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The Rise of Eco-Friendly Designer Handbags

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage, from the production of materials to the disposal of products. However, in recent years, the rise of eco-friendly designer handbags has shown that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. These handbags are made using sustainable and ethically sourced materials, reducing waste and carbon footprint while promoting responsible consumption and sustainable fashion practices.


Eco-friendly designer handbags are beco

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Glamour selects by Jimmy choo


The iconic luxury brand Jimmy Choo, a British fashion house that is the ambassador of luxury in the fashion world, and is mainly recognized and treasured for its impeccable heels.

However, they didn’t just stop at making their mark as a renowned shoe company. Jimmy Choo went ahead with being the most startling fashion house that offers exemplary scarves, belts, bags, clutches, accessories, and fragrances to both men and women.

As stated by the ace shoe designer Jimmy Choo, the brand justifies ever

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Different Styles of Fashion Handbags for Women

At the cost of sounding just a bit dramatic, but what I want to say is that wholesale fashion handbags are not only purses to a woman, but also her portable world packed in a safety net. Think about it, whether you stop to quickly check the BFF or get into trouble due to some kind of cyclone, as long as your handbag is by your side, you have everything you need.
3-pack Pu Leather Tote Messenger Bag Purse Set
Unlike men who quickly grab keys and wallets, stuff them into incredibly large pockets and rush out the door, women pay more attention

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Each woman wants to own some stylish handbags of different styles. Whether it’s a simple purse or a special leather bag, the fact that these wholesale fashion handbags can establish a style statement is what keeps women satisfied. Actually, there are all kinds of handbag styles that you can choose from at She Star and they will look stunning when paired with the right outfits to create a perfect look for any woman.
Any woman wants to look amazing when they go out and to project the appearance t

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Fashion handbags have turned out to be an essential wardrobe accessory. A beautiful woman wouldn’t carry a backpack when strolling honorary pathway at a formal occasion, nor would she take a clamshell night pack when traveling outdoors. These might be extraordinary styles, but what is certain is that they delineate how the wholesale fashion handbags you carry complete the picture you present to the world.

Trends always come and go, but this doesn’t hurt the fashion industry. It is still more stab

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Styles of Fashion Handbags

Most women like to carry a suitable handbags on their backs, whether at work or when they are away. Choosing suitable wholesale fashion handbags, like choosing a dress that suits you, is a topic that women are more interested in talking about.

  • A mature bag.

    shestar wholesale Fashion Zipper Women Clutch Bag

    shestar wholesale Simple Snake Skin Print Zip Clutch BagThe color of this bag is black, brown, gray, etc., and the style looks more stable, suitable for office workers. In general, most women who go to work wear formal dresses, and the colors are mostly dark. So, if you pair it with a stable style b

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Summer Must-Have Handbags

Today, the handbags is a carrying accessory with multiple uses. Not only is it used out of necessity, but it is also a decorative object.

We are evoking the 80s era, and, of course, this accessory will be a must-have this summer 2020.

If this time you are looking for a fashion bag, we have for you 5 of the main trends that you can get in fashion bags wholesale.



Having a bag big enough so all your basics are always available but light enough to easily carry all day long sounds too good to

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Welcome to BOKSHA, the region’s online marketplace dedicated to discovering authentic designs created by UAE homegrown talent.

The name BOKSHA (بقشة) comes from an Arab Gulf dialect referring to the piece of fabric tied from the top and used as a head carrier by street sellers to hold their garments. Once at the marketplace (souk), the sellers would place their Boksha on the ground and showcase their items for sale.

We have an exclusive selection of modest wear including abayas, kaftans, travel we

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Online sites are offering different products to their budding customer so that they can add more customers in less duration of time. It is the best way of getting a reliable product in less duration of time. These days people are looking for n number of products online because they can easily get n number of products without facing any trouble, Moreover, companies are offering great deals and discounts to their potential customer so that they can shop for the right product without taking much ti

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Are you and your handbag inseparable? Me too!

Being seen with a stylish, classic handbag from luxury sought after brands is every woman’s dream! However, being seen with the same handbag every day is quite the faux pas.

Why not invest in various bags of different shapes, sizes, colours and brands?

For those of you looking to expand your collection with high-end, timeless and quality handbags, we have put together a collection of styles that you should consider:


  1. A Tote

A tote can often be irritating a

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What is Mother's Day?
They say 'God could not be everywhere so he created mothers.' Mothers deserve to be rewarded for all they do for us, be it taking on our tantrums as we grow up, becoming a multi-tasker, or loving us unconditionally. Mother's Day is a day that honors and celebrates these amazing superstars.

When is Mother's Day?
In North America and many other countries, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother's Day 2018 falls on May 13th.

Why are Handbags the Perfect Gi

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The boho style has a whimsical feel that many women love. Bohemian dresses are a common look that corresponds with this style. They can be long or short, and the skirt of the dress flows beautifully. The dress style has a loose bodice with billowy sleeves. Bohemian shirts and blouses share similar characteristics and are equally popular throughout the year. If you have invested in a bohemian dress or in other bohemian looks, you may be wondering how you can accessorize this look to give your ens

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One of the best-known and most highly sought-after luxurious brands in the fashion industry, Chanel was founded by Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel in 1909. In 1910 she used to sell hats in a small shop in Paris, and by 1913 it had already become a trendsetter. All her collections were decidedly against twentieth-century culture memes. She started with sportswear, and later on, she had become the ultimate trendsetter with her flannel blazers, women in trousers and jersey sweaters. She is the first lady w

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Trend Alert: Blending Mixed Prints

In today’s fast forward fashion world, it is commonplace to shatter sacred style rules; breaking fashion laws is considered nothing short of fashion itself. The latest London-inspired trend to blend contrasting prints is a case in point. Prints are ruling runways across the world and this is the best time to play with patterns and have some fun in the process. International designers are balancing mixed prints to create ensembles that effectively stand apart from the crowd, turning heads whereve

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Quality or Fashion: Choice is yours


Trends and fashion are what define today’s world. We see everyone being driven by the trends and talking about them, giving them so much importance over anything. We live in a world of trends and fashions which are driven by corporate sector or celebrities. In the following article, we will discuss whether the hype is worth it or we should go with quality over fashion:

Fashion Changes Everyday

We see fashion changes every day. Like we see, one thing comes in for a day and then it is replaced b

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Do you know what the most important fashion accessory that you can't ignore when shopping for fashion accessories is? Obviously, it is the perfect bag. No one knows the importance of a handbag but online a woman. Women even think themselves as incomplete without their purse. They even don’t think about going out without their handbag.  Every woman own different types of bags that they use for different occasions — school, church, dates, girls’ nights, etc. Today, most of the women own more than

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Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags Online

We all love buying brand new bags at full prices!! But what better than buying an almost fresh pre-owned luxury bag at a great deal? I am the kind of person who firmly believes in smart buy to be the best buy! It not only helps you save money but also gives you financial room to maybe buy 2 bags for the same price or put that money to other important stuff.

Below, I am listing down a few tips that you guys can double check before buying a pre-owned bag.

Tripple checks on authentication and feels f

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How about some pre-loved luxury for you?

With the urbanisation that is steadily increasing in India courtesy globalisation, fashion trends change at a lightening’s speed. Women, not only fashion buffs but from all walks of life are greatly heading towards buying luxury goods, especially bags and wallets. Having these luxury items around has revamped their closet per se.

Many consumers are well aware and informed of the global brands that are prevailing and consider buying luxury goods as a part of their investment.  This has led to an

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