Autumn (74)

In a twinkling of an eye to September, which inevitably sounded a wake-up call for parents: summer is past, autumn really come! When the summer and autumn meet, there is a big temperature difference between day and night. Because the babies are Still developing, their body resistance is relatively weak, and they are easy to catch colds, so at this time the parents need to pay special attention to the dressing of the baby. Wearing wholesale baby clothes should be neither too many nor too few.


  1. Your

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Women Jacket: a Must-have Item for Autumn

After entering the autumn, in order to have a good warmth effect, wholesale women's jackets has become our first choice for going out. After all, no matter what clothes we wear inside, we need to add a jacket outside.

Suit Jacket

shestar wholesale double breasted plaid office blazer suitAlmost every girl has a small women suit jacket. The mid-length style is capable and generous and a little more feminine. The belt is used to set off the waistline. It is elegant and fashionable, and has a slim fit. It also highlights the slim figure. It is matched with a

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Crazy furs, optical effects, not winter colours, origami, new prints, natural flowers, long coat, Hessian boots and so on...

Сумасшедший мех, оптические эффекты, незимние цвета, оригами, новые принты, настоящие цветы, пальто в пол и ботфорты и т.д...



1. Caracul is the main fur of season.| Каракуль - главный мех сезона

1. karakul

2. Coat-rug.| Пальто-плед

2. palto pled

3. Hessian boots. | Сапоги-ботфорты

3. sapogi botforti

4. Knitwear. | Трикотаж

4. trikotag

5. Burgundy suit. | Бордовый костюм

5. bordoviy kostume

6. See-through top. | Прозрачный топ

6. prozrachniy top

7. 3D-effect. | 3D эффект

7. 3d effect

8. C

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10 Best Autumn Colours Near Midlands

Autumn is a magical time of the year. Touch of cool bridge fill the body with lot of excitement and new energy. No hot, no cool environment is perfect for your body.

If you are in West Midlands, here is the best autumn colours near you which you should not miss to watch.

Cannock Chase Forest

Cannock Chase Forest is turning golden in autumn. Birches Valley forest is perfect for day outings in midlands. Cannock Chase is also midlands premier destinations for mountain biking. There are many amazing bi

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Winter is on its way

With the temperatures in Britain falling considerably over the last week it is definitely time to start bulking out your winter wardrobe once again. There’s nothing better than a cosy jumper, a big scarf and a pair of warm boots to get you through the chilly autumn/winter months.


There is no better way to get through the cold seasons than with a pair of snug UGG boots. They are guaranteed to get you through the coldest of days, and leave your feet feeling toasty warm and comfortable.


The great t

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Top AW13 coat picks

The autumn has definitely arrived in Britain and our annual coat hunt as begun. Every year we all look for a coat which we swear will last us a lifetime, however after the season is over our much needed coats have either gone out of fashion, or they have torn due to all the wear we have had out of them throughout the autumn and winter season.                


This year why not take your time and find a coat which has a timeless look and feel as well being such good quality, it will not fray no ma

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Getting ready for autumn

Britain has had a fantastic summer this year, but that hasn’t stop us from getting excited about the upcoming autumn months. Dark evenings, big cosy jumpers and warm jackets are once again on the horizon, and we can’t help but get excited about it.

From Barbour to Uggs and wellies, we have a lot to look forward to this autumn. Take a look through our favourite picks for the upcoming season, and why they are the perfect choice if you love both style and comfort.


Barbour jackets have become very pop

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Feel Handmade / Hemp Large Clutch


(Image credit: Hemp Large Clutch by Feel Handmade via

Some of you may recall me mentioning Feel Handmade on more than one occasion prior to this post, yet I’m afraid that I simply couldn’t keep away. The main reason for my constant interest in Feel Handmade is primarily due to the fact that I regularly keep in touch with the husband and wife team behind the label, Joshua Karl and Erin Kaleel. I think that when you have a design team who focus heavily on precision, quality and exemplary
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Topman / Teal Velvet Shawl Skinny Blazer


(Image credit: Topman Teal Velvet Shawl Skinny Blazer)
That's so New York - Topman have recently released the fourth and final installment of their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and if I'm totally honest, although I'm somewhat delighted to see a selection of velvet blazers making their way into the collection, I'm not exactly surprised. Velvet has been a fabric which has stormed the stores this Autumn/Winter and it seems that no matter where you go and what you're looking for, velvet will st
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Designer / Anastasia Lomonova

That's so New York - That's right, the most recent addition to my archive of interviews is European yet now Canada-based designer, Anastasia Lomonova. The majority of you may recall my introductory post orientated around Anastasia earlier this week? Either way, she's possibly one of the nicest personalities I've spoken to in a while; not to mention her admirable efficiency in replying with the answers to my questions. Honestly, we have something special here; I just know it! 

8842989284?profile=original(Image Credit: Anast

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Designer / Fanny and Jessy

That's so New York - Guess what? London-based design-duo, Fanny and Jessy were kind enough to answer my interview questions; meaning that I now have aspiring designer advice, background information and opinions from the duo in hand. I have to admit, despite the fact that I feel somewhat envious of every female out there and a tinge of hatred towards the label, due to the fact that Fanny and Jessy are a womenswear label and not a menswear label, I feel partially proud to announce that this pair h

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Stephanie Grace Foy

That's so New YorkBy now I’m sure you’re all aware that I’m somewhat of a hawk when it comes to the release of new stores or finding brand new designer names who I can jot about on more than one occasion (what can I say? I’m not one for a single mention, yet instead like to border on the annoying with multiple kicks of information) whether it be in my notepad, on a sticky note or even right here, shouting about it like I’m some Victorian Londoner who is trying his best to sell the morning new
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Fanny and Jessy / Autumn 2011

That's so New YorkEarlier this week, London-based design duo Fanny and Jessy were kind enough to send across the official images from their Autumn/Winter 2011 look book and although I already had a rough idea of what the collection entailed after noticing a feature on another blog, I was extremely impressed with the sheer quality of the images and the abstract personalities behind the designs. Fanny and Jessy are known for their impeccable taste when it comes to those items which are slightly

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We Are Selecters / "Escape" Collection

That's so New YorkYesterday evening, the wonderful people over at We Are Selecters were kind enough to send across the look book for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection; that of which has been titled "Escape". After experiencing sheer amounts of joy after flicking through the images, I thought that it would be best to "share" these images with you. See, how nice am I?

8842979495?profile=original(Image Credit: Photographer - Marta Julve, Stylist - Patricia Proko, Stylist's Assistant - Mónica, Hair-Styling - Adolfo Senao, M

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Topman / Multi Coloured Stripe Jumper*

That's so New York - Despite the fact that over here in England, United Kingdom it seems that the weather has lost all sense of direction, as humidity and sunshine is on a high, in addition to summer which presented nothing but the odd day of welcomed sunshine, followed by an ever so frequent unwelcome down pour of rain, autumn shopping is something I can’t seem to keep off my mind; primarily due to the fact that the outgoings of my bank seem to be tallying up to a little more than my income (li
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