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Pay attention to your body language as this is the decisive factor for you can get over the recruitment interview or not. Body language can transfer 90% of your idea to the interviewers.

Step 1: Sit straightly.

Sit straightforward and comfortably, slide forward 10 to 15 degree to the interviewer. This posture will transfer the idea that you are interested in the job.

Step 2: Control your hands.

The best way is to relax your hands on the haulm or on the table. Don’t be playful with your hair, face or

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If you have learned about some of the smartest tricks to crack an interview and have gone through various resume examples to get through with an interview successfully, you should know that dressing professionally for an interview will even help you in achieving the ultimate goal.

So, here are some tips that will help you in ensuring that you are dressed professionally for an interview.

1. Choose attire that fits you properly

If you are not comfortable while moving around in the office for the inte

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Last September’s New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show marks a major milestone in my career as a blogger-turned fashion show organizer. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Runway Passport New York for recognizing my passion for bringing the brightest emerging fashion talents from Asia to global attention. See more from my interview post

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It has been almost half a year but the sparkle of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show never ceases to shine. One of our 4 featured designers, Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image representing the category of millinery and her iconic Chinese silver crown “Phoenix Dream” appear on Runway Passport NewYork. Click on to find out what Angel has told the editor about her career and inspiration.


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Having had a taste of being a designer's muse even just once in my life means everything to me, what more can I ask for?
Thank you 100Most 100毛 Magazine (Hong Kong) for featuring me on this well-written interview post in this issue (published on June 19), giving me a chance to share my blogging philosophy throughout the past 4 years of my blogging life and a heart touching story of my “Barbie Gwen Vikkey” shoes named after my blogging pseudonym - Gwen Vikkey Miao by Stephanie Burkhalter's Burkha

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giveaway.jpg?width=350The edgy, Bohemian feel of the pieces are something that you really don't see everyday and I find it very refreshing. Why should we get to know designers J. Sandoval Gomez and Nathan Kai? Well, who doesn't love traveling and long walks in the park?  

Lizzie: It’s a Sunday Afternoon, and you’re sitting at a coffee shop sipping a cappuccino, when you look up. What would be the object that catches your attention enough to inspire creativity?
J. Sandoval Gomez: Definitely the décor and the overall fe
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A Sexy Litter Secret with Vienne Cheung


VienneMilanno, is rapidly becoming one of my absolute favorite brands, as I may have mentioned a time or two. I had the pleasure of speaking with founder and designer of this elegant chic line of thigh highs, Vienne Cheung.

Lizzie: Okay, so how did your company start?
VienneVienneMilano started as I was unable to find elegant thigh highs that were not associated to Halloween costumes. In the past, I was only able to find poor quality thigh highs that were also very uncomfortable to wear. My visi

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You are Invited to a Party!

You got the official party invitation! Now what do you wear? Yes, it’s important to follow the dress code. The invitation brings excitement and also leaves people puzzled; wondering what to wear. No need to panic, it’s time to impress with the right outfit. Also, parties are a great reason to get away from the usually boring interview or office attire.


Decode the Dress Code

It's important to decipher and follow the dress code. Some of the common dress codes are explained here to save you from any

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New blog post “Paraiso Purse Giveaway Final Call! Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 4)" NOW up on La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog:

Grasp last chance to win!

It has been more than three months since the 4-Part Paraiso Purse Giveaway was first launched. Here comes the countdown to the announcement of the winner. If you still have not registered the last three rounds of the game, click on my latest 3 blog posts “Incredible Encounter – Inter

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From Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Bérénice Marlohe for Harper's BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

The first thing that struck me on entering the room was not the face, but the voice. I can only describe the timbre as a rich low lush sound with a very calming roundness. If she were a singer she would be an alto with an exceptionally wide vocal range. As I entered the suite I saw the face behind the voice and the two elements melded together like that of a keystone that fits in to the top of a classically elegant 

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SOURCE Benjamin Kanarek Blog

The first thing that struck me on entering the room was not the face, but the voice. I can only describe the timbre as a rich low lush sound with a very calming roundness. If she were a singer she would be an alto with an exceptionally wide vocal range. As I entered the suite I saw the face behind the voice and the two elements melded together like that of a keystone that fits in to the top of a classically elegant arch. There is a confidence in her tone and demeanor

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Lydia Hearst for Harpers BAZAAR en Español © Benjamin Kanarek

As stated on her Twitter account, it is difficult to classify Lydia Hearst in one category only. Heiress? Model? Writer? Philanthropist? Actress?

Some qualities have been acquired by virtue of her inherited social cast and others developed as part of her unique individual talent.

The name Hearst alone brings to mind many images, the Hearst Media Empire founded by her great-great-grandfather George, the gold prospector who became milliona

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In the current employment market, making a positive impression on a job interview is key to landing your dream job. First impressions are lasting and can give you an edge over a competitor or leave the employer with a less than positive impression. Here are a few tips to ensure you present yourself as a dedicated professional. 

Classic suits such as Hugo Boss or Armani are the best option for an interview and can be worn with a pant or skirt. Choose a grey or navy suit- these are confident colour

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Source Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Le Hotel Bristol Paris

We at Benjamin Kanarek Blog are pleased to announce that Benjamin Kanarek will judge Le Bristol Hotel  "Capture Your Own Vision of Luxury" Photography Contest.  Benjamin Kanarek will make the decision that will allow the winner of the contest to enjoy the prize that is explained below in their press release.  Good Luck to those entering.




Win a stay at Le Bristol on Facebook!



March 7th 2012,

Hotel Le Bristol Pari

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Photographer / YoungJun Koo

That's so New YorkAlthough street-style photography is somewhat of a increasing interest of mine (meaning that I haven't yet managed to force myself out of the house to snap some images for myself, and instead spend my days flicking through a series of street-style blogs, day dreaming that one day I could be half the photographer the majority of these guys/girls are) I've already began picking out my favorites in regards to blogs which I would happily flick back to on a daily if not minutely

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Designer / Anastasia Lomonova

That's so New York - That's right, the most recent addition to my archive of interviews is European yet now Canada-based designer, Anastasia Lomonova. The majority of you may recall my introductory post orientated around Anastasia earlier this week? Either way, she's possibly one of the nicest personalities I've spoken to in a while; not to mention her admirable efficiency in replying with the answers to my questions. Honestly, we have something special here; I just know it! 

8842989284?profile=original(Image Credit: Anast

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Designer / Fanny and Jessy

That's so New York - Guess what? London-based design-duo, Fanny and Jessy were kind enough to answer my interview questions; meaning that I now have aspiring designer advice, background information and opinions from the duo in hand. I have to admit, despite the fact that I feel somewhat envious of every female out there and a tinge of hatred towards the label, due to the fact that Fanny and Jessy are a womenswear label and not a menswear label, I feel partially proud to announce that this pair h

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Photographer / Todd Anthony Tyler

That's so New YorkWhen it comes to interview posts, I never thought that I would be interviewing photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler. For those of you who are unaware, Todd Anthony Tyler has built up quite the reputation and is now in a position where campaign, advertising and editorial shoots for the likes of Uma Wang, Stella McCartney, Puma, Vogue, L'Officiel, Look Magazine and McDonald's are considered to be somewhat of a frequent occurrence. Todd answered all of my questions thoroughly and h

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