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5 Ruby Bracelets Under $5000

Accessory lover? If yes, then you must have noticed that bracelets are one of the most overlooked and underrated adornments. Although women are usually the brand ambassadors for jewelry, bracelets haven’t yet found a premium place in their jewelry box. We are here to change your outlook towards bracelets that hold onto your wrist tightly! Bracelets are just as charming as any other jewelry that we wear on a day-to-day basis. 

Ruby, the king of gemstones has garnered a huge fandom because of its e

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Ruby is a gemstone that is familiar to almost every gemstone jewelry lover. Still, there is a lot to explore about this interesting gemstone. You can find rubies in museums studded in crowns of royals and you can even find them studded in tiny daily wear jewelry pieces. Both ruby and sapphire are the same minerals, but ruby gets its red color from chromium included in the basic aluminum oxide chemical structure. If you want to adorn your earlobes with this amazing gemstone, then you will require

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What Makes Ruby The King Of Gemstones

The charm and grace of the mystical red gemstone ruby is timeless; its red color makes it a symbol of fire and fire denotes the sun, which is considered the king of planets in astrology. Ruby has been a prominent gemstone and has ruled many hearts for centuries. You can consider this as one of the reasons why ruby is called the king of gemstones, but many other reasons make this sparkling red gemstone the king. In this write-up, we will try to cover almost everything that makes ruby the king of

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