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We all know that feeling – a dear friend or family member's birthday is around the corner, and we're left scratching our heads about what to gift them. And let's be honest, with how quickly trends change, keeping up with the "perfect" gift can feel like chasing a unicorn!

Here's a peek into 2023's hottest birthday gift trends:

  1. Personalized Pottery: Move over, generic mugs! Handcrafted, personalized pottery pieces are the stars now. Whether it's a quirky bowl or a chic vase, it's all about adding t
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Glueless lace wigs are comfortable, fashionable, versatile, and healthy for all wearers, are they the ultimate fashion for women? With the best material recent, including hd lace, high-quality human hair, 3d dome cap, and the technique of arc-pressing, and hot shear, they provide the most natural through pre bleach knot, pre pluck hair, and pre cut lace.

The glueless lace wigs are the best wig in the recent wig market, as they can fit all needs on style, wear, occasion, and natural. They may not

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When you select the wig to wear in autumn, select or consider these wigs first, with the glamorous and unique look, they are charming for your overall look.

First, body wave wig

The body wave wigs are more suitable for dressing up a skirt, hat, jacket, or others. For autumn, the hair of the body wave leads to the feeling of elegance and beauty through dress-up clothes. With a natural wave pattern, the body wave shows the natural glamour of yourself.


Second, kinky straight wig

When in autumn, the kin

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Hong Kong Tailor Traveling Trunk Show in New York

Kahn Tailor offer custom clothiers service for lladies and gentlemen exclusively tailoring Bespoke hand-made suits, tailored shirts, custom made tuxedos and a lot more.

Hong kong tailor offer worldwide private trunk show to measure up new clients and get order from exixting clients few time a year. to get measure in our upcoming travel schedule, make and early appointment by Book Appointment.

At KahnTailor, we dispel the myth that quality bespoke handmade suits comes at a heavy price, we serve wit

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Samoan Sun is one of key colors mentioned in Protogenesis -- The Color Trend for The Mature Lady Style Knitwear. The seasonality of colors is blurred, and Samoan Sun becomes an important color for transition. It displays the passionate, positive and optimistic Samoa. Samoa is a tropical island country in the southern Pacific Ocean. With many folk myths and legends, it originally believed in witchcraft and worshiped leaders. The unique pattern and color of its totem inspire women's knitwear. Colo

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The instability of our living environment makes utilitarianism particularly important in clothing, which also drives the popularity of multiple pockets. In A/W 21/22, this kind of design continues the 3D pockets and patch pockets, and also pays attention to detail and appearance change. There are decorative edges, processing lines, hidden pockets, exposed 3D pockets, flap pockets and 3D pockets in multiple shapes. A detachable pocket is also added to the belt, becoming a punchline. Pockets are b

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5 Best Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2020

Fashion is not seasonal but fashion trends possibly are. Change in season means change in trends and changes in your wardrobe too. Spring/Summer is one of the favorite season among the fashion fanatics of the industry as new styles pour in, new colors set the tone and new trends start emerging from the old ones.
In this blog, we have listed down 5 Summer Trends/Outfits that will continue to rule the year 2020.

1. Knit Dresses (Striped)
This essential Spring jersey will take your fashion game to gre
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The beautiful print pattern brings a touch of romantic beauty to women. Many styles of catwalks in the spring of 2020 have a large number of colors, from rainbows to polka dots. Floral motifs are the most popular in the spring 2020 print. Large and small flower motifs are printed on hundreds or even thousands of garments. But many designers gave up the ubiquitous mix and match pattern of the previous season, so although the prints are lively, their style is much more restrained than we have seen

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VETEMENTS is founded by Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia, a graduate of Royal Academy of Fine Arts. It witnesses the unruly street subculture. It is the benchmark of street brands and often copied by other brands. After Guram Gvasalla's departure, VETEMENTS makes a series of changes, retains its own style but begins to cooperate with other industries like Evian to keep energetic in the depressed market.


VETEMENTS retains its consistent decadent style. The loose silhouette, unique pattern print,

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Premiere Vision Designs is the world's most authoritative pattern design exhibition. Influenced by the outbreak and social instability, the S/S 2021 Premiere Vision Designs draws inspirations from natural aesthetics, and integrates with digital virtual technology, leading the global pattern trend. This year Premiere Vision Designs brings the participants and the graphic designs closer through the decorative experience of graphics. Handbags and packing boxes made from sustainable recycled fabrics

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Lineapelle is always the most important exhibition in the leather and accessories supply chain for fashion and luxury industry, and leads the way in innovation. In A/W 20/21, sustainability is increasingly important in leather industry. Innovation continues to drive the development of solution, and natural materials are getting more and more attention.


Vegetable tanned leather has become a viable sustainable solution for leather industry, followed by chrome-free and metal-free tanning crafts. Inn

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The men's clothing pattern design trend


Everything comes from lines. Doodled lines are casual and free. Lines from designers can depict everything in different forms to endow its soul. On 2020 S/S catwalks, many brands adopt abstract doodled lines and incomplete or irregular abstract forms to show diverse line changes. In this season, doodled line pattern has two or three colors to show the minimalist design style.




The casual and untruly lines shape abstract pattern. When applied to placements, it reflects the unique design. And

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Whenever the autumn or winter is upon us, we are bound to experience some levels of coldness. Whether the coldness is moderate or extreme, our fashion choices tend to change to cope with the cold weather. Cardigans, scarves and other thick clothing that can provide some warmth are usually the choices of everyone. However, for anyone who wants to adorn fashion jewelry pieces, it can be daunting to choose the right pieces that will go with the clothing designed for the colder weather. Fortunately,

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Best Jewellery Trends to Watch Out in 2019

I hope this year must be going great for your with latest styles. If not then I wish It would. In 2019, if you are thinking for revamping your look this year, then don’t just stop at your clothes because accessories are the one which enhance your look or break as well.

So without wasting time, lets move further…

  • Animal & Nature-Inspired Motifs: It is not just natural symbols like leaves and floral patterns that will be seen this year, but also bold animal motifs. Whatever your personal style state
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Sometimes despite firm vows to stop, you just can't deny yourself one more McDonalds and before you know it, you are struggling with excess fat all over your body. The rolls of fat around your midsection may result in features such as muffin top, love handles and belly pooch.

Muffin top describes the body pudge that overhangs around the waistline especially when a person wears low waist pants. It mirrors the top or head of a muffin that overhangs around the paper wrapping and hence its name was d

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Top 15 Amazing Designs of Kurtis for 2019

India is one of the most diverse nations in almost every aspect. You will be able to see a vast variety of languages, cultures, clothing and so on. When we talk about the clothing of Indian women, it is diverse too. Everything and anything they wear, suits them be it a pair of jeans, a saree, or a kurti.

Kurti has become a staple piece of clothing of Indian women. The demand of designer kurtis is on the rise. This rise is credited to the comfort and style that it brings. Women have the option to

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KOL trend leader

Orange is the color that 18/19 autumn winter stage color picks up generally. The application on garment is compared before more mature, fashionable expressiveness still cannot be belittled. It is also be the key color that cannot be ignored in next autumn winter. This is the next color trend one of the general direction. Gardenia yellow in this season of A/W street photos, whether coat, windbreaker or suit can be seen on the street photographer's figure.8843863452?profile=original

Gardenia yellow

Leaves oppo

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Latest Graceful Indian party wear sarees

Saree as a word is derived from the prakrit phrase "Sattika". The sari originated in the southern components of India and symbolizes the Indian heritage and the legacy. A keen interest in the Indian Party Wear Sarees is developed amongst girls from special components of the world, who belong to the special nationalities and cultures. 


Different kingdom and one of a kind tradition of India has its own typical piece of attire. The regular attire of the Punjabis is regarded as Patiala; those of th

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