xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 Weaving your natural hair is a time-consuming process, which requires spending several hours to achieve the weave or braid beauty. How can you create the quick weave hairstyle? Here are some quick weave hairstyle recommendations.Achieving the quick…
xinna ZHOU posted a discussion
 In the wig market, 1b hair color is naturally black, 2 hair color is darker brown, they create the natural color as like the natural hair. Which hairstyles are more suitable for these colors in nature?Deep wave wigThe hairstyles of 1b and 2 hair…
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 The wigs of bridal hairstyle, as one hairstyle reflects the personal style, always match the wedding dress and fit the overall theme of the wedding. Here are some classic bridal hairstyles that are popular today.Classic bridal hairstyle:For the…
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 As we all know lace front wigs require to wear it by glue and adhesive, and also require learning to cut the lace, how to wear a lace front wig safely, and achieve the best melt hairline. Here are the tips about wear.First, glue or adhesiveTest the…
Sep 15
xinna ZHOU posted a discussion
 Hair care is the key to maintaining the pretty looks of wigs and prolonging their lifespan. Which should do for your hair care? Which don’ts should be avoided to maintain healthy hair? Here are the details.Dos1 Do keep your hair clean, regularly…
Sep 14
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 Headband wigs are famous for their convenience, without spending too much styling or wearing, they just require several simple steps to wear. However, headband wigs are limited in styling, with the reason that they hide the hairline and cover the…
Sep 13
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
As one tradition of welcoming back to an organization, and consists of a week, it is a celebration for school or college. How can the girls create different looks in homecoming? Here are some hairstyle recommendations.First, half up half downCombine…
Sep 12
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 The wigs made by machines with natural looks and affordable prices are more suitable to be selected by beginners.As one type of human hair wigs, they are famous for their quick wear, and easy style. Here are the details of made by machine…
Sep 11
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 When talking about the lifespan of the wigs, they may influenced by many factors. How often should you change your wigs?The girls may change their wigs with the reason of desire to change hairstyles. If you desire to search for a different…
Sep 9
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
  For thin hair, wigs or hair extensions are the quickest method for them to add volume, create the hairstyle, and transform the look. It is common to find that thin hair is various, but through some methods, the thin hair can show a pretty look.…
Sep 6
xinna ZHOU posted a discussion
 Wigs option are trouble all wigs girls as the wigs are various, especially for someone who experiment the skin irritation. By combining comfort and realism, the wigs should cover the thin hair and achieve a natural look.Here are some realistic wigs…
Sep 5
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 We are ready to meet a romantic and comfortable season, and many more stories will appear in this season. For the events or dates in this season, which wig is more suitable for you? Which colored wig should be considered at first?Talking to the…
Sep 4
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 Hd lace wigs leave the natural hairline for girls to allow them to create different hairstyles. How can you style the hd lace wigs to achieve a beautiful look? Here are some styling tips and recommendations.First, ensure the wigThe wigs of hd human…
Sep 1
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 Hd lace wigs through the hairline for wearers, showing the perfect natural look after wearing. What are the specials of hd lace wigs? How do hd lace wigs differ from regular wigs? Find answers here.How do hd lace wigs differ from regular wigs?Hd…
Aug 31
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Latina Aesthetic hair refers to the hair styling techniques that are commonly associated with Latinas. Characterized by versatility, natural texture, volume, and shine beauty, the Latina's aesthetic hair always has a thicker texture on natural…
Aug 30
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Too much heat may damage the fibers of wigs, so the maintenance of stylish recommend reducing the frequency of heating. How can you get the volume and natural curls without heat? The sock curls, with simple tools and easy to make, create natural and…
Aug 23

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