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Cinematography: Defining the art and craft

Filmmaking is not just a simple art. It demands a long-term dedication and practice to nurture the craft with an enhanced skill of detailed eying. Great cinematography stands out because of these aspects. 

Filmmaking is not just a simple art. It demands a long-term dedication and practice to nurture the craft with an enhanced skill of detailed eying. Great cinematography stands out because of these aspects. A few of you may be wanting to become a cinematographer. Some of you may consider cinemato

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Spoilers, and brutal details, from The Neon Demon lie ahead. You’ve been warned…

The Neon Demon marks director Nicolas Winding Refn’s entry into horror, and its final moments are especially, well, horrific. The film, which has a script by Refn, Mary Laws, and Polly Stenham, tracks 16-year-old Jesse (Elle Fanning), an aspiring model who becomes the envy of a group of beauty-obsessed women, namely fellow models Gigi (Bella Heathcote) and Sarah (Abbey Lee) and makeup artist Ruby (Jena Malone).

That e

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8843605078?profile=original2016 Magazine Photographer and Videographer Internships For All Aspiring Photographers and Videographers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia


Fashion Photography and Videography Internships 2016 Philadelphia

For The 2016 Philadelphia Model Face Off

Summer Magazine Female Model Photo Shoot

For Project Couture Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine,

Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, and Salon Savvy Magazine.


Are you an aspiring photographer or videographer th

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Radio: THE RECORD KEEPER Director Jason Satterlund


Last night on Iconici Weekly Radio our hosts, Miss Naiya Marcelo, Poetrynmotion and Syndee broadcasted LIVE to bring you the latest in Fashion and Entertainment news and gossip. They were joined with very special guest THE RECORD KEEPER director Jason Satterlund!

The Record Keeper is a brand new sci-fi Webseries set deep in the world of steampunk and angels. It explores the deepening rift between two brothers: La

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The Great Gatsby Adaption – Get the Look

If you haven’t heard about the release of The Great Gatsby film yet, then you must be living under a very large, sound-proof, rock. The 2013 film is an adaption of the famous 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald based on romance, drama and sheer luxury. The leading role goes to the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Mr Gatsby, a mysterious businessman who holds profligate parties.

The Great Gatsby film has brought back memories of the 1920s era which was a massive decade for fashion. Following th

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Judy Davis as Phyllis
Feminine wares of To Rome with Love?
So I ventured off to see To Rome with Love and it was more of a like.  I'm not sure what Director Woody Allen and Costume Designer Sonia Grande are trying to communicate about American women throughout this film.  Both Ellen Page's character Monica and her best friend Sally (Greta Gerwig) for the most part are clad in low rise jeans with button down shirts and masculine-reading likely-Italian-leather belts.  Both give off the vibe of 21-y
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Young Adult Should Be Called Jung Adult

8843011093?profile=originalYoung Adult should be called Jung Adult. The reason why David C. Robinson's costumes are so appealing is that he makes clear delineations between Mavis' Jung-like psychological stages--who Mavis wants to be and who Mavis thinks she should be. Mavis' outer appearance can't help her assume her desired persona which makes watching her slip into her alcoholism and depression all the more uncomfortable to witness. Too bad good old Carl isn't around to step into the film and help her have a much-neede

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"Fashion films were around in the 70s, but they have taken a new form and at the moment are experiencing a virtual exposition," Diane Pernet told Portable yesterday. Sounds a bit exciting, doesn't it? Well, I think so anyway. And, if you fancy a trip to Paris ...

ASVOFF4 TRAILER from diane pernet on Vimeo.

The ASVOF (A Shaded View of Fashion) Film festival will take place at the Pompidou centre in Paris next week on the 7th-9th of October, and close Paris Fashion Week. The Festival, which has tak
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Uma Thurman wears Chanel Couture © Eric Ryan/Getty Images Entertainment

From Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Well here we are again, back at the Cannes  Film Festival 2011. We, at Benjamin Kanarek Blog, feel so privileged to be able to  share with you some of our picks from this years Cannes Film Festival.

Fan Bingbing in Atelier Versace © Venturelli/WireImage

From Photo Call to Red Carpet Celebrity Class or Risque Resort Wear on the beach and off, this year is a panoply of eclectic excitement.

Mia Wasikowska
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From Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Why Model Casting is like Editing Film

For those of you who read my article about editing film (digital images) and how mind set dependent that is, you might find this article interesting.  I am just in the process of casting for a Fashion Campaign and I stopped the process for a moment to think about the challenges of doing so and share some of my immediate impressions with you.

The first thing I noticed and you may find this really amusing, if the model comp is show

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Fashion Night Cannes at Carlton Hotel

US Designer Ashley paige will host a Celebrity Fashion Show on May 19 at Carlton Hotel.


For our second Fashion Night Cannes on May 20 at Villa Oxygene we have still tickets available


Ticket sale for Fashion Night Cannes started at: outlink.gif

Fashion Night at Carlton Hotel, Cannes

The Carlton Hotel is always top of mind when one thinks of Cannes – its classic façade stands out in every picture of the Croisette and it is the epicenter of activity during the Film Festival.

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Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)


Violet-eyed, Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor, died of congestive heart failure on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at the age of 79.  An icon in the industry, she was the last of the big screen movie stars of Hollywood's Golden Age.

A dual citizen of the U.S. and the UK at birth, young Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born in London on February 27, 1932 of American parents residing in the UK.  Her parents moved her to the U.S. just before WWII, where she became a child star at the tender age of twelve,

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8842871494?profile=originalWant to be part of the Cannes Film Festival and celebrate with vip's and int. fashionistas?

Do you want to expose your product to int. media and tv?

Are you looking for product placement with int. Celebrities?


Join the Fashion Night concept and put your brand into the spotlight.


Thank You


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After the overwhelming success of The Emerging Trends 2010, the 4th Annual Boston Fashion Week Celebration Party, and 2 years of sold out NYE parties, The SYNERGY Events continues to bring you another event you can't afford to miss.

The SYNERGY Events cordially invites you to Timeless: A BOND Evening - Boston's most exclusive New Years Eve 2011 Gala.

For the vogue and refined, this celebration will immerse you in "Old Hollywood", with red carpet, fashion presentation, sign

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New Fashion Video at Zink Magazine

Hey All.

Check out my piece in Zink -

It stars Brea Grant and was shot at Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

ps. was anyone else at Stella McCartney on fashion night out on fri? awesome.
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Would be Good? Vintage Goodwood.

Tomorrow something truly'spesh' is happening (Aug 14-16) Take all that’s amazing about the UK and become a vintage vulture; devour retro-fashions, pick the flesh off a pop-art archive and greedily tear at nostalgic cinema until you are fat and bloated with cultural overload. Then indulge in all things thrifty, sustainable and eco. Place all this in a giant, wet, green field in the countryside of West Sussex and you have the exquisite ‘Vintage at Goodwood’ weekend.

This event will be a triple tequ

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Gainsbourg: Si Fort

'I'm the man with the cabbage head. Half vegetable, half man' says Serge puffing on a cigarette, blowing clouds of silver smoke across the screen. So Frenchy so chic. This movie rates highly on the summer seduction scale. Gainsbourg the archetypal 'bobo' (bourgeouise- Boheme) is portrayed as a rampant, womanising, Frenchman who oozes self-assured sex appeal whilst seductively bedding the sexiest French women on the planet, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin et al.

This extraordinary biopic (of which I

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What A “Diazzling” Display

See what I did there – like that title?!

Yes, the recent premiere of the film “Knight and Day” in Rio, was incredibly noisy, due to the sound of millions of camera shutters clicking and jaws hitting the floor.

The gorgeous blonde bombshell that is Cameron Diaz, didn’t let us down, with a simple LBD which somehow, magically transformed itself into a drop dead gorgeous outfit when draped over Cameron’s none too shabby figure.


See what I mean? A skinny model just wouldn’t have the same effect, but Cam
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Michael & Victoria Imperioli, Edie Falco, Robert DeNiro & Grace Hightower, James Gandolfini, Deborah Lin & son Michael Gandolfini, Ed Burns & Christy Turlington, Rachel Roy, Harvey Keitel & Daphna Kastner, Kelly Bensimon w/daughters Sea & Teddy

With the TriBeCa Film Festival generating mucho buzz this week, the place to be last night for movie stars, moguls, models, media machers, and other quintessential New York characters was the portico of the State Supreme Courthouse, at 60 Centre Street, wh
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