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What do you need for a photoshoot? First, your camera. You don't need anything fancy to make your photos great. A basic point-and-shoot camera with a good lens will do the trick. You can learn more about choosing your camera here:

What do you need for a photo for a calendar or catalogue? Your photos need to be of high quality and taken at regular intervals, preferably daily. If you are able to put in the time it really isn't necessary to take everyday shots, but if you only want to release the be

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How Do You Start a Photo Shoot?

So, you've decided to try your hand at photography. Congratulations! You may be asking yourself, "how do you start a photoshoot?" And while there's no "right" or" wrong" way to approach this, there are some tried and true guidelines that will make it easier for you to get started. This article will guide you through the basics of photoshoots so that you can get started shooting and creating wonderful memories that you, and others, will enjoy for years to come.

Let's start with an understanding of

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How to Get Started in the Modeling Industry

Hey, what’s up guys, welcome back to our Modelling blog, We decided to write some important guide which will be helpful for people who are going to choose modeling as their career. 

So stick with us to the end of this blog and you’re going to get something special and informative.

Alright guys,

Step 1 – 

So the very first step into getting started in the modeling industry is that you have to know, What type of model you want to be? Are you a fitness model? Are you a plus-size model and your petite m

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Types of Male Models

Modeling career has always been considered as women oriented field till lately, but with the changing perceptions of the industry, dirty and stern looks are making their way into the industry via male models entering into the field of modeling. While the women have usually symbolized glamour and beauty to the modeling and advertising world, but the entrance of male models has opened the horizons for looks which are complemented by the muscular physique. Many male models have created the pathway

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Have high hopes of becoming a fashion or fashion photography model? Unsure about how to achieve it? Struggling with competition and gaining contacts? These are common problems that people in the fashion industry face, especially at the start of their careers. Some models may take years to gain traction in the industry while others may never make it. It is highly unpredictable, but here are some basic things that can get you started on your way to recognition.


Take good care of your body

Despite th

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As a professional, you probably understand the importance of reading and understanding all parts of a contract before you even consider signing it, but there are still a lot of people who do not see the importance of being completely aware and informed before signing documents. If you are stepping into the modelling industry and about to sign your first contract, you are probably very excited and eager to begin the process. However, you need to understand the document you are signing so that you

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2019 Print Modeling Casting Calls Free Online Modeling Contest Worldwide for Indian models, Latina models, Somali models, Middle Eastern models, Asian models, Pinay models, Ethnic models, African models, Bi-racial models, European models, Ukrainian models, Russian models, Portuguese models, African American models, White models, Muslim models, Italian models, Polish models, erotic models, eye candy models, exotic models, Pinup Models, Boudoir models, vixen models, artistic nude models, fitness m

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8843708089?profile=original2017 Los Angeles Model Face Off Print Model Casting Calls

2017 International Beauty Movement Print Model Casting Calls Los Angeles Model Face Off 2017 Model Search Now Casting Female Print Models in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas for an Exclusive Print Model Magazine Photo Shoot .

The 2017 Los Angeles Model Face Off is a free magazine model photo and video shoot for Ripping Runways Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, Salon Savvy Magazine, and Girl 9 Bikini Maga

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Girl 9 Magazine Lingerie Model Casting Calls 2017 Model Search

Girl 9 Lingerie Magazine Model Casting Calls 2017 is now holding its official Lingerie and Bikini Model Search Worldwide and you could be the next aspiring lingerie model featured in Girl 9 Magazine for Men.



Girl 9 Magazine will be selecting a select group of beautiful and very sexy aspiring female lingerie models with the sexiest photo submission to promote and feature in all of the upcoming 2017 issues of   Girl 9 Magazine.



Some a

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Girl 9 Magazine Lingerie Model Selfie Photo Model Contest

2017 Worldwide Selfie Lingerie Model Search


Girl 9 Magazine Lingerie Model Selfie Photo Contest 2017 is now holding its official First Time Selfie Model Search Contest Worldwide for the hottest aspiring lingerie selfie models that like to take sexy photos of themselves and want to share them with the world.



Girl 9 Magazine is one of the most successful internationally known magazines that the International Beauty Movement now publishes on

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2016 Salon Savvy Magazine Los Angeles Face Off

Hair Stylists/ Body Painters/Makeup Artists Casting Calls Los Angeles


2016 Casting Call For hair stylists, body painters, and makeup artists in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach,Santa Monica, and Pasadena




Salon Savvy Magazine Casting Calls For the 2016 Los Angeles Hair and Makeup Face Off now currently casting hair stylists, body painters, and makeup artists in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa M

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2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off Event Casting Calls


2016 Free Model Casting Calls For All Aspiring Models in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and all Cities in California and Nevada



The 2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off is a free magazine model photo and video shoot for Ripping Runways Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, Salon Savvy Magazine, and Girl 9 Bikini Magazine and it will be taking place in Los Angeles, California in

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Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Internships 2016 Official Los Angeles Model Face Off Live Magazine Photo Shoot


2016 Magazine Casting Calls and Internships For Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and all Cities in California and Nevada



Are you a creative professional hair stylist or makeup artist age 18-35 that would like to participate in an international magazine photo shoot in Los Angeles, that offers you the opp

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2016 Los Angeles, California Model Face Off Model Casting Calls:

2016 Magazine Model Casting Call For All Aspiring Models in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena

Are you an aspiring female model or professional female model age 18-35 that would like the opportunity to build an excellent photo portfolio, receive a free magazine photo shoot, and be featured in an internationally known fashion and lingerie model magazine that’
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You can also click the link below to become a member of the International Beauty Movement if you would like to be one of the first to receive our modeling casting calls or view our magazines as soon as they are published online, Click this Link To Join For Free:

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Become A Member of the International Beauty Movement:

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8843622862?profile=originalEthnic Queen Magazine Official International Model Casting Calls 2016 For Female Ethnic Models, Female Indian Models, Female Asian Models, Female Latina Models, Female African Models, Female Native American Models, Female Mixed Race Models, Female African American Models, Female Desi Models, Female Middle Eastern Models, and Female East Indian Models ages 18-35 that are proud of their ethnic beauty and culture.


Ethnic Queen Magazine is published by the International Beauty Movement who also publ

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The 2016 Annual Philly Model Face Off in Philadelphia this past weekend was a great success and we would like to Thank the City of Philadelphia, The Hotel Staff, The Beautiful Models, The Talented Makeup Artists, Talented Hair Stylist, and the very talented and hard working photography and video team that put in many hours to bring the image of these models to life for our magazines.


Philadelphia is the International Beauty Movement’s Home for the Annual Philly Model Face Off and in 2017 the 201

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The International Beauty Movement Has Released The Hot 2016 Spring Issue of Girl 9 Magazine, It Is Available Online and This Is One Hot Issue Filled With Beautiful Sensual Women That You Will Want To Be The First To View, So Join The International Beauty Movement on Google Plus To Get The Latest Modeling Casting Calls and View Our latest Magazine Releases Free at:


Girl 9 Magazine 2016 Spring Issue

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