard to decide which type of skirt goes with what type of body shape and how to pair it with other outfits. Asaan offers a variety of skirts for you and helps you to choose what kind of skirt will choose

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Add your fashion brand on our CHIC LIST


Add your fashion brand on our CHIC LIST --> http://fashionrooftop.com/thelist.htm both emerging brand and established ..

clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags, ethical fashion, online shops, menswear, womenswear, activewear, sleepwear and more..

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8843491291?profile=originalThe summer is all but upon us, which means you don't have much time left to stock up your wardrobe with the hottest styles of the year. Soon the stores and online retailers will be filling their shelves with autumn and winterwears, so now is the time to complete your summer look.

And if you're lost for a few final hits of inspiration, keep reading - because we're about to run through some of the best sources for fashion trends from the year so far. We've got men and women both covered in this lis

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8843385455?profile=originalDesigned by Nikki Wirthensohn, NARCES is a Toronto-based womenswear line that specializes in after-five and evening wear. Find them on our chic list: http://www.fashionrooftop.com/thelist.htm

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The Great Gatsby Adaption – Get the Look

If you haven’t heard about the release of The Great Gatsby film yet, then you must be living under a very large, sound-proof, rock. The 2013 film is an adaption of the famous 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald based on romance, drama and sheer luxury. The leading role goes to the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Mr Gatsby, a mysterious businessman who holds profligate parties.

The Great Gatsby film has brought back memories of the 1920s era which was a massive decade for fashion. Following th

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PAttern Maker LA

If you are an LA fashion designer looking for a patternmaker with flexible prices please contact me.

I offer Pattern Making services for Women's clothing, maternity, Accessories, some Men's apparel .

I can handle the 818, 323 and 310 areas,  working with your budget. Please email for inquiries to this ad. I will follow up with you as soon as I hear back. 

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Into The Void

That's So New YorkDespite the fact that on Sunday over here in England we grabbed our first glance at what surprisingly seeming to be a reasonable summers day with temperatures hitting the mid 20s and borderline 30s, I still managed to sit indoors all day looking through an outstanding number of designer works until I found something which truly grabbed my eye; what can I say, I'm one of them teenagers who likes to use "IT'S TOO HOT!" as an excuse not to get off of the couch, yet instead sit
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PinkyShears.com Polling Results.
Here's the results of a poll I took of people in the fashion business.

As a fashion designer, do you prefer working FREELANCE or FULL-TIME?

FREELANCE (48%, 26 Votes)
FULL-TIME (30%, 16 Votes)
TAKE WHAT I CAN GET. (22%, 12 Votes)

Let me know what you prefer at PinkyShears.com.

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The tour of “one of Anna’s apartments in Milan” (really, who has just one apartment there?) with its climate-controlled closets full of barely worn haute couture starts around the three-minute mark. As the Fashion Director At Large for Vogue http://www.afingo.com/blogs/blog-patrol/we-want-to-go-to-there-fashion-television-visits-anna-dello-russos-couture-archive-apartment/Nippon says, “we are in my studio… my archive zone… where I storage all my collection clothes.” Remember, jealously is not a

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It’s not exactly a glowing review of Madge and Lola’s line for Macy’s, but the style arbitersain’t throwing rotten cabbage at her either: “If you don’t think too much about it, the printed crop top, high-waisted pants, and—hell—even that weird paneled Western shirt are cute enough for your monthlywardrobe rotation.” Is that an endorsement? A warning? Both? [Refinery29]
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“The ever-sharp Cynthia Rowley acknowledged the relevance of Resort by taking her collection to the streets in a bus that stopped for sidewalk shoots, as pictured above, at the Condé Nast and Hearst
buildings.” Fashion shows on delivery, interesting. Maybe in the future, we’ll order up a pizza, put on our jammies, and wait for the runway bus to come to us. [Closet Tour]http://www.afingo.com/blogs/uncategorized/rowley-pulls-out-her-metrocard-and-takes-the-bus-for-a-democratic-public-fashion-show/
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