xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Here are some goddess braids that are recommended to black girls for your Thanksgiving. Come here and see which one is best for you. First, goddess braidAs one hairstyle classic and elegant, the goddess braid involves a single large braid or a few…
Nov 22
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 When it comes to selecting a wig without regret, human hair wigs are an excellent choice for women. Here are some reasons why human hair wigs are worth considering:Natural Texture and Luster: Human hair wigs are made from real, unprocessed human…
Nov 21
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
It is simple for people to wear a wig if they know the methods. Wearing the wigs is divided into two methods depending on the type of wigs, which are glueless wigs and glue lace wigs. Here are the methods.Before wearing a wig, start to prepare your…
Nov 20
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 With the weather becoming cold, more girls select to wear a wig to sleep. It is a personal choice to sleep with wigs. But before you sleep with a wig, here is something you need to know. First, avoid tangling. Strongly tangled or pulled to your…
Nov 17
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 A new technique of glueless lace wigs is pre-blenched knots, what is it? And what does it mean when the wig is pre-blenched knots? Here are the details of pre-blenched knots.What are the pre-blenched knots?The knots on the lace are always black and…
Nov 16
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 When we choose one wig, we always have trouble selecting. The main factor we consider will influence the choice we made. Such as feeling and styling. The feeling like natural, comfortable, and more in concert with our feeling ourselves. The styling…
Nov 15
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Hair loss is common for everyone, and losing a small amount of hair is simple. However, they may influence your appearance and confidence when looking the fluffy hair. So how can you add volume to your hair? Waves or wigs are more suitable?How can…
Nov 14
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Besides selecting the right wig can influence the comfortable wear feel, the installation and products of wigs used also influence the feel while wearing a wig. Here are some steps to get comfortable wearing a wig.How do you get comfortable…
Nov 13
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
The afro wigs with specific characteristics and intended styles, are different from the natural hair wigs. Here are the details about the difference between them.Afro wigs, as the name suggested, are designed for afro hairstyle for black women, with…
Nov 11
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Full lace wigs ensure a wholly natural look for wearers, so the updo hairstyles can be created freely. Here are some updo hairstyles on full lace wigs recommendations.First, messy bunThrough creating the casual look of a messy bun, they gather the…
Nov 10
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Lightweight human hair wigs keep breathable of your scalp breathable and comfortable for your daily wear. They are friendly to the girls who have hair loss, are sweaty on hot days, and have sensitive skin. Here are some lightweight human hair wig…
Nov 9
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
 To achieve quick wear and glamorous looks for black women, here are some types of human hair wigs that are more suitable to achieve the perfect wear for black women.First, curly wigFor black women, curly hairstyles are more save time for them to…
Nov 8
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
The human hair wigs are various, and how can you find one reliable wig brand in Cyber Monday? Here are some recommendations for human hair wigs, and find the suitable wig brand for yourself. First, Isee hair Isee hair, famous on different platforms,…
Nov 2
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Are you considering the human hair wigs for Halloween? Here are some color ideas to achieve unique styles on Halloween.First, sparkle wigsFor your Halloween hair color, the sparkle of blood red and black color is more suitable to create unique…
Oct 20
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
Maintaining your glueless curly edge wigs to keep looking fresh and new is essential to prolong their lifespan of curly edge wigs. What requires attention for your curly edge wig maintenance? Here are some steps.How often to wash the wig?Wash a…
Oct 12
xinna ZHOU posted a blog post
V part wigs, as one type of glueless wig, are more suit to be worn for summer. They are breathable and lightweight for your summer wearing, and what’s more, provide more choices for your styling.What are V part wigs?V part wigs, similar to U part…
Oct 11

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