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In recent times fashion industry has undergone drastic changes, and students are joining this industry with great hopes. To achieve success in the fashion world students need to join an organization that not only provides academic knowledge but also offers them practical experience. Streets of fashion are seeking creativity, imaginations that can blow the mind of people with their designs, and styling sense to astonish the world of great fashionistas. The fashion industry is becoming the fastest

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Street style is a very particular fashion style which has originated from British fashion culture. It is a widespread approach to fashion and produces styles that are different from mainstream fashion considerations.


The term street-wear is actually quite a common term in the modern fashion world. The “street” approach to style and fashion is based on individuality. The street style methods enable the individuals to express their identities utilizing the sub-cultural and intersecting styles or tr

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Working in fashion is a dream for many, especially those who have an affinity for fashion history, specific materials, and creating new fashion that has yet to exist in mainstream culture today. Whether you have aspirations to work in the fashion industry as a designer or as a model, there are a few ways you can help your fashion career get to the next level, regardless of your surrounding competition.


Learn the Ins and Outs of Your Preferred Fashion Niche

Understanding the ins and outs of the fas

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Fashion Design Careers

Fashion designing is one of the most charismatic career options. It opens a lot of doors of careers opportunities for those who are genuinely passionate about crafting design on cloth. Potential designers have huge scope to earn high income, glamour and most importantly fame. The fashion designer is known as the heart of the fashion world and only creative enthusiasts can enter here.

Career Option After Becoming a Fashion Designer

Fashion designer seems like the next obvious path to step upon afte

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SGT College was started with the motive of spreading high learning amongst the masses. The University works under the propagation of Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji that dispersal of knowledge is the highest service to humankind. SGT University operates under Dashmesh Education Trust and aims to serve society.

SGT University has 17 faculties and all the faculties are facilitated with state of the art infrastructure. All the faculties have departments that offer specialized courses. The faculty of fash

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Fashion Designing Institute and Career in Pune


INIFD is the favoured goal for some such understudies who look for fashion designing organizations in Pune. Consistently there is an alternate subject for planning the attire and understudies of INIFD get an opportunity to do careful research before making marvellous outlines. In the wake of finishing their instruction in INIFD which is one of the famous fashion designing organizations in Pune.

INIFD is the favoured goal for some such understudies who look for best fashion designing establishment

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Best Fashion Designing Classes in Pune


INIFD is the as a matter of first importance proficient outline organization on the planet that is particular for a career in fashion and interior design. Sponsored by a solid worldwide nearness, graciousness IMB and relationship with premium marks like Lakme Fashion Week, FBB Femina, and some more, INIFD encourages you to procure valuable and useful abilities that are essential for a thriving vocation in the design business.

Deliberately found, joining INIFD has various favourable circumstances,

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What is Animation, Career & its Benefits?

The Moving images which we see on screen are converted from the still images using a technique known as Animation. Or you can say, the animation is a process in which rest things are brought in the moving form on the screen.

Nowadays, every single brand all over the world is using animation and multimedia for their brand's promotions. 

Animation After 12th

After intermediate, the very first question arises in the mind is what to do after 12th and it is the right decision of the creative minds to en

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How to Sell Yourself as a Wedding Coordinator


It is common to spend years of your life trying to find your passion. When you finally find it, the next step is to know how to make the most of it. 

If you already know that your real passion is to be a wedding coordinator, then you must find a way to promote your services and make yourself known. 

Knowing how to sell yourself is essential if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. Selling skills are something that you can develop with effort. 

Here are some tips on how to promote yourself as a w

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Next time you’re applying for a job you could find yourself doing so on your mobile, according to Google whose consumer survey found that 88% of people already use it to search for a job. With mobile internet usage set to overtake that of PC this percentage is expected to soar this year, with efforts being made to encourage people to not only search but apply for jobs on their devices too.

Plans for improvement

Tablets and smartphones are attracting more and more website traffic therefore employer

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Have high hopes of becoming a fashion or fashion photography model? Unsure about how to achieve it? Struggling with competition and gaining contacts? These are common problems that people in the fashion industry face, especially at the start of their careers. Some models may take years to gain traction in the industry while others may never make it. It is highly unpredictable, but here are some basic things that can get you started on your way to recognition.


Take good care of your body

Despite th

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The modeling industry is an exciting one and it shows no signs of slowing down. As long as there are beauty products and emerging fashion lines, there will always be a need for models. If you have dreams of becoming a successful model, it’s a good idea to consider these four tips.

Join an Agency

As a model, it’s a good idea to have representation. When you’re assigned to a specific agency, you have a much better chance of getting client work. Major companies with large brand deals tend to go to th

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Fashion is a glamorous industry; possibly the most glamorous industry there is, if rather grueling. Like any such arena, it can be hard for newcomers to tell where the advertisement stops and the product begins. A fabulous runway launch in Milan or Paris might cost a design house millions, or it might be making them millions: it's hard to know. And that means it is hard to figure out how to make your dreams of a fashion line into a reality.

The Education of The Great Designers


Many fashion design

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Don’t let people scoff at you when you tell them you see yourself prospering in the world of fashion. Though the industry may seem intimidating and exclusive, it doesn’t make it impossible to break into. You may not be a famous designer one day, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of making a meaningful contribution to the fashion world while doing work that you love. All you need to do is formulate a plan and set off on your fashion adventure.

Start ablog

Starting a blog is inexpensive (or f

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Fashion Rooftop Inspire

8843506275?profile=originalFASHION ROOFTOP INSPIRE: Jacqueline DePaul started her modeling career at age 38 and shared her story with us. --> #inspire #pushyourlimits #realizeyourdreams

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There are loads of perks to working for yourself, from a flexible schedule to working on lots of exciting projects. And hey, being your own boss means every little bit of success is your success. But being a successful freelancer isn’t just about how creative and talented you are.


In fact, you can guarantee there’s a swarm of talented creatives nearby, all circling around the very same jobs you’ve got your eyes on.


So what can you do to get ahead of the competition and secure your success? It’s

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Last September’s New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show marks a major milestone in my career as a blogger-turned fashion show organizer. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Runway Passport New York for recognizing my passion for bringing the brightest emerging fashion talents from Asia to global attention. See more from my interview post

Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:
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Models Casting..

While we wave goodbye to Fashion Week for a while, the models who rocked the runways are already moving on to their next jobs. We take a look at how they prepare for castings and what they do to ensure that they wow everyone and land the job. We’ve got some hot insider details that we’re sure our models will love to hear more about.


8843457259?profile=originalWe’ve all heard about those lucky individuals who take the express route to fame, finding their big break through being scouted. Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Adria

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