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As like other photo editing services, clipping path or background removal service from the image is vital for publishers either online or in print media or for any kind of online eCommerce business. The following paragraph describes how important clipping path service important for online business in details.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path — also known as image clipping, deep etching, photo cut-out, closed vector path or shape — is essentially a professional digital photo cut-out. At Clippin

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People might joke about partaking in some shopping or fashion therapy, but for all those who are more susceptible to eating disorders, including bulimia or anorexia, it is no laughing matter. Young people feel tremendous pressure to be thin.

Unrealistic Body Image

It isn’t easy to prevent these pressures. The media’s increased obsession with the thin ideal, including in the fashion and entertainment industries, may contribute to unrealistic body ideals in people with eating disorders. A rise in ac

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Graphic Designing & Photoshop Editing


Clipping Path & Photo Cut Out Service

Smp clipping path is a seaward illustrations outline and picture altering house where you can get help for your organizations with long haul relationship at moderate expense. We tout of an expert group capable industry specialists who are talented enough to deal with each task professionally and perfectly.100%fulfilled quality.

8843851300?profile=originalPhoto Manipulation Service

We use new methodsand advanced technology to ensure that your photos are improved on and their general quali

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In the wake of a veritable plague of anorexia across France, the European nation has instituted a law requiring models to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with regard to their body mass index, according to BBC. As responsible professionals in the fashion industry, we spend a lot of our time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and realize that even if something does work, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’

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Fashion and Style - What's the Difference?

Hello. My name is Mary. I'm crazy about fashion and I want to share with you article about difference between fashion and style. And want to add in advance - fashion is much more expensive, and I needed finance help in college to follow the trends.

So, fashion (from the French word mode and from the Latin modus - measure, the way, the image, a rule, a prescription): impetuous, windy, as a young girl in search of her one and only betrothed.

Fashion is changeable, fickle, but it is a kind of impulse

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Our photo services

Clippingpathmaster offers one ($1) US dollar any kinds of clipping path within 12 hours & Free trial for quality evaluation before sending a job.


Our Services
# Basic Clipping Path
# Simple Clipping Path
# Compound Clipping Path
# Extra Clipping Path
# Complex Clipping Path
# Super Complex Clipping Path
# Multi Clipping Path

# Ad-Design
# Logo Design
# Soft mask
# Color Correction
# Retouching & Restoration
# Template Design
# Clipping Path with shadow

We have a team of large numbers of highly skil

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About awful stuff for men’s style


It isn't a big artcile about stylish rules and so on. It looks like a small note. But very important note!  Men's shirts with short sleeves are really dangerous for your style!

It isn't a big artcile about stylish rules and so on. It looks like a small note. But very important note! 

Men's shirts with short sleeves are really dangerous for your style!

Because it makes your image weaker. You doesn't look like really strong man. You look like very simple guy. I suppose, you'll agree with me - it will

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We have 3 kinds of glance in Imagelogy: business glance, social glance and sexual glance. How does it works?|

В Имиджелогии существуют три вида взглядов: деловой взгляд, социальный взгляд и сексуальный взгляд. Как это работает?


When you need to entrust the task to subordinate employee, you should use BUSINESS GLANCE  (it's triangle between eyes and point between brows). It demonstrates your business position.|

Когда Вам необходимо дать поручение подчиненному, Вам следует использовать ДЕЛОВОЙ ВЗГЛЯД

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For those who are not familiar with the local media in Hong Kong, 100Most is one of the hottest magazines among the young generation known for offering an alternative perspective on current events. Our HongKong team of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show composed of Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong jewelry designer Yen Yeung of NoBeing, handbag designer Betty Lau of RBRK, and headpiece/accessory designer Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image founded in 2005 and mys

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Hot holiday sale is going on NOW!

Having temporarily closed for 6 months throughout the preparation of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show, La Mode by GV Miao Online Jewelry/Accessories Store now makes its glorious return with a handful of dazzling goodies to light up your holiday ensemble.

It’s that time of the year again when every gorgeous lady is busy getting ready to compete for the throne of the party queen. Lacking ideas on what to wear to stand out? All of my tips for c

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How to create tempting photos

Necessity tempting photos for publicity.

At present, photos play a great role all over the world. Specially, in the print & mass media photos are used largely for buying & selling products, communication for introducing in the social media like Facebook, Google plus, linkadin etc.
Photos are begun to use thousands of years ago. Then, they used for communication. Nowadays photos are used not only for communication but also for business. So, everywhere around the world, there is a cool competition

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Support Hong Kong's young rising talents is not just a slogan for Marie Claire (Hong Kong), but a real action to back the prodigious emerging designers up by promoting their names. Salute! A special mention of our 2 participating designers, Yen Yeung of NoBeing and Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image and myself in the November issue has taken New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show to the next level.


Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:
Blog: http://la-mode-by.gvm

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New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show is still everywhere two months after the show was perfectly finished. What more can I ask for? Life has treated me well.
Check out this beautiful post published in both the Florida edition (P.146-149) and New York edition (P.74-77) of the November issue of Focus Magazine of SWFL featuring our best up-and-coming designers: Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong jewelry designer Yen Yeung of NoBeing, handbag designer Betty Lau of R

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It’s never too late to take a look back at some of the best runway moments of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show. For one night, 4 different types of beauty represented by Naoko Tsuruta's traditional sensitivity mixed with modern chic and timeless elegance, Nobeing by Yen Yeung's blissful girlishness, RBRK by Betty Lau's metropolitan sophistication, and Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong's feminine playfulness and edginess shone like a gem with Asian unique aesthetics and concep
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Two weeks have passed since my debut New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show and I’m now back in Hong Kong. But this is not the end, it’s just the beginning of my persistent project looking to create more irresistible whirlwind of emerging talents in Asia and Hong Kong worldwide. Remember the face of our Hong Kong team, I thank my designers for stepping out and making this big breakthrough happen:
From left to right: Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong headpiece/je

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Our participating headpiece designer Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image is a genius indeed! She created especially for me this head-turning east-meets-west net headband embellished with miniature Venetian masquerade masks and a Chinese opera mask and pearls to rock my debut New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show. Creativity has no boundaries in Angel’s design world.

Follow La Mode by GV Miao on:
Tumblr blog: http://lamo

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Behind the scenes at AFWE!
A little flashback to 3 weeks ago on September 18 in the backstage of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show, that feeling of excitement is still lingering in the air.

The debut Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza is a multi-designer fashion show co-organized by the experienced fashion show producer/consultant and co-founder of YaJu Events in New York, Yanna Begelman and by me, Hong Kong-based fashion blogger/marketer, Vicki Victoire (pseudonym: Gwen Vikkey

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Prelude to New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza (pre-show) Press Tea Party sponsored by The Tea Room by Antique Patisserie presented by La Mode by GV Miao took place in Hong Kong on Thursday 21st August in the little tea room cheerfully decorated with French country flair. Let’s have a wonderful flashback to many stylish and yummy moments full of laughs and joy our Hong Kong team - Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, jewelry designer Yen Yeung@NoBeing,

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Angel Wong goes for a majestic way to round off the show with “Phoenix Dream” from a small but extremely divine collection of oriental headpieces “The Empire” especially designed for New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza. Just imagine that a model with a perfect sublime face that belongs to a Renaissance statue appears on stage in this extravagant and exaggerated silver crown that was supposed to be worn by the empress in ancient China, that will certainly leave you speechless and shocked and

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Countdown to my New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza (pre-show) Press Tea Party presented by La Mode by GV Miao taking place in Hong Kong in 2 days!

There’re only 2 days to go until the participating designers and myself meet with the Hong Kong media/press before flying to New York for this highly anticipated catwalk show. Our privileged local media friends will get the chance to preview some of the most wowing pieces to be showcased in the New York show and meet up with the 4 Hong Kong-bas

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