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Introducing Michele Morrone, the talented actor and musician who graces the cover of the summer edition of L’Officiel Monaco. Known for his magnetic presence on screen and remarkable musical talent, Michele embodies the essence of style and charisma, capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean summer.
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This is my list of the five most important things every model should do before a shoot. In this article, I'm going to talk about how you should prepare for your modeling shoot. I'm sure you've seen models walking down the ramp to their big chance in front of the camera. If you've seen any of these models, chances are they're doing a little extra workout before the photoshoot. It makes sense though, right? There's no way a model can go into a photoshoot without packing their suitcase full of musc

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When it comes to establishing fashion trends, we first gaze at our favorite celebrities. Whether they are rushing to the airport, shooting for a movie, or adding pictures to their Instagram, their starry snaps are the first fashion inspiration that next becomes the trend. Even though fashion weeks took to the virtual platforms in these unprecedented times, Bollywood celebrities and famous fashion designers took to their social media handles to set the latest trends and make waves in the fashion

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Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Hair Products


There are many celebrity choice hair products available for us to choose from. However, when it comes to celebrity choice hair products, there are a few that never disappoint.

Some celebrity choice hair products use celebrity hair stylist's innovative and expensive hair care techniques to create celebrity hair that looks like celebrity moms! Such Celebrity choice hair products like:

  • Celebrity choice hair extensions
  • Celebrity choice hair straighteners
  • Keratin bonds
  • Celebrity choice hair thermal fusion
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Gigi Hadid style is an attitude which has blossomed throughout the fashion industry and beyond. The gorgeous designer and star of the YSL Collection fame has been voted the 'Hot Model' of the year, and as we all know beauty is subjective.

The wide eye candy appeal of Gigi Hadid as well as her success is largely down to her hot fashion sense. With her hot style and fashion career, one would expect that she would always look good in all sorts of outfits, and that is the case for some time now.

The f

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Fashion inspiration comes from a wide variety of places. If you’re looking to truly wow the crowds, you can’t just rely on the looks offered to you in department stores. Try these tips to create a unique and inspired fashion statement.

Go Retro with Old Magazines

Fashion history is always a great place to start your fashion search. Many fashion magazines have archives that go back nearly a hundred years; browse through old issues to see what the hottest styles were when your parents were kids.


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Everyone wants to dress up exclusively like a celebrity in casual and formal events. Whether you’re going in a friend’s wedding or an official training program, you could effortlessly dress up like a celebrity by filling up your closet with few trendy essentials.

You will be glad to know that in this post, we are going to share five most trendy essentials to shine like a star in this festive season. So, if you want to hog the spotlight with your festive look then you must invest in the following

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So much attention is offered to our clothes, there is no wonder that both men and women are in a continuous search for role models. Luckily, there is no shortage when it comes to fashionable men, we see examples everywhere we look. The question is which one of them should we follow. Male celebrities know plenty about fashion, and they are great influencers for the people who want to improve their style. If some take their time to share their knowledge on their blogs, the majority of them inspire

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Get a FREE fashion course on UDEMY in May!

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Have you ever wondered how to become a designer and start your fashion line in the US? It's easy with Jomsy Fashion.

We are a french consulting firm based in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles, and we offer Skype consultations or in-person meeting at our headquarters to support you in your fashion project, from your idea to sales.

We now also offer online classes through our educational partner Udemy! You can try out the service with our exclusive launch offer and get a FREE course t

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Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags Online

We all love buying brand new bags at full prices!! But what better than buying an almost fresh pre-owned luxury bag at a great deal? I am the kind of person who firmly believes in smart buy to be the best buy! It not only helps you save money but also gives you financial room to maybe buy 2 bags for the same price or put that money to other important stuff.

Below, I am listing down a few tips that you guys can double check before buying a pre-owned bag.

Tripple checks on authentication and feels f

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are Hollywood actors who are always hitting the celebrity news. Chris Pratt, 37, and Jennifer Lawrence,26, surprised students from Ghetto Film School at Sony Square in New York City early this week. The school is located at Sony Square, and it was established in 2000- more than 15 years ago and it has branches both in Los Angeles and New York. Ghetto Film School is a non –profit school, which aims at fostering storytellers via film, educating, developing and cel

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Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have already taken Miami, and apparently the next step is…walking down the aisle at the same time? That’s the news according to an alleged surprise exclusive on the sisters, who have supposedly agreed on a double wedding: Khloe to her new boyfriend Tristan Thompson, and Kourtney to baby daddy Scott Disick.

Khloe and Kourtney 1

Images: wedding dress styles

In Touch is the source for the latest exclusive, in which an anonymous source appears to suggest that Kris Jenner’s solution for fixing

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Who are the Hottest Actresses of this Year?


The top hottest and talented actresses in 2016 are taking the limelight with their beauty. Whenever the entertainment and global film industry is referred to, these actors always seem to come to mind. Hollywood is the origin of these legendary stars. For sure, every person has that one actress they love and appeals to their emotion. The information mentioned below has comprehensively covered a number of the hottest and extremely talented

Hollywood actresses in our time.

1. Angelina Jolie

With Holly

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What Is New With Kim Kardashian?


Kimberly Noel Kardashian, the thirty five year old famous reality TV star, businesswoman and socialite has enjoyed attention by the media internationally. Her prominence begun in 2007 after a sex tape with Ray J, her former boyfriend got exposed. She has been gracing our screens together with her family on E! Network.

She has an influential online presence and a huge following on social media. Kimye, referring to her relationship with Kanye west, have also had vast coverage as would be expected o

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Basic secrets of enchanting makeup in the most beautiful nights of a lifetime! Of course you a whole bride, like to makeup distinctive and refined joy, lasts throughout the day, is not affected by various factors may Taatardan her on this day , which is the most important in your life, such as climatic factors or tears of joy that might Tdhiruwenha to affect the makeup of your eyes or even the few kisses that Satabaha invited on the cheeks.

From here, although you probably Stljian to the experts

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Get Jennifer Lawrence's Best Looks From Joy


Jennifer Lawrence is hot Hollywood property these days and it’s easy to see why. Whether she’s playing leading roles in franchise blockbusters like The Hunger Games and X-Men or intense dramas such as Winter’s Bone and Serena, you can always guarantee that she will give it her 100%.

Fans of Jennifer’s undoubtable acting ability will be pleased to know that in her newest movie, Joy – where she plays a driven business woman, she is reuniting with director David O. Russell who directed Silver Lining

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There's something uniquely express about Noneillah runway shows: the classic silhouettes, sequence, unique copyright musical prints, multiple shaded color copyright prints, the expressive asymmetric cuts, the slow-strutting models, the oooh!s and ahhhs of the audience.

The designer of Noneillah doesn't need bells and whistles to get the audience at a fashion show excited -- the clothes are dramatic enough that it speaks for them-selves. The audience audibly gasped when they see Sean Cos Mason sig

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Designer frames have never been more diverse in style and beloved by fashion designers and celebs as they are today. For a little four-eyes inspiration, here’s a look at how 5 of our favorite celebs wear their glasses, and how you can incorporate a little of their signature style into your own look.

1. Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Director at J. Crew, looks sleek, sophisticated, and a little bit quirky in her signature oversized glasses. To mimic her look, choose a large, square

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