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Cooking up a storm with Lucile Prache

There’s an art to cooking and an even greater art to creating an excellent Cookbook. Lucile Prache’s delectable recipe illustrations make this 4 book series by Marabout a must have. Catherine Quevrement and Lucile spent a year working on this project. We wan’t wait to see many more!.

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Guess you like this pattern for you search


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Find free to Contact us: or


Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd


Manufacturer and exporter of a variety products range includes lace, crochet, ribbon, trimming, woven label, velvet and elastic


“The Best Global Sour

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Disproving Shakespeare: The greatest Roman

Disproving Shakespeare: The greatest Roman
(Photo:MarieProm )

Only a few historical figures retain their renown in the relentless march of time, with one yardstick being widespread, continuing depictions across various cultures.

Two of these are prominent figures from the ancient Graeco-Roman world, but their legacy is enduring - one's name is still used for a victorious champion (especially in the Indian subcontinent) and the other's for a monarch in his own land as well as wide swathes of Europe and Asia down to the modern age, still nam

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Garment Accessories Supplier - Hong Kong Li Seng Co Ltd

For Fashion Designer, Apparel Merchadisier, Sourcing Officer

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CR Fashion Book Magazine

Former editor-in-chief of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld is the creator of CR Fashion Book magazine. It launches with a 340-page debut issue. For the very first ever issue, she gives two options for the cover. The magazine forgoes a traditional front-of-book section, relegating those kinds of short items to its Web site. The magazine is published on a heavy matte paper stock. And it is 2014's most anticipated magazine. The former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld wrIts in the magazine's foreword:

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Reading In Style.

I couldn't resist picking up Rachel Zoe's new book yesterday and I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. As opposed to a focus on the red carpet as in her first book, 'Style A to Zoe', 'Living in Style' covers Rachel's style go-to's, style tips and lifestyle, the living in style lifestyle.....I would expect nothing less from one of my favorite stylists (who also shares the same birthday as me.... and an equal love of Chanel). :-)

With all the style books out there now, I'm happy to say this
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The Great Gatsby Adaption – Get the Look

If you haven’t heard about the release of The Great Gatsby film yet, then you must be living under a very large, sound-proof, rock. The 2013 film is an adaption of the famous 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald based on romance, drama and sheer luxury. The leading role goes to the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Mr Gatsby, a mysterious businessman who holds profligate parties.

The Great Gatsby film has brought back memories of the 1920s era which was a massive decade for fashion. Following th

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A New Way Of Styling Sweeps The Fashion Industry!

Contact: Najaam Lee

Vedic Image Group

Phone  866 208 3962

Fax 914 819 5453

Discovering Your FIT


For Immediate Release

A New Way Of Styling Sweeps The Fashion Industry!

New York’s Top Leading Image Guru in Vedic Styling, Najaam Lee Delivers a Winning Guide to Discovering One’s Body Type.

New York, NY. November 13, 2012:  Discovering Your FIT is the ultimate e-guide to specialize in styling techniques with Vedic Principles as a base to effectively enhance

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We are very pleased to announce that Figure Drawing Templates Sets #1,female figure and set #2 male figure by Irina V. Ivanova are now available online for sale at

Please note, both books are for sale via Fulfillment by Amazon program. This means that: * books are stored at and shipped from Amazon warehouse * Amazon handles processing for payment and shipment. In other words, when you purchase our products from, you buy directly from the most trusted web store in the world.

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group



Model Fest 2012


National TV Modeling Competition


Konscious Money Entertainment is now accepting

Talent applications from beautiful women nationwide

That are aspiring models and interested in auditioning

for our 2013 Ripping Runways Model festival that

will be filmed for our Charlotte, NC Cable TV and Internet TV Show “Uptown Premiere.”


This is a nationwide model casting call for the

most beautiful and sexy women worldwide to show

The world what you

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Konscious Money Entertainment Group




National TV Model Fest 2013 Ripping Runways Competition


“A Night Of Fashion And Hip Hop Dancing”


Auditions now being held for this Hot Event


Konscious Money Entertainment will be showcasing

the hottest aspiring models and hip hop dancers

from all over the United States in 2013.

and this spectacular night of events will be taking place

in Charlotte, NC and will be filmed for our

Charlotte based TV show and Vimeo.Com

TV show “Uptown Premiere.”


This modeling a

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Fanny and Jessy / Autumn 2011

That's so New YorkEarlier this week, London-based design duo Fanny and Jessy were kind enough to send across the official images from their Autumn/Winter 2011 look book and although I already had a rough idea of what the collection entailed after noticing a feature on another blog, I was extremely impressed with the sheer quality of the images and the abstract personalities behind the designs. Fanny and Jessy are known for their impeccable taste when it comes to those items which are slightly

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That's so New YorkOnce again, I managed to leave you hanging for a more than respectable amount of time; I mean, I think it was early last week when I first started bragging about this interview with designer, Natalie Coleman of NATALIEBCOLEMAN which I was hoping to present to you towards the end of last week at the latest, yet once again college took it's toll and my late-afternoon naps set in; basically? I'm sure it's not a surprise when I say, it didn't get done, alright? (note my attitude

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Elizabeth Lau / Spring/Summer 2012

That's So New York - As Elizabeth Lau begins gearing herself up in preparation for the showing of her Spring/Summer 2012 look book video tomorrow (18/09/2011) in London Fashion Week's very own cinema, it seems she got a little too excited and was kind enough to share a premiere of the video via her Facebook page this morning. I can confidentially say that this is certainly yet another promised success for Elizabeth and might have just ... (CONTINUE READING)
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Orange Summer

For my first post(well,technically it is the second,but the first real one) I dedicated to orange color-I think we all agree that is the color of this summer and I love it cause it really can be combined with a lot of other stuff. I added the leopard printed scarf as an accessory which I found in my mom's wardrobe. Today it is going to be a tough day since I am going to some excursion,but I'll keep you updated also from there.







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