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Alex & Chloe / Forever 21


(Image credit: Alex & Chloe for Forever 21.)

That's so New York - It's not too often that I get myself genuinely excited about a forthcoming collection; yet since the announcement of the scheduled Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 collaboration a number of months ago, I have been taking hourly glances at my calender in the hope that the days were passing somewhat faster than usual, and although I didn't have bundles of luck or satisfaction in my endeavours, the day of the Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 co

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Alex & Chloe / Crown of Thorns Ring


(Image credit: Crown on Thorns Ring - Ant. Silver with Turquoise by Alex & Chloe.) 

That's so New York - Even though I consider myself to be somewhat in the know when it comes to the Alex & Chloe Trinity collection (as it is one of the first collections I came across when I discovered Alex & Chloe and the same collection which originally drew me to the label, alongside the Forever and Never collection which included a delightful array of abstract and acrylic items), I have only recently began pa

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Feel Handmade / Hemp Large Clutch


(Image credit: Hemp Large Clutch by Feel Handmade via Etsy.com)

Some of you may recall me mentioning Feel Handmade on more than one occasion prior to this post, yet I’m afraid that I simply couldn’t keep away. The main reason for my constant interest in Feel Handmade is primarily due to the fact that I regularly keep in touch with the husband and wife team behind the label, Joshua Karl and Erin Kaleel. I think that when you have a design team who focus heavily on precision, quality and exemplary
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Topman / Teal Velvet Shawl Skinny Blazer


(Image credit: Topman Teal Velvet Shawl Skinny Blazer)
That's so New York - Topman have recently released the fourth and final installment of their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and if I'm totally honest, although I'm somewhat delighted to see a selection of velvet blazers making their way into the collection, I'm not exactly surprised. Velvet has been a fabric which has stormed the stores this Autumn/Winter and it seems that no matter where you go and what you're looking for, velvet will st
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Photographer / YoungJun Koo

That's so New YorkAlthough street-style photography is somewhat of a increasing interest of mine (meaning that I haven't yet managed to force myself out of the house to snap some images for myself, and instead spend my days flicking through a series of street-style blogs, day dreaming that one day I could be half the photographer the majority of these guys/girls are) I've already began picking out my favorites in regards to blogs which I would happily flick back to on a daily if not minutely

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3000 horses


(Image credit: 3000 horses.)

That's so New York - Once again I have the delightful invention that is the e-newsletter to thank for the discovery of London-based designer, James Hock. I have recently began taking an interest in not just the unique and slightly odd, but also the outright bizarre, which brings me back to the work of James Hock. James is what I would describe as the epitome of alternative design, as his fascination with fringing and what seems to be a form of shredding techniques is

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Richard Nicoll / Linder Sterling Rose Dress


(Image credit: Linder Sterling Rose Dress by Richard Nicoll via Matches.)


That's so New York - Despite the fact that London-based designer and Central Saint Martins graduate Richard Nicoll posts regularly in his very own section of The Vogue Blog, I will admit that his work is still somewhat new to me and as a person, Nicoll is not someone I have delved deeply into when it comes to flicking through magazines, reading collection reviews and even carrying out a little research every now and then.
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Hentsch Man / Navy Gingham Sunday Shirt

That's so New YorkDespite the fact that Hentsch Man is a menswear label which I have only recently began paying attention to, after signing up to the label newsletter two weeks or so ago, I can't deny that I have been taken somewhat rapidly by the designs on offer. For those of you who do not know, Hentsch Man is a seemingly classic and elegant menswear label which was founded back in 2008 by childhood friends, Alexia and Max. Alexia is considered to be the design force behind the brand, whil

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Hentsch Man / Navy Gingham Sunday Shirt

That's so New YorkDespite the fact that Hentsch Man is a menswear label which I have only recently began paying attention to, after signing up to the label newsletter two weeks or so ago, I can't deny that I have been taken somewhat rapidly by the designs on offer. For those of you who do not know, Hentsch Man is a seemingly classic and elegant menswear label which was founded back in 2008 by childhood friends, Alexia and Max. Alexia is considered to be the design force behind the brand, whil

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Designer / Anastasia Lomonova

That's so New York - That's right, the most recent addition to my archive of interviews is European yet now Canada-based designer, Anastasia Lomonova. The majority of you may recall my introductory post orientated around Anastasia earlier this week? Either way, she's possibly one of the nicest personalities I've spoken to in a while; not to mention her admirable efficiency in replying with the answers to my questions. Honestly, we have something special here; I just know it! 

8842989284?profile=original(Image Credit: Anast

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Anastasia Lomonova / Spring 2012

That's so New YorkOnce again, multiple designers have been shelling out with kind emails and sending across images from their soon to be launched collections. In this case, we have Anasasia Lomonova, a designer who is originally from Ukraine, Europe yet after the collapse of the USSR she then went onto relocate to Cyprus with her family and now resides over in Canada after training as a visual artist and specializing in oil painting, later moving on and attending Ryerson University, Canada. A

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Borne by Elise Berger / Schwan Dress

That's so New YorkDespite the fact that patriotism has never been my thing, I won’t deny the fact that I do have a growing respect for the British fashion industry. Admittedly, this growing respect is somewhat of a new thought of mine and yes, you may have guessed that the reason behind this growing respect is Young British Designers – an online boutique which retails collections from both emerging and established British designer talents.

Who’d have thought, a store dedicate to Britain and Br
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Designer / Fanny and Jessy

That's so New York - Guess what? London-based design-duo, Fanny and Jessy were kind enough to answer my interview questions; meaning that I now have aspiring designer advice, background information and opinions from the duo in hand. I have to admit, despite the fact that I feel somewhat envious of every female out there and a tinge of hatred towards the label, due to the fact that Fanny and Jessy are a womenswear label and not a menswear label, I feel partially proud to announce that this pair h

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Alex & Chloe | Forever21

That's so New YorkGuess what? Once again the wonderful invention that is email and the ability to subscribe to newsletters has done me well. So, you're probably thinking "What's going on this time?" Right? Don't worry, I bring you tidings of joy as I've been presented with a wonderful jewelry collaboration from Alex & Chloe and Forever21. Enough of my rambling; onto the images ...

8842988868?profile=original(Image Credit: Alex & Chloe | Forever21)

Okay, so it seems that for now Alex & Chloe and Forever21 have only releas

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Photographer / Todd Anthony Tyler

That's so New YorkWhen it comes to interview posts, I never thought that I would be interviewing photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler. For those of you who are unaware, Todd Anthony Tyler has built up quite the reputation and is now in a position where campaign, advertising and editorial shoots for the likes of Uma Wang, Stella McCartney, Puma, Vogue, L'Officiel, Look Magazine and McDonald's are considered to be somewhat of a frequent occurrence. Todd answered all of my questions thoroughly and h

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Stephanie Grace Foy

That's so New YorkBy now I’m sure you’re all aware that I’m somewhat of a hawk when it comes to the release of new stores or finding brand new designer names who I can jot about on more than one occasion (what can I say? I’m not one for a single mention, yet instead like to border on the annoying with multiple kicks of information) whether it be in my notepad, on a sticky note or even right here, shouting about it like I’m some Victorian Londoner who is trying his best to sell the morning new
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Fanny and Jessy / Autumn 2011

That's so New YorkEarlier this week, London-based design duo Fanny and Jessy were kind enough to send across the official images from their Autumn/Winter 2011 look book and although I already had a rough idea of what the collection entailed after noticing a feature on another blog, I was extremely impressed with the sheer quality of the images and the abstract personalities behind the designs. Fanny and Jessy are known for their impeccable taste when it comes to those items which are slightly

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That's so New YorkAfter weeks of collecting questions from a series of sources, I thought that today was the day to debut one of my new concepts which I would like to introduce to you all. In addition to interviews, I will also be asking various sources slightly more one off and random questions, to ensure that alongside the professional we see the personal side of a character. I'm completely against the barrier which is held between designers, photographers, business owners and their custome
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We Are Selecters / "Escape" Collection

That's so New YorkYesterday evening, the wonderful people over at We Are Selecters were kind enough to send across the look book for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection; that of which has been titled "Escape". After experiencing sheer amounts of joy after flicking through the images, I thought that it would be best to "share" these images with you. See, how nice am I?

8842979495?profile=original(Image Credit: Photographer - Marta Julve, Stylist - Patricia Proko, Stylist's Assistant - Mónica, Hair-Styling - Adolfo Senao, M

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Alex and Chloe / SALE

That's so New York - Thanks to the wonderful invention that is email and "subscribe" options on various online-stores, this afternoon I received an email from Alex and Chloe which bombarded me with various discounts across the Alex and Chloe store. Brands which have happily slipped themselves into the sale include the likes of Cheap MondayObesity and Speed and The Local Firm, followed by a selection of own-label items from Alex and Chloe; including a series of items from my favorite collection

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