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Watches are one of the most popular and most important accessories, which is a must for both men and women. They speak for you, highlight your personality and add an element in your attire. You might think that your look is complete without them, but adding a timepiece in your look can do wonders for you. A small piece of accessory has the power to change your entire appearance. They can either make or break your look! But with a classy watch, you can never go wrong. It is a safe way to make you

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Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags Online

We all love buying brand new bags at full prices!! But what better than buying an almost fresh pre-owned luxury bag at a great deal? I am the kind of person who firmly believes in smart buy to be the best buy! It not only helps you save money but also gives you financial room to maybe buy 2 bags for the same price or put that money to other important stuff.

Below, I am listing down a few tips that you guys can double check before buying a pre-owned bag.

Tripple checks on authentication and feels f

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Set yourself apart with Gucci watches

A treasured timepiece is forever! You can always count on watches for turning your basic look into sophisticated and stylish. Be it anyone, a man or a woman, they can add element and personality in your look and help you get tons of compliment. I personally love timepieces and specially luxury watches because of the skilled craftsmanship and superior quality involved in making them. There is nothing like a designer timepiece to be honest and people love to collect them as it showcases class and

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Gucci - Luxury Fashion Brand Are Going Green

Gucci is having a renaissance. After years in the doldrums, the 94-year-old fashion house is again the star of glossy magazine spreads, its collections coveted by couture aficionados and celebrities, thanks to the eclectic runway shows masterminded by new creative director Alessandro Michele . Last month, its new boutique opened at CityCenterDC featuring storage units that resemble elegant steamer trunks and expansive tables designed to hold a trove of costly handbags. Lots of handbags. Because

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When Capital Style Magazine, Columbus' premier fashion and style authority, asked me for my favorite Spring 13' trends, I had no problem listing my top 5. From Gucci's monochromatic cobalt blue to J. Crew's floral silk pants, my 'must haves' for the season. Find the full article here. Let me know what you think! ;-)
Love leather for Spring!
See all my picks on CapitalStyle.
Google Images - Belstaf
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Designer Consignment!!! This just in!!

Hey everyone!

Check out what's new at Label Lovers Boutique, an online designer consignment shop!


We received this green Gucci leather clutch that has never even been used!!

We are also offering a 10% off coupon and a chance to win a $50 gift card just for taking our short survey!!!!

You can find the survey and boutique HERE

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Vintage :What's Old is New Again?

I don't have any vintage clothes in my closet.

Firstly because I give to charity most of the clothes I don't use anymore or those who are out of 'fashion' . Remember the impossibly pointed toe shoes. Back in 2006 a friend of mine used to tell me 'Sexy and sophisticated, pointy toe shoes will always have their place in the fashion world.' The pointy shoes have a place in the fashion world now in 2010, but a smaller and getting even smaller place. At least those remaining have a small poited toe.

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Fashion Downsizing Vs. Video Hauls

In this tough economy, it’s not hard to understand the pride in finding a good deal on a trendy item that causes some fashionistas to show off their finds on recently popular haul videos. But according to Focus On Style, true taste is a bit more thansitting in front of your computer with a batch of hit-and-miss items. It’s not hard to see that the outcome of the hauling fad might just ironically be a bunch of teenage girls who look the same (or some very messy bedroom floors).


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Feeling used? It's profitable.

Winmark Corp (WINA - $31.79 @ Open) is a highly rated, low volume (4,900) company located in Minneapolis, MN that sells consignment franchise-owned and operated businesses (Once Upon A Child, Play it Again Sports, Plato's Closet and Music Go Round). WINA is also the parent company of two B2B business solutions.

Plato's Closet, in particular, buys and sells gently used brand named apparel and accessories for tweens, teens and twenty-something buyers. With over 265 locations, it is one of the large

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surviving on the vintage

Surviving on the vintage

If you've followed my blog then you will by now know that I am feeling a bit abandoned by all my designers. Well in a few moments I have tried to come up with a plan to attack these feelings of despair.
Here's the plan people: We are going to vintage shop like crazy!
I know you are wondering where to do such a thing and actually find what you want but don't worry because Mandi knows all!

  1. In the search bar type in a designer of your choice such a
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Attack of Online Counterfeiters!


Gucci America, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent Americahave teamed up and filed trademark infringement suit against an array of online counterfeit retailers. Commercial litigator Anne Coyle Esq. is the counsel representing a number of fashion houses. Ms. Coyle told me over the phone that this issue was one of the many commercial litigation disputes she had in her caseload. She found it peculiar that shoppers would actuallybelieve that these bags were authentic even though they w

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Gucci Reveals New iPhone/iPod App


Gucci has just revealed a new iPhone/iPod application that is meant to entertain and offer you some unique opportunities for all you music-enthusiasts!This new technology-infused opportunity will offer consumers access to a 24-hour stream of music, hotel tips and restaurant recommendations straight from the black book of Gucci’s creative director. These insider tips even link to Google GPS to help you find your way with ease! This app calls you to tap into your inner music composer and mix your
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