Hair care is the key to maintaining the pretty looks of wigs and prolonging their lifespan. Which should do for your hair care? Which don’ts should be avoided to maintain healthy hair? Here are the details.


1 Do keep your hair clean, regularly wash your hair to keep it clean, through specialize shampoos and conditioners to avoid dirt or oil.

2 Do use conditioners, the conditioners help to keep the softness and bouncy of wigs, especially for wave wigs.

3 Do use low temperature, apply the low temperature with a hairdryer, heating tools are helpful to reduce the frizzy and messy wigs.

4 Do use a heat protectant, and apply a heat protectant to minimize the damage that comes from heating.

5 Do treat your wig gently, the wigs should be gently treated, avoid tugging or pulling your wigs, especially when your wig is wet.

6 Do brush your wigs regularly. Regularly brushing your wig not only reduces the knots but also keeps the smooth and pretty look of the wig.



1 Don’t overwash your wig, for human hair or synthetic hair wigs, overwashed can damage the fibers of wigs, and lead to dryness and breakage.

2 Don’t use heat tools excessively, regularly using the heat styling tools may damage your wigs, so limit the use frequency and temperature.

3 Don’t brush wet hair, the wet wigs are easier to be damaged, especially in rubbing or tugging.

For wigs care, some tips should be attention and the pretty looks of wigs can be earned through the right maintenance. Of course, the methods on how to store wig are essential, too.

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