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A single glance at the fiery passion of ruby can spellbound the viewer. The gemstone glows as if it has fire inside it, making ruby necklaces noticeably superior to necklaces fashioned with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious gemstones. If you’re in the market for a ruby necklace, we’ll update you about some of the most fascinating necklace designs that are in fashion these days. Explore these designs to choose one for your ruby necklace.

Ruby Bar Necklace




A bar necklace generally featur

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The color of love - red, also distinguishes the stunning gemstone - Ruby. Ruby is one of the most adored gems in the world! Known for its vibrant red pigeon blood hue, this gemstone ranks 9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it the second hardest rock in the world alongside sapphires. With this level of hardness, ruby can be set in any jewelry piece for everyday wear. 

Rubies have made a special place in the hearts of celebrities and royalties alike. From the Queen of England to famous mode

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Wedding photos are always entertaining to look at, whether you're reliving your own special day or admiring someone else's. What is most important in those pictures is how you were dressed and what accessories made you sparkle the most. With the onset of the wedding season, you must be wondering what to wear and most importantly what accessory to pair it up with! As the bride - you’re the center of attention - looking gorgeous and nothing less must be on your mind! Pairing all the right things -

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Love is a beautiful emotion that can be celebrated in many ways. Whether it is through grand gestures or small moments of affection, expressing your love and commitment to your significant other is essential. One of the most popular ways to do this is by giving a special gift, such as a ruby solitaire ring. Not only is this gift beautiful and timeless, but it also represents the depth and intensity of your love. Here are some ways in which you can celebrate love and style with a ruby solitaire r

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What’s that one jewelry piece that gets noticed very quickly? Yes, you’re right, it’s a pendant. Pendants are such unique jewelry pieces that enhance your look profoundly. Just a minimalist pendant can do wonders with almost every outfit from your wardrobe. And if it’s a ruby pendant, things get a little dramatic. There’s something about pendants embellished with ruby that makes them a cut above the rest. From a beautiful red color to an impressive score on the Mohs scale of hardness, the ruby g

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Need to go to a party but don’t know what to wear to have a steezy appearance? You may have a lot of beautiful jewelry pieces in your jewelry box but selecting a statement piece that amps up your party look becomes difficult. 

There are a bunch of jewelry options you can choose to style yourself elegantly, but a ruby pendant is a unique choice that will turn heads at any party. The minimalist appearance of the ruby pendant will scale  up your overall appearance and will go perfectly well with any

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