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Each woman wants to own some stylish handbags of different styles. Whether it’s a simple purse or a special leather bag, the fact that these wholesale fashion handbags can establish a style statement is what keeps women satisfied. Actually, there are all kinds of handbag styles that you can choose from at She Star and they will look stunning when paired with the right outfits to create a perfect look for any woman.
Any woman wants to look amazing when they go out and to project the appearance t

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Well, we completely agree that the best wholesale womens fashion show is definitely on the street. It has always been and will always be. There are more eye-catching on the street to impress than there are on the runway. With that said, every woman should own a well-planned classic wardrobe that consists of some staple items that work either alone or together, season after the season. Of course, every woman is different, but there are standard wardrobe items that can make any woman easily have a

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Going around carrying a clutch handbag in the daytime looks like a bad idea as it is unreasonable for several reasons. They won’t hold all your things. They aren’t hands-free. You may leave them behind after you have set them down somewhere. The idea is simply really clumsy. We know. We thought the same thing, leaving all the clutches for fancy occasions and evening dates.

However, we persisted as we love the look of a daytime clutch. After the first road test of the idea, we were unexpectedly ho

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The Most Stylish Bags for Fall 2019


It seems like we haven't even blinked twice and the fall collection is already everywhere with stylish accessories luring us to splurge on fabulous bags. From ultra-mini clutches to snake-patterned satchels and belted bags that double up as a stylish belt while offering you space for your necessities, if you've been craving for your dose of fashion trends, we've got the scoop on the latest fall bag collections that you'll absolutely love.

Mini bags are back

Who needs all those oversized purses whe

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Gucci always displays an enviable list of stunning handbags and exclusive accessories. So it's not surprising that most fashionable women across Australia adore this brand. The love and admiration for the brand has never decreased amongst women since its invention in 1921 by Guccio Gucci.

Alessandro Michele, the fashion director of Gucci, has given this brand a fabulous makeover. Gucci bags are seen in the hand of celebrities and many stylish women across the world.

Gucci is recognized to be one o

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How to make a clutch purse?

Accessories and girls always make a right combination without any doubts. Rather, it should be put in words like accessories are the best companion for a girl who wants to go out all decked up. The handbags, tote bags, the clutch bags and other similar kinds of bag forms a big craze for the girls.

Owning up many bags is not so easy. As for a night out, you will not want to carry all your stuff like the way you make it to work. A clutch purse or a clutch bag is pretty comfortable for a night out.


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And also don’t miss out on more incredible interviews with our other three featured designers at New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show about their design obsessions and achievements by Runway Passport New York.

Click http://runwaypassport.com/news/?p=2205 to read the full post on Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta.

8843448455?profile=originalClick http://runwaypassport.com/news/?p=2208 to read the full post on jewelry designer Yen Yeung of NoBeing.


Click http://runwaypassport.com/news/?p=2191 to read t

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For those who are not familiar with the local media in Hong Kong, 100Most is one of the hottest magazines among the young generation known for offering an alternative perspective on current events. Our HongKong team of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show composed of Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong jewelry designer Yen Yeung of NoBeing, handbag designer Betty Lau of RBRK, and headpiece/accessory designer Angel Wong of Angel Wong Image founded in 2005 and mys

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New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show is still everywhere two months after the show was perfectly finished. What more can I ask for? Life has treated me well.
Check out this beautiful post published in both the Florida edition (P.146-149) and New York edition (P.74-77) of the November issue of Focus Magazine of SWFL featuring our best up-and-coming designers: Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong jewelry designer Yen Yeung of NoBeing, handbag designer Betty Lau of R

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It’s never too late to take a look back at some of the best runway moments of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show. For one night, 4 different types of beauty represented by Naoko Tsuruta's traditional sensitivity mixed with modern chic and timeless elegance, Nobeing by Yen Yeung's blissful girlishness, RBRK by Betty Lau's metropolitan sophistication, and Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong's feminine playfulness and edginess shone like a gem with Asian unique aesthetics and concep
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Two weeks have passed since my debut New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show and I’m now back in Hong Kong. But this is not the end, it’s just the beginning of my persistent project looking to create more irresistible whirlwind of emerging talents in Asia and Hong Kong worldwide. Remember the face of our Hong Kong team, I thank my designers for stepping out and making this big breakthrough happen:
From left to right: Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, Hong Kong headpiece/je

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Behind the scenes at AFWE!
A little flashback to 3 weeks ago on September 18 in the backstage of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - fashion show, that feeling of excitement is still lingering in the air.

The debut Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza is a multi-designer fashion show co-organized by the experienced fashion show producer/consultant and co-founder of YaJu Events in New York, Yanna Begelman and by me, Hong Kong-based fashion blogger/marketer, Vicki Victoire (pseudonym: Gwen Vikkey

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Prelude to New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza - Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza (pre-show) Press Tea Party sponsored by The Tea Room by Antique Patisserie presented by La Mode by GV Miao took place in Hong Kong on Thursday 21st August in the little tea room cheerfully decorated with French country flair. Let’s have a wonderful flashback to many stylish and yummy moments full of laughs and joy our Hong Kong team - Japanese couture designer Naoko Tsuruta, jewelry designer Yen Yeung@NoBeing,

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Countdown to my New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza (pre-show) Press Tea Party presented by La Mode by GV Miao taking place in Hong Kong in 2 days!

There’re only 2 days to go until the participating designers and myself meet with the Hong Kong media/press before flying to New York for this highly anticipated catwalk show. Our privileged local media friends will get the chance to preview some of the most wowing pieces to be showcased in the New York show and meet up with the 4 Hong Kong-bas

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Get ready to expect more marvelous eye candies on the runway of New York Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza! Hong Kong handbag designer, Betty Lau graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and founder of RBRK which stands for the initial of 4 siblings of the Lau family, who knows better than anyone else what the busy metropolitan ladies should have in their everyday accessory corset will be showing off her multiple sized and colored leather bags of both superior quality and versatility exuding

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We promise to show you the most spectacular Lower East Side of New York ever this September. Do come down to Libation NYC on September 18 to celebrate a fabulous fashion night of Asian/Hong Kong designers featuring Naoko Tsuruta (couture), Karen Morris Millinery, NoBeing (jewelry), RBRK (handbag), and Angel Wong Image(headpiece/jewelry) with the bonus of being able to save a child's heart at the star-studded Asian Fashion Week Extravaganza. Tickets are on sale NOW at http://www.yajuevents.com/ev

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