xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
For your long time wearing, human hair extensions are better with two reasons.First of all, achieve the braid hairstylesIt is common for black girls to create complex hairstyles on their heads, such as butterfly locas, passion knots, tree braids,…
Apr 3
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 Bye bye knots wigs, as their name suggests, are difficult to find the knots on wigs. Provide realistic looks for wearing, here are the pros and cons of bye bye knots wigs for black girls.Pros:*RealisticInclude showing the realistic hairline while…
Apr 2
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Not all expensive wigs are better for wearers, however, the price, as the main factor for selecting one wig, influences many girls to make the option on color, length, types, textures, or brands.What is the wig price influence?*Price determines the…
Apr 1
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
For wig girls, to get the perfect realistic looks after wearing wigs, selecting the right human hair wigs wigs is essential. What’s more, it is better to apply the right methods to achieve the perfect fit and melt effect. Here are the details on how…
Mar 30
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Glueless lace wigs are popular and perfect to fit different occasions, such as formal or romantic situations, allowing the wearers to create different hairstyles because of the hd lace materials used. Which types are glueless lace wigs?The main type…
Mar 29
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 Designed by African American women, the wigs are perfect and pretty for black wearers. Considering the facial shape, skin tone, and history of black girls, the African American Wigs help the black girls achieve better feelings. Here are the…
Mar 28
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
What are pre everything wigs?Pre everything wigs means that the wigs have experienced the pre-work before wig wearing, and finished the trouble of wearing while wearing. Why select pre everything wigs?Pre everything wigs help black girls achieve…
Mar 27
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
What are bye bye knots wigs?Bye bye knots wigs hold the wish that provides convenient wear for girls, blenching the lace of wigs to achieve the invisible knots. Apply the hd lace of 9×6 inch, bye bye knots wigs are less limitation on styling.Bye bye…
Mar 26
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Breathable wigs with breathable caps, provide a comfortable feel for your wearing.What are breathable wigs?The breathable wigs explore the wigs with breathable caps, hold the purpose of providing high breathable feels and comfortable experience…
Mar 22
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
*Bye bye knots wigsBye bye knots wigs are widely found by pre bleach knots wigs, which bleach the lace on the wigs, and mini the knots on the lace. The bye bye knots wigs lead to a melt effect on your head.Not all pre bleached wigs are bye bye knots…
Mar 21
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
The density of wigs determines styles and vibes after wearing, high density creates voluminous hair but is hot in summer, instead, the lower density influences the overall feel. Here we are talking about the wig density. What is the density of…
Mar 20
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Here are some goddess braids that are recommended to black girls for your Thanksgiving. Come here and see which one is best for you. First, goddess braidAs one hairstyle classic and elegant, the goddess braid involves a single large braid or a few…
Nov 22, 2023
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 When it comes to selecting a wig without regret, human hair wigs are an excellent choice for women. Here are some reasons why human hair wigs are worth considering:Natural Texture and Luster: Human hair wigs are made from real, unprocessed human…
Nov 21, 2023
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
It is simple for people to wear a wig if they know the methods. Wearing the wigs is divided into two methods depending on the type of wigs, which are glueless wigs and glue lace wigs. Here are the methods.Before wearing a wig, start to prepare your…
Nov 20, 2023
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 With the weather becoming cold, more girls select to wear a wig to sleep. It is a personal choice to sleep with wigs. But before you sleep with a wig, here is something you need to know. First, avoid tangling. Strongly tangled or pulled to your…
Nov 17, 2023
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 A new technique of glueless lace wigs is pre-blenched knots, what is it? And what does it mean when the wig is pre-blenched knots? Here are the details of pre-blenched knots.What are the pre-blenched knots?The knots on the lace are always black and…
Nov 16, 2023

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